How To Attract A Cancer Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

The kind of man she wants in her life and how to seduce her.

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Top five tips:
  1. Show that you are there for her.
  2. Be fun and unconventional.
  3. Spend time home with her.
  4. Be a gentleman at all times.
  5. Have soul to soul conversations.

In order to build a relationship with a Cancer woman, there is a very fine balance that you must find between showing her your emotional vulnerability yet showcasing your strength too.

At first, these two ideas may seem contradictory, but without connecting on an emotional level, she will be simply unable to build any kind of rapport.

As a Water sign, Cancer is emotionally impulsive, and is one of the most vulnerable of all in the Zodiac. As a partner, you will need to understand and accept these changing tides of emotion.

Being open and direct about your intentions helps to steady her – remember she wants a sincere and reliable man. She needs to be loved, adored and taken care of no matter what her mood is.

Although the moody nature of Cancer women can be problematic, you will learn to read and anticipate this over time. One way of abating this is by simply mirroring her mood.

She will feel much better if you are also upset by something that has upset her, as you become an emotional unit together. Disagree, and you’ll create a very unwanted conflict that can very quickly sour a date with the Cancer woman.

There is no need for any tactics or game plan when trying to attract this lady. She is receptive to those who are direct and straight to the point. If you do like her, there’s nothing wrong with letting her know.

This isn’t to say that you’ll get the same back from her, but it will create a space that she feels comfortable in.

Cancer women also tend to be more insecure than the average, and think that they are never good enough. With this in mind, lots of compliments is never a bad way to go about things.

They’re also traditionalists and show signs of shyness. They love a bit of the old fashioned “sweep her off her feet” style, so a man who shows her a great time at the town’s finest restaurant, sends meaningful gifts or indulges in singing the odd love song here or there will quickly bring even the most reserved Cancers out of their shells. She’s partial to a bit of wooing, and it is a great way to get her attention.

Making a Cancer woman believe that you have a traditional approach to love, just like she does, is a sure-fire way of attracting her.

She’s looking for someone who will bring stability through loyalty and faithfulness, and will be put off straightaway if she suspects that you have eyes for other women.

Good looks and suaveness won’t go very far in impressing a Cancer woman, she is far more interested in you and how genuine you are. She’s looking for a soul mate and has no interest in a one-night stand.

Her naturally reclusive nature means she prefers snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket for a movie, rather than sitting at a lavish bar in a fine cocktail dress.

This says a lot about her long-term plans – she is marriage minded and wants her soul mate. If she gets the slightest inkling that you aren’t that person, she will back away and look elsewhere.

She needs to know that you are also thinking about her future, and if you are genuine about it, you will be hard pressed to find a better lifelong partner. Very often she places her partner’s needs above her own.

Cancer women are also some of the most sensual lovers you will find, promising a life of sensual acts and romantic pleasures. You will have the hardest time walking away from the warm embrace of a Cancer woman.

Be gentle and reassuring

Safety and security come first for a Cancer woman. She doesn’t want to be kept guessing, so it’s best to let her know exactly where she stands and what your intentions are. She won’t chase you, and if you continually leave her out of the loop, she may snap and cut you off completely. This is her defence mechanism, for fear of being rejected further down the line.

So for example, telling her you love her and then making very little effort for the next week will drive her to the point of indifference, and she won’t even bother trying to see what is up with you.

If you do manage to get a Cancer woman interested in you, don’t be afraid of asking serious or even personal questions. The strong emotional side of their persona can overwhelm them, so tapping into this softer side can help her warm to you, and eventually fall in love with you.

Creating that safe space is important for her to feel comfortable, but she will be more interested in you to begin with. In particular, she’ll love your childhood stories along with the highs and lows of your life.

Stories that are harsh or show a lack of empathy won’t be as memorable however, nor will she be likely to forget them thanks to her near photographic memory.

Cancer women love to laugh, and generally have a great sense of humour. A carefully selected Rom Com film or tickets to a stand-up comedy night will help prise her out of her shell.

Nothing describes her better than “home is where the heart is”. Her naturally reserved nature means that the confines of her own home is the only place where she can really unwind. It’s where she feels most secure with her friends and family, while her maternal outlook means that she is the caregiver in her relationships.

As alluded to earlier, Cancer women are traditionalists. At times, this is at odds with society’s fast paced and exciting lifestyle.

Even in the face of this, what she really yearns for are the simple things. If you aren’t prepared to settle down for this quiet and conventional life, then all you will be doing is wasting her time. If that is what you’re looking for though, tell her!

