The Tiger Chinese Zodiac Child: Adventurous and Proud

This child appreciates being treated as equals to those around them.

Chinese Tiger Child

Tiger children are meant to have the brightest life because they love adventure and can’t hold still for one minute. They like change and to deal with the most difficult situations. Besides, they’re very optimistic and can come up with the most inventive ideas, not to mention they dream big and are usually surrounded by good friends.

They also don’t mind taking care of weaker children and can stand up for anyone in a quarrel. Their parents are usually proud of their independence and open-mindedness.

The Tiger Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Born for greater things, Tiger children can’t be contained within the boundaries of normality.
  • The Boy: A natural leader, he can often alienate people because of his domineering nature.
  • The Girl: She incredibly independent – almost to the point of being self-absorbed.
  • Advice for Parents: Providing an environment in which Tiger kids can explore and satisfy their need to achieve is key for parents.

Tiger children can stand up for themselves no matter the situation. They have control over their own life and most of the time pay attention to every little detail in their environment.

Their parents should understand their need for being active and at the same time offer them guidance. However, they need to be treated like equals and be given importance to their interests. What they hate the most is being bored.

Tiger Baby Girl

The Tiger little girl is a princess at heart and loved by everyone. She feels like her parents are her property and that they need to respect her wishes.

This young woman is independent from a very little age. When she has a plan in mind, no one and nothing can stop her from turning it into reality.

She would never abandon what she’s working, especially if it’s about candy or toys. Her temper is quick, and she can be fussy, but at the same time, she can pretend that she’s obedient.

For her, the surroundings are a stage on which she needs to perform. It’s her pleasure to do something that doesn’t get her bored in any way, not to mention she’s eccentric and cares about other’s wellbeing.

Tiger Baby Boy

Ever since very young, the Tiger boy is very imperious. He wants to lead so much that he irritates others with his behavior and attitude. At the same time, he has a problem keeping his friendships because he has a quick temper that he expresses by shouting.

Attracted to conflict, he’s also quite forgiving. After a quarrel, he retreats into silence and is very peaceful. This boy feels responsible not only for himself, but for his surroundings too. When asked to give a hand, he demands the person who wants something from him to be submissive.

Tiger Child Personality

The tiger is a noble and strong animal. Children born in the year of the Tiger have a great personality that combines the characteristics of their animal, so they’re determined to get things done, courageous and reliable.

They believe that it’s their responsibility to take care of their loved ones. Honest and never hesitating to express their opinion, it’s unlikely for them to lie.

They’re never scared of putting the blame on others when they’re being right. Because they have a very bright personality, other children follow them wherever they may be going. At the same time, they’re restless and always on the move.

More focused on taking action than on words, they don’t like peace and come up with all kind of ideas. It can be very damaging for them to be lonely for too long because they need to communicate at all times.

They can also be manipulative, especially when trying to prove that they’re superior to others. When their opinion is not being taken into consideration, they become very rude. However, no one can take away their charm and optimism.

They have a big heart and a strong ego, so when it comes to them to give a hand to the people in their life, they don’t hesitate to do it.

As a matter of fact, they’re incredibly kind and generous with the people that capture their imagination. The Chinese Zodiac says their sign is also a protector against ghosts, fire and theft.

Tiger Baby Health

Tiger children have a lot of energy, so their parents may need to keep them calm from time to time. They’re also very curious and adventurous, which means they always want to jump around. It’s very likely for them to get bruised and injured more than often.

At the same time, they can suffer from insomnia and have a difficult time keeping their emotions in control. Even when resting, they continue to think about what they’re going to do next.

Their immunity is quite strong, so they don’t get sick too often. However, because they’re too active, they may contract different viruses and infections from the places they’re exploring.

They can endure pain without complaining. For this reason, they may not say anything about feeling sick and their health problems may become chronic. Their parents should take them to the doctor as often as possible, also keep them on vitamins and watch out for their nutritional intake.

Hobbies of Tiger Children

Mobility is the best word to describe the Tiger children, who need to exercise more than anything else. The parents of Tiger youngsters can be sure that their little ones are going to enjoy any sport and be the leaders of their team if playing courtyard games. This is because they always come up with new ideas and are always appreciated by their friends for being entertaining.

Because their imagination is usually all over the place, they imagine themselves in different roles and come up with all kind of stories. Besides, they can arrange the scenery of their playground in the most creative manner.

In spite of being physically active all the time, they also love to sit down and draw, paint or design. As a matter of fact, many of them end up being great artists later in life.

Making Friends

Tiger children are very fun because they’re always doing something and imagining their next adventure. This also means they make friends easily.

Being funny and optimistic, they attract other children like magnets, even if they have a tendency to be rough when playing. In the end, they’re only sincerely affectionate, maybe too affectionate.

The more they grow up, the better they start to get along with Horses, who are as adventurous and full of life as they are.

When the Tiger children have overly eccentric ideas, the Horse ones come to help them be more realistic. Pigs can also help the Tiger little ones to be more stable, whereas Dogs can be their advisors and confidants.


Very curious about everyone and everything, Tiger children are also smart and fast when it comes to understanding what they’re being told in school, especially if they have a special interest in the subject that’s being discussed.

In case they don’t like something, they prefer to no longer listen to their teachers and to daydream instead. This is why their parents need to stimulate their imagination and to give them all kind of books that would make them even more curious.

It’s also very likely for them to not pay attention in class because they’re always talking with their colleagues and are doing all kind of pranks.

How to Raise Your Tiger Kid

The parents of Tiger children should keep in mind that their little ones are very ambitious. At the same time, they should never doubt them because this cause them to become angry and aggressive.

Tiger youngsters should never be criticized. They’re very stubborn and can’t accept that they may sometimes make mistakes. Because they’re feisty and harsh with their words, they shouldn’t be encouraged to have fights.

Besides, they easily get angry, especially when noticing things aren’t going the way they want them to go. Because their emotions are very intense, they can also be aggressive from time to time.

Their parents should teach them how to control their behavior, also to tell them that life has many sides to it. They should also help them focus on their goals and dreams.

Tiger children can be very insensitive, so they shouldn’t be encouraged to not care about anything because as adults, they may have difficulties as a result of their arrogance and exaggerated self-confidence.

They should be taught from a very young age what responsibility means. When making a mistake or something bad gets to happen to them, they have the tendency to look for the sympathy of others.

What they hate the most is being ignored. They usually bounce back from failure without even struggling, but only if supported by their loved ones. They shouldn’t be spoiled because this can turn them into bullies in the future. As soon as they realize they’re not the bosses, they’re sure to be fair and just later on in life.

Their emotions are very intense, so if they are to have a healthy lifestyle as adults, they need to be taught how to keep their aggressiveness under control.

At the same time, they need to be reassured that they’re safe no matter what because if feeling insecure, they panic and develop a bad temper. The more they’re being told a thing or two about ethics and making compromises, the more they become less moody and capable of keeping their relationships strong and meaningful.

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