How To Get a Cancer Woman Back: Tips on Winning Her Over

To win her back you need to show her that you are being 100% honest and not trying to minimize your own blame.

Cancer woman back

It may take you a lot of painful time to get back together with your Cancer lady and the process can’t be in any way made easier. Because people in this sign are very good at taking care of others, they expect to be treated the same in return.

Let a Cancer woman deal with problems on her own and you’ll notice she no longer trusts you, no matter what you may be doing.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Cancer woman back:

  1. Explain how you have learned from your mistakes.
  2. Tell her you support her dreams unconditionally.
  3. Give her time to think about what she needs to do.
  4. Demonstrate you can be reliable again.
  5. Get her family on your side.

Be emotionally open

When trying to get her back, just say that you love her in every possible way. You could start by sincerely apologizing for what you may have done wrong over a glass of wine, you could write her a love letter or buy something beautiful for her home.

The last thing you could also do is to start crying and say that you’re not going to make it if she doesn’t decide to take you back into her life.

She can manipulate anyone’s emotions, not to mention she has a way of guessing what others are feeling and thinking.

When you’ll be struggling to make her yours again, she won’t mind pressuring you until she notices that you really want to succeed at getting her back.

It wouldn’t matter if you split up in a nasty or warm way, she’ll be sad about it no matter what. If you’re looking to get back together with the Cancer woman, just know from before that she’ll want to take advantage of the new situation for as long as she can.

This lady doesn’t like arrogant people, so don’t act like a king who only wants to conquer her. She doesn’t want someone to take control because she needs an equal, someone with whom she can think of the same things and have fun.

There’s no way to be domineering with this girl because she’s looking for a partner who can also be her good friend.

It’s easy to apologize to her because she’s forgiving, especially when you haven’t done anything to make her cry. However, you shouldn’t take advantage of her good nature and loyalty as soon as noticing she can have people walk all over her and not say a word.

No matter what you decide to discuss with her, be calm and honest because otherwise, she may end up feeling very hurt and lied to.

It’s of utmost importance to always support this lady, no matter how difficult the times. She has a tendency to close up when feeling down, so this shouldn’t be allowed.

She needs her time alone in order to think of what to do next, but also a lot of encouragement. You should be patient and talk to her about the way she feels or what are the reasons for her to feel certain emotions.

It’s possible you’ll offer her advice and she won’t pay attention to a word you’re saying. This girl only wants to do whatever makes her comfortable, so it’s not a good idea to push her around.

While it may be annoying, she needs to be selfish because the more she’ll notice you’re being there for her, the more she’ll give up on acting and start to consider your wishes.

Show that you can understand her needs

Don’t be too serious when around the Cancer woman because she loves to laugh more than anything else in the world. When a situation requires her to make a joke and have a relaxed attitude, she seems more at peace and detached from the mundane, which means she can find better solutions to problems during these times.

Cancers are true comedians who simply love laughing, this being the reason why they’re sarcastic when flirting and have the cleverest lines, two aspects of their personality that make them highly attractive.

Let’s hope you’ve never done something wrong to any of them because they possess an amazing memory and can retreat under their protective shell when you least expect them to do this.

Luckily, if given enough time, they can come back to you in a moment. As a matter of fact, the secret of getting back together with the Cancer woman is to give her enough time to think.

It’s very likely she’ll decide to be with you again after some time spent reflecting on the situation. She’ll be compassionate and supportive when you’re hurting, not to mention she may admit if she has done something to cause you pain.

However, she needs to be given a lot of time in order for this to happen because she has a tendency to act selfishly and to feel sorry for herself, which means you should be humble and generous when with her.

Taking her out for a picnic when wanting to talk about reconciliation could be a good idea. Tell her you’ll always support her dreams and be loving, but don’t forget to mention your desire to have a big family and to settle down at some point.

This may be a dirty trick if you’re lying, yet she may fall for it because she gives a lot of importance to family life. Try and get into her dream world as she loves being here and wouldn’t be bothered by your presence.

Besides everything else, having patience and giving her time are also important. She surely can be colder, moodier, more unavailable and crankier when feeling hurt.

Cancer lovers are used to getting things done their own way, so new suggestions can confuse them. It’s essential to be honest with the lady in this sign and to avoid drama.

She wants to see your words are coming from your heart, not from a movie you’ve both seen. In other words, be romantic and patient as she may land back into your arms sooner than later.

Don’t dismiss what she is feeling

The Cancer woman would love to receive a bouquet of her favorite flowers and to hold hands with her lover. Prolonged eye contact may make her feel your love and dedication.

She’ll definitely hold a grudge for everything you may be doing wrong, so try and never offend her as she’ll surely get her revenge. Cancers are incredibly good at making their adversaries beg for forgiveness.

In case you and your Crab ex lady have ended things in a bad manner, you can win her sympathy back by sending to her door an expensive gift with a message in which you’re saying how sorry you are.

After this, call her and arrange a meeting. Don’t expect all these things to work right away because it may take this girl months to forget how you’ve crossed her.

More than anything, be yourself as she can immediately spot fake people and their lies. The Cancer woman has strong emotions and is very honest. She sometimes becomes melancholic and feels a strange pleasure when suffering after a breakup.

During these moments, she truly enjoys all the attention of her loved ones, not to mention how much she loves being told kind words.

When talking to her, be honest and open. She’s the type who lives according to her emotions, so it can’t be said having a logical mind is her strongest point. This girl will rapidly feel if you’re being sincere about getting back together with her.

Therefore, don’t even think on lying to her because you’re most likely not going to succeed. All Cancers enjoy talking about their own feelings, but they’re also very good listeners.

Possessing great intuition, it’s easy for them to work as holistic healers and even therapists. You can effortlessly open up in front of them, so when you’ll be trying to get them back, they won’t mind giving you a second chance after hearing what you may have to say.

From all the signs in the Western zodiac, these natives are the most caring and compassionate. Take advantage of this when trying to get them back into your life.

The Cancer woman is sensitive to the extreme, which means you may need to be just the same when having the discussion about getting back together with her.

She won’t appreciate the same old songs about your love for her, not to mention how much she hates drama. Try something gentle and sensible when approaching her. For example, write her a letter or a poem.

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