Women belonging to this sign love to collect small, decorative pieces for their home. This of course stems from their love of being at home and creating the most cosy and pleasant environment possible.

If you ever find yourself at the home of a Cancer woman, see if there is any connection between the tens of items she is no doubt hoarding. This creates the perfect gateway for you to begin to tap into their emotional side. Ask questions about some of her possessions, as there is likely to be some kind of nice memory attached to it.

Having a good time with her can help her create new moments that will remain with her forever, with you at the centre. This is because memories are a vital part of a Cancer woman’s life. They spend a lot of time in the past, even if they are highly optimistic about the future.

Talking about your own past is a sure fire way to her heart, and there is a high possibility that she will want to spend more time with you.

What to avoid with your Cancer lady

Mixed signals are not good for a Cancer woman. Although being wined and dined in a traditional sense is much appreciated, they prefer it if you are direct and straight up about your intentions from the very beginning.

There is a fine balance however, and you mustn’t come on too strong or ask too many penetrative questions. Cancer women are protected by their thick shell, designed to ward off predatory types for her own wellbeing in the long term.

There is only so much she will reveal to you in the beginning – press too hard and she will disappear into her shell.

Cancer women cannot be rushed into anything. Her sensitive emotional side prevents this, as she values patience, even if it takes a long time.

She expects this of you too, so you should be well practiced in the art of perseverance – you will need it!

Given that she is ruled by the Moon, her feelings and mood can change just as quick as the tide rushes back and forth.

She is offended easily, and the difficulty arises from her introverted nature – she might not always tell you when she’s upset about something, opting to shut you out instead. Again, this comes from a need to protect herself and her emotional wellbeing.

Until she learns to trust you, you have to tread carefully. Light hearted jokes at her expense are risky – she’s more likely to see it as an attack rather than a playful gesture. You must always be mindful of the effect your words can have on her.

If she has the slightest inkling that you’re a not wholly committed, or you’re simply there for a good time, then she won’t let you in and will more than likely cut all ties with you.

She is looking for a man who can provide, someone who is emotionally supportive and will be a strong father figure to her children.

What you need to keep in mind about the Cancer woman

As a Water sign, Cancer women are some of the calmest and most nurturing in the entire zodiac. It is almost impossible to make them angry, and this is even more so the case if you are someone special to them.

The easiest thing to deal with when it comes to this sign is that they are very consistent and highly predictable once you get to know them. On the flip side, they do tend to have “love it or hate it” personalities, and not much in the way of middle ground either.

Their calm personas pave the way for a need to be looked after, so if you’re the kind of person who only really wants to look out for number one, then it might be a wise move to think about others if you do want to attract a Cancer woman.

She is an idealist and loves to dream about where she wants to be, often looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. When things go awry, she can become a little pessimistic, but this does little to stop her having another go.

With that in mind, she puts every last bit of effort into what she does, giving nothing less than 100%. This tenacity and gritted determination helps her to achieve greatness, whether this is in education, in the work place or in a relationship.

This helps her when she wants someone too – she won’t stop until she has it. This steely determination makes her a great role model for others, and she is always willing to give the best advice too.

Criticism doesn’t go down particularly well with Cancer women. If you’re someone who a Cancer sees as close, then you cannot ask for a better companion, as she will constantly strive to go out of her way to protect you and keep you happy.

She can be sociable and happy, yet at times also be withdrawn and isolated too.

As an open-minded and intuitive sign, Cancer women get on best with those who are also similarly broad minded as she constantly wants to try new things.

She will also go with her gut instinct, following her intuition whenever she has to make a choice about her personal life or a relationship. Even if she has the smallest doubt, she won’t go through with it.

This largely stems from her vulnerability. Much like the crab that the sign is characterised by, Cancers have a highly impenetrable outer shell. This makes them particularly difficult to get through to. She is quite averse to letting people in and getting to know her softer side.

She is all too familiar with people using that softness to their own advantage, which is why she doesn’t let her guard down.

Once she sees that you have embraced her for what she is, the mutual respect and trust she needs will be there, and in return you will find a level of warmth and care that many other signs do not have.

Cancer women are naturally very maternal, making them brilliant wives and mothers – they are highly caring and devoted.

Cancer women tend to gain great attention from those around them due to their joyful natures. She likes being admired in society, however her diplomacy and more difficult traits don’t go down so well.

You must remember that there is an inherent shyness in Cancer women, and she has a fear of rejection. That said, you needn’t worry about her spilling any of your secrets, as she is very much a woman that never compromises her own rules or integrity.

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