The Ox Chinese Zodiac Child: Obedient and Dedicated

This child has a strong moral compass, and remains dedicated to what their mind is set on.

Chinese Ox Child

As toddlers, Ox children are very obedient and a pleasure to be around. They follow their parents’ advice and don’t comment too much.

They’re calm and don’t have a need to compete, seeing as they’re more oriented to be of help. However, when it comes to making important decisions, they’re very fast and reliable.

The Ox Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Strong minded and dedicated, Ox children have little issue navigating their way through early life.
  • The Boy: Although he may be sports orientated, he doesn’t enjoy conflict, owing mainly to his insecurity.
  • The Girl: Totally honest to a fault, this girl is someone who her friends can rely on.
  • Advice for Parents: Trust is the biggest factor when parenting an Ox child, as they value honesty and integrity above all.

As they grow up, if they don’t agree with their parents about something, there’s no one to change their mind. As far as their own interests go, they’re perseverant and stubborn.

Their main strengths are their reliability and endurance. There’s no obstacle to impede them from going with their plans. Because others can’t actually understand them, they spend most of their time alone.

Ever since a very young age, they think about their future. What they don’t like is dealing with change and not being able to calculate their every step.

Ox Baby Girl

The Ox baby girl loves to help her mother and to be a hostess. She’s the type to cook and keep the house clean. This is because she enjoys seeing her efforts getting tangible results.

While fragile and shy, she’s still very diligent. Behind a frail exterior, she hides a strong character, not to mention she can always keep her emotions in control.

The Ox girl doesn’t like gossiping, so her friends can trust her with their secrets. She likes to be involved in all kind of activities and to learn from experience. It would be a good idea to take her to museums and the movies because she feels inspired by art.

Ox Baby Boy

Ever since a very young age, the Ox boy is very masculine, in the sense that he’s diligent, practical and reliable. While very calm and self-confident on the outside, he is in fact insecure on the inside.

Because he likes sports, his body is very likely to develop nicely and to be in perfect health. At the same time, his mind is always clear. He’s hardworking and likes school. In case he takes part in a competition, he doesn’t like being told what to do and having to deal with conflicts.

Ox Child Personality

Ox children could be models for other young ones. They’re quiet, responsible and diligent, no matter what they’re supposed to do. What they detest the most is conflict and change.

When angered, they can no longer keep control of their own aggressiveness, which means they can become violent.

It can be said their personality is quite contradictory, so what characterizes them the most depends a lot on the elements of their birth year. For example, children of early Ox years are practical and frugal. Their parents can remain calm when it comes to them being involved in fights because they would never quarrel with anyone. What they want the most is to have peace and not a single problem.

The Ox boys may love cars from a very young age. Their mind is focused on engineering and technology.

The girls may be attracted to needle work and can end up being great fashion designers. Regardless of their sex, they’re honest and reliable. It’s unlikely for them to tell lies because they hate deception and intrigue.

However, they may fight with other children because they’re too straightforward, not to mention they don’t have enough patience to take interest in things that don’t concern them. Their parents should teach them to have a sense of humor and to no longer take things so seriously.

Being strong just like oxen, it’s very unlikely for them to get sick too often. Very disciplined and hardworking, they never give up on turning their plans into reality. At the same time, they’re not at all flashy. Self-confident and honest from a very young age, they’re mature, principled and unpretentious.

Ox Baby Health

As said before, the health of Ox children is excellent most of the time. They like to eat and are always red in their cheeks.

Most of them are also very physical and love spending their time in Nature. For this reason, they should be watched closely because they may injure themselves. However, their parents mustn’t worry that they may have any illness.

Diligent and studious, they spend a lot of their time reading, which means they may develop problems with their eyesight. If taken to the doctor, they will respect every piece of advice given to them and take their pills without making a fuss. However, it’s very unlikely for them to have to take medicine too often.

Hobbies of Ox Children

Having many talents and being both intelligent and physical, Ox children have many interests from a very young age. Most of them are good at designing and inventing all kind of engineering mechanisms.

Ox boys are great at sports and may become prized athletes later in life. This is because they have a lot of endurance and are very hardworking.

The girls simply love playing with scissors and sewing, not to mention cooking and helping their mother around the house.

Regardless if boys or girls, Ox children adore working in the garden and being connected with Nature. Their parents should grow plants and teach them gardening.

Making Friends

Ox children are very private and good at keeping secrets, which means they possess a magnetism within their friends’ circle. It doesn’t matter what school they’re attending and whom they’re spending time with, they take friendship very seriously and are reliable.

When it comes to developing a connection with others, they’re slow and very cautious, but always loyal and steady. They like to play and to work in teams, not to mention how dutiful and efficient they can be when having to get something done.

Besides, they’re also very disciplined and down-to-earth. The least compatible sign for them is the Dog because they can’t seem to make this sign laugh. At the same time, the Goat is too capricious for them, whereas the Tiger too unpredictable.


Teachers of Ox children simply adore them for being disciplined and docile. It’s very unlikely for the little ones born in this sign to be involved in conflicts or to not listen to what their teachers have to say, which means they’re vert appreciated in life. Besides, they’re serious about learning and being regarded as good. When it comes to taking the initiative, they don’t hesitate to do it, nor to succeed when it comes to their academic accomplishments.

How to Raise Your Ox Kid

Parents of Ox children should respect what their little ones have to say, and also to trust them no matter what.

When feeling misunderstood, Ox kids become closed and no longer share anything with their family. They like to give a hand to others no matter what. When it comes to what they need, this is to be loved, supported and shown devotion.

If their parents are wise, they won’t test their patience or endurance because they’re usually obeying, happy with a routine and dutiful. They should also never be criticized but appreciated for all their efforts.

If their parents only comment about them, they can become too stubborn to talk and angry. Ox children take things seriously and are very logical. They don’t mind dealing with people who think differently to themselves but can’t understand them. Their parents should spend as much time as possible with them.

When it comes to socializing, they like hearing different opinions and are very calm in a quarrel. They don’t like flattery because they need to feel that their efforts are being honestly appreciated, not to mention they hate lying.

Their patience should never be tried, even if they have a lot of it. When losing their temper, they can no longer be reasoned with and aggressive. Therefore, if they’re upset, they should be left alone to calm down.

They have the tendency to suffer in silence and to never complain, no matter how distressing a situation may be for them.

They’re difficult to read, but they don’t demand anyone understand them. Their parents should be ready to present their case well when arguing with them because they’re level-headed and need logic.

What can also be said about them is that they feel strongly about fairness and have a natural desire to feel like justice works no matter what.

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