The Dragon Chinese Zodiac Child: Idealistic and Proud

This child is a natural perfectionist, demanding the best from themselves and those around them.

Chinese Dragon Child

Dragon children have high ideals and want to achieve perfection no matter what. This means they ask a lot of themselves and others, not to mention they don’t want to ever hear excuses.

They think they’re always right and that others should pay attention to what they have to say. When they see weak people, they become irritable and intolerant.

The Dragon Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Dragon youngsters are strong willed, and can breathe figurative fire upon those that cross them.
  • The boy: He seldom lacks confidence, and others realise this, which is why of often is at the center of attention.
  • The girl: She commands attention and knows it, taking pride in her appearance.
  • Advice for Parents: A Dragon child’s parents main task is to keep them grounded as much as possible, to stop them getting lost in their own idyllic fantasies.

Proud and hasty, these kids use the harshest words and offend anyone if they feel superior. Their