The Cancer Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

Her intuition is beyond comparison, especially in love.


Governed by the Moon, the Cancer woman will have mood swings according to the phases of this celestial object. Calm and serene, this lady is just like a deep water waiting to be discovered. Docile, ambitious and reserved, she will conquer many hearts.

If she has fallen in love, the Cancer woman will do anything to be with the person that she likes. Committing with all her heart, she will devote herself without looking back.

But be careful as she can get easily hurt. Just say something wrong and she will keep you in her mind forever, thinking you have something against her.

While soft and sensitive on the outside, she’s tough and energetic on the inside. Her partner needs to come to terms with this thing about her.

When underestimated, this lady will say nothing and will hide her feelings. However, inside she will feel deeply hurt. She is a strong believer of karma, especially in love matters, so she trusts that the Universe gives back good things only when one is on their best behavior too.

When she needs to protect herself, she becomes fearless and powerful, being able to destroy everything and everyone opposing her.

When Cupid finally strikes, the Cancer woman becomes a one of a kind, sensual, seductive, affectionate and romantic lover.

When in love

Nurturing and supportive, the Cancer woman may act like a motherly figure when she falls in love with someone.

Not that she can’t distinguish between sexual and motherly feelings, she just has this instinct that makes her act like a caretaker when she falls for someone.

If she likes you and you don’t like her back, she can get hurt. This is the type of person who would give everything to the other half. I’m talking about a natural giver, a woman who can be can be easily exploited by people who don’t have good intentions.

That’s why she needs to establish boundaries with a certain type of people, not to mention that she should be more rational about the relationships that she gets involved with.

You don’t have to be a macho to get her. She doesn’t mind a sensitive soul either. As long as she has someone interesting and caring, she will be the perfect wife and the most appreciated mother.

When she’s in love with someone, she becomes more intuitive and she starts to use her imagination. If she says there is something wrong about a person, listen to her as she will most likely be right. She may not say what exactly is going on with the person she is talking about, but it’s for sure she’ll know when someone has nasty intentions.

Her instinct never lies to her. She will be deeply hurt if she’s betrayed, and she won’t forget easily. If you want to be by her side, you’ll have to make her trust you. And this doesn’t come easy with this lady. She needs to open herself before she can trust.

She will not rush to commit to a person, but as soon as she has decided someone is right for her, she will be 100% dedicated and loyal. Don’t expect her to be open with her feelings towards you, especially if she’s in love with you.

This girl has subtle ways to hit on a person, and she will use them each time she gets the chance. You should answer back in the same way, waiting to see her reactions. Nurturing with the ones that she loves, this lady will take some time before she will decide if you are the one for her.

She wants someone with whom she can connect emotionally and build a home, but she takes her time to analyze if that someone cares.

As soon as she has let you in her life, she will become very loving and affectionate. You should know that she is willing to sacrifice it all, if she cares deeply about what you two have together.

In a relationship

Intuitive and instinctive, the Cancer woman will know how to choose her perfect partner. She wants someone who can love and respect her, a man with whom she can watch a movie and cuddle at the end of the day.

Attached to home, this lady will give a lot of importance to her family. There’s no other place for her to feel more secure than the comfort of her own home.

Being so domestic, she is the family woman every man wants to have for himself. Even if she doesn’t have any children, she will still be nurturing and caring with the partner or the husband. You will be very spoiled if you’ll get in a relationship with her.

When the woman in Cancer brings her energy and magic into a home, everything in that house turns into something more welcoming and cozy.

Being so busy to care for others, she can dismiss her own needs. So be romantic and a gentleman. Give her a moment to breathe and take care of her too, each time you get the chance. Don’t think that she would ever cheat.

This is one of the most trustworthy and loyal signs in the zodiac. The only thing that may confuse you about her is her moods. But this doesn’t influence in any way her fidelity and her commitment.

You must understand that once she has decided to go on a road with someone, this girl doesn’t look back anymore.

Emotional, she can be happy and complete one minute, and depressed the other. This is the woman who will cry at movies and who will feel what you are feeling. Calm and composed, you can rely on her in times of crisis.

Her sexuality

The Cancer is the sign of Mars’ fall. This means the woman in Cancer will have a complex sexuality. She’s not instinctive and she needs emotions to make things work in bed. This girl is tender and affectionate, but she has to have someone to guide her and make her understand her own sexuality.

She can’t roam alone and realize how her body works. Besides, she has to feel confident and safe about a man before she ends up in bed with him.

She can be very passionate, and if the love that she has is being returned, she can also turn into a wild sexual creature. When the sexual connection with a partner is very strong for her, she will most likely become strongly attached to that person.

Understanding your Cancer woman

Cardinal signs, including the Cancer, have a great mission in life. And that mission is to, at least once, make a big change in their lives. If the woman in Cancer has a Scorpio or an Aquarius as a partner, she can learn from them how to make a beneficial change in her life.

She is strong and she will be at any times ready to give everything that she has to make the ones that she loves feel better.

One of her main negative traits is the fact that she is changeable. One moment she can be quiet and settled, the other she can be loud and eager to get what she desires.

It doesn’t matter how she feels at a certain moment, one thing’s for sure with this woman: she is very sensitive. This means she can also easily understand what others may be going through. This and the fact that she has a great intuition.

Because she has an emotional intelligence that can’t be seen in other signs, the Cancer woman is very caring and responsive to other people’s needs and pains.

She can read too much in what people are saying, taking everything too personally. If you say something bad about her once, she will remember it forever. So you need to be careful with what you are saying when around her.

Tact is essential when dealing with this woman. Attention to what she may feel is also important. And by any means, don’t ever betray her. She will completely lose all the trust that she has in you, and you won’t be able to make her care about you again. When she has been betrayed before, this lady is difficult and has trust issues.

She won’t be able to get attached to someone and she will find it hard not to set some boundaries with the new person. Because she is so vulnerable, this girl will pretty much rely on other people to make her feel good. If you want to be a knight in shining armor, with her it’s your best chance.

Today’s society can be difficult for the Cancer woman. She is more of a traditional type, someone who wants to be a mother and have a happy family.

Many will reject these ideas she has, and won’t accept her conventional ways. If she meets someone with whom she can share the same views, she will be very happy and friendly.

One thing you should remember about her is that she is motherly no matter what or with whom she may be getting together. Her friends will be cared for and treated as if they are part of the family.

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