Are Cancer Women Jealous And Possessive?

The Cancer jealousy surfaces when the significant other’s comments are insensitive.

The woman in Cancer is dreamy, emotional and protective of herself. She also has mood swings, but the fact that she is so lovely and caring can make you forget all about her moods.

The Cancer woman has a good sense of humor and she’s the best friend when she trusts someone. She couldn’t get jealous that often as she tends to be blindly in love when she finds someone.

If she does get jealous, she will keep quiet about it, and suffer in silence. A betrayed Cancer never forgives.

She can get very possessive of both things and people. Her insecurity will make her hurt more if she sees the partner flirting with someone else.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a relationship with the Cancer lady. You would have to get over the fact that she is deeply hurt and she no longer has any self-confidence.

Governed by the Moon, the woman in Cancer has her mood swings according to the phases of the Moon. She can be caring and fragile, but in the same time she can be very strong and dynamic.

All the characteristics of other signs are gathered in this one sign, and the Cancer woman can change the way she feels from one minute to the other.

She values her home and her family more than anything else on Earth, and she is very caring with the people she loves.

It is only normal for such an emotional sign to get jealous. The Cancer’s insecurity is famous. If you are with her and you want to make a joke or a remark about another woman, don’t.

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Overprotective with what’s hers, you’ll feel like you have a guardian angel. She gets a deep emotional connection with her partner and she only retreats and becomes quiet if she’s hurt.

If you see your Cancer woman to be less talkative and darker than usual, something is wrong and you need to talk to her. If she will be hurt, she won’t forgive.

No one will know how hurt she is, though. She puts a mask that doesn’t allow others to see into her soul. When she loves, she loves truthfully and she likes a partner capable of doing the same thing.

It would be wise, in general, not to make the Cancer native jealous, even if you only want to see how they react, to then quantify how much they love you.

As said before, she will hurt a lot if you flirt with someone else, and she can make scenarios in her head. You can end up losing her if you decide to play such games.

Like many other women out there, the Cancer woman likes to be spoiled and admired. She doesn’t want a partner who is cold and not too emotional. She likes to imagine and daydreaming is something she does very often.

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Written by Denise

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