Cancer Woman in Marriage: What Kind of Wife Is She?

The Cancer woman is a wife of intense emotions, who can either be kept happy easily or who is quite demanding but also nurturing.

Cancer woman in marriage

There’s no doubt the Cancer woman is the best mother and wife in the Western zodiac because people in this sign are all about family.

She rules over the 4th astrological house of motherhood and family, so she knows ever since a little lady that she can be truly happy only when having her own big family and a home where laughter and joy are the main activity.

Cancer woman as a wife, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Loyal, nurturing and stylish;
  • Challenges: Needy, insecure and fixated;
  • She will love: Having someone to always count on;
  • She needs to learn: To make use of the time she is on her own.

The Cancer woman as a wife

The Cancer woman could teach others what being a mother means because she has the strongest maternal instincts in the entire zodiac. This lady is gentle, caring, patient, loyal, versatile and always happy with what her husband can bring home in terms of finances.

She just wants to be in a strong relationship and can be one of the most supportive wives in the Western zodiac.

It would be better to not criticize or reject her ideas because she’d never do this to anyone herself. Giving a lot of importance to her home, she wants her husband to be very happy here, so she’ll work tirelessly for him to really enjoy his life after a long day at work.

Of course, all these things can change according to the planetary positions in her birth chart, but many of the Cancer ladies have these exact same traits.

The lady in this sign has most likely dreamed about her ideal wedding ever since she was little and found out what marriage is. Since she’s a natural caretaker and a perfect mother, marriage is something normal for her.

She dreams of all the magic that will be in the air at her wedding ceremony. Deep in her heart, she wants a husband who can make her feel free and wants her wedding to be perfect because otherwise, she may stress that the marriage is not going to work.

Therefore, her loved ones should help this lady have a unique and stylish celebrations of her union with her other half, an event at which everyone must have a lot of fun.

When it comes to love, Cancer women are fragile and gentle, so they really need their husband to be by their side through good, but more through bad times. Their emotions can be so deep and intense that they may forget all about the respect and seriousness any marriage involves.

It would be a smart idea for their lover or future husband to always protect these ladies from getting hurt. In return, they’ll be the ideal wives and mothers, who are always paying attention to their children’s needs and can really bond with these little ones.

Furthermore, Cancer women are scared of ending up alone because they crave having a family and sharing their love. Highly protective of their dear ones, they’re the most nurturing females in the zodiac, those mothers who are all the time ready to sacrifice themselves for their family, which means they give a lot of importance to their own wedding.

Cancers are most likely to get married than not because they can feel very lonely on their own even if surrounded by friends, and aren’t complete without a family that makes their life more fulfilling.

The woman in this sign is the ideal mother, even if moody and not able to realize how intense her emotions actually are. She’ll rapidly get married with the man who’s always by her side and protective.

However, if she doesn’t possess a good character or hasn’t been taught at home what family means, she may be the type of wife who always depends on her husband.

This lady will idealize her life partner and make him feel really special. If he’ll decide to betray her, she may take years to recover from it.

Her home is her kingdom

Stable and loyal to her husband, the Cancer wife doesn’t really know people can be different than her until confronted with a situation that only proves to her some individuals have a very ugly personality.

She can also be very possessive for a woman because she’s only focused on family and home. Her insecurities may cause her to be suspicious and very jealous of her partner for no reason whatsoever.

While possessing perfect instincts for the business world, she’d never give up on her family just to advance at work. The man looking for a nurturing mother and the perfect wife should definitely consider marrying this lady.

She’s very feminine and sensual when making love. Both her and the male in the same sign are into games in the bedroom, but they can refuse to share their ideas because they’re too scared of rejection.

Cancers will always think of their home with love and warmth. Here, the lady in this sign can spoil her husband and cook him many gourmet dinners.

She’ll call her man different cute nicknames and wish to do everything together with him. The biggest danger is that she can become too attached to her home and have the need to go out only once a month.

Therefore, she should have an active life and meet her friends whenever she gets the chance. As soon as married, this lady will turn into any man’s dream.

She wants to take care of her husband and this will be noticed at her wedding, when she’ll be very attentive for him to have everything he needs.

After all, their wedding is the first step into what their life together actually means. No matter how bad the times, the Cancer woman will always stay by her man’s side.

However, she needs to be given the same thing back because equality is very important to her. If this lady’s partner will never make her sad, she’ll take very good care of him.

He should be the man and do his part because she’s more than happy to stay at home and to make sure everything here is comfortable, not to mention how good her children growing up in harmony can make her feel.

She has many admirers, so the man who loves her should hurry with that marriage proposal, even if she’d never lay her eyes on another person when truly in love.

The downsides of her role as wife

Many signs in the zodiac can find themselves drifting away from their lifetime partner, but not the Cancer woman.

However, she has her own flaws as she’s insecure, moody and sensitive, which means her husband should always reassure about his love for her.

If not shown affection and appreciation from her man, she may start looking for someone new to be by her side.

People born in Cancer can have real problems trying to balance their professional and personal lives because they want to make money like millionaires do so that their family lives in luxury, while at the same time, they have this strong urge to all the time be around their spouse and children.

This is more noticeable in the women of this sign, who often wish to come back to work after giving birth, to play with their children in the evening and in the same time to cook a complex dinner for the entire family to enjoy.

This can be impossible to get done every single day, so their struggle is very real when they’re not managing to do everything as they want to, which means they could ask for some help.

Cancers are very sensual creatures, so the passion between them and their spouse will be kept alive for a lifetime if they’re working on things to happen this way.

It’s possible for their work to take some of their libido away, but the real enemy in this situation is always their domestic life.

When changing diapers all day long, no one can keep having the same sexual drive, so Cancers should realize all this about marriage and fix things instead of just not addressing them or saying there’s nothing anyone can do anymore.

The ladies in this sign never want to feel hurt, so they prefer to be the ones doing the hurting. It’s very likely for them to hurry and cheat on their husband first when seeing he’s no longer paying attention to their advances.

While this may not make any sense for many, it surely does for them, even if it can destroy their strong relationship in a second.

These ladies can be intoxicated with love and may want to leave their partner for good as soon as falling for someone else. However, this usually happens in extreme and rare situations for them.

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