Does the Cancer Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Cancer partner is cheating just by noticing her guilty behavior and how she tries to overcompensate in the relationship.

Cancer woman cheating

Cancer women are protective, loyal and anything they do will simply win over your trust. There isn’t much you can notice in their behavior that wouldn’t be deserving of it, not even a need to mention cheating.

The only downfall when in a relationship is that their partners might get turned off by their overprotectiveness. The good part about that is that they’d make for great mothers, so if you’re looking to build a family, the Cancer woman will do wonders.

Five signs a Cancer woman is cheating on you:

  1. She comes up with elaborate stories about where she is spending her time.
  2. She is always on edge when in your company.
  3. She seems to be very bored and even annoyed with the things you both used to like.
  4. She has made a sudden and dramatic change to her look.
  5. She is quite aloof and discontent in your presence.

Is the Cancer woman faithful?

Most of the time, yes. Their loyalty can know no bounds. Just like a tiny crab hiding in its shell, it’ll take a while for the Cancer to feel safe and sound with you and until she does you might think she’ll stray from you.

But be patient, their sensitive personality will make you wait until you become sure of her intentions.

It’s also safe to say that the lack of security in a relationship will push her to search for it elsewhere, most possibly with a different man.

If she does decide to cheat on you, you’ll have a hard time finding out. The Cancer doesn’t like leaving any tracks in the sand. Almost as if the sea washed away any hints at her unfaithfulness.

A big loving family is one of the Cancer’s main goals. She’ll love loving everybody in it and will go out of her way to raise, appreciate, show affection and care for her family’s members.

How to know if a Cancer woman is cheating on you

The only reason a Cancer woman would cheat is for payback. They generally stay away from this heinous act as they find no pleasure whatsoever in it, but cheat on her and she will fight fire with fire, using the same method for revenge.

This sign is usually the one that the others cheat on, so it’s a safe assumption that she’s probably had enough. Now she’s the one serving the same dish!

It’s easy sniffing out a cheating Cancer. They usually offer love and affection on a daily basis. That’s just how they are. They’ll drown you in their never ending well of passion. If the opposite happens and your Cancer starts feeling aloof, colder than usual. It’s time to start worrying.

Sure, they might be going through a rough patch, but it’s not often that your Cancer will stop showing affection to you.

When in a relationship, be sure that this woman will light the fires of romance for you. You should feel like the luckiest guy as your Cancer girl will make you her number one priority and you’ll always be in her spotlight.

The Cancer is an empathetic being. She’ll always be there for you, listening, because she can understand you and where you’re coming from.

She can feel what you feel and felt and can provide comfort and advice. Why would she go through all that trouble?

This woman is a natural born mother. Her maternal instincts will extend to the people she loves, this of course includes her partner as well. She will try her best to fend off any dangers that would harm her cherished person.

This definitely means that she’ll be trying to build a long-lasting relationship that will eventually turn into a happy marriage. Naturally, she does want those maternal talents to extend to children of her own one day.

If you’re with a Cancer woman that loves you, the rest assured, you stand at close to no risks of having your heart broken. These women keep away from cheating. And why wouldn’t they?

Cheating is a horrible thing. Breaking somebody’s trust in you, betraying their love and affection, belittling the time they’ve spent with you. Everybody should take the Cancer as a living example of how to be in a relationship.

Sure they’re just human, they have some defects. They will talk about the things they are unhappy with when it comes to you and they’ll often do it with others. Weird, huh?

How you often have to find out about your downfalls from gossip and not from your own partner. Don’t mistake this for lack of love. They still care for you just as much, they just can’t help talking like that from time to time.

Their loyalty has no limits. They’d rather keep committed to an unsuccessful relationship since they don’t want to complicate themselves with remorse.

They’re also highly empathetic and don’t want to hurt their partner by breaking their trust and bruising their feelings.

You really can’t go wrong in choosing a Cancer partner. They’re the cherry on top with all the efforts they’ll go through in keeping you happy.

The only reason they do end up cheating sometimes, is the fact that they are constantly searching for their soulmate.

She is dedicated, loyal, affectionate, yes. But who would want to share all these virtues with someone that isn’t the right fit for them? If you’re not the one for them, you’ll probably fall victim to being cheated on.

If you provide her with a sense of security, she’ll provide you with long-term love. The easiest way to calm her when she gets too edgy, is taking advantage of her emotional sensitivity as being one of her strong points and not by thinking it’s a weakness.

The Cancer woman’s reaction to being cheated on

Poor Cancer woman. Even when betrayed by her loved one, she’ll still think about your well-being. She won’t overreact if you cheat on her.

She won’t throw a fit about it, giving you the biggest fight of your life, no. None of that with this woman. What you can expect from her is a calm rational discussion.

As stated previously, she is an empath. She’ll try seeing things from your point of view and might even see herself as the problem that caused it all.

She’ll listen to what you have to say, willingly and with no problem. She’ll let you go on and on about how you know in your heart of hearts that you’ve made a horrible mistake and you know how much pain you’ve caused her.

Yes, you’ll never, ever do it again, she knows. At least she knows that’s what you’re saying. Even with the knowledge that you might cheat again, the Cancer woman will forgive you this time and together you’ll get past it.

Keep in mind, that’s not the end of the story. You will get forgiveness, but it won’t come that easily. By betraying her, you have also betrayed the thought that you respected her.

This is not something that can be easily fixed. You’ll have to give it everything you want if you want your Cancer to smile again beside you. Even after being forgiven you might still get called out for your misbehavior, she won’t forget about what you’ve done and will remind you quite often of how you’ve hurt her.

You might also get the same preaching from her mother. After all, the motherly instincts will kick in and she will take care of her baby, which in this case consists of reminding you not to mess up again like last time.

Take care of your Cancer woman. All you have to do is love her, respect her and you will get the same thing in return, times ten. Who wouldn’t stay loyal for such a woman?

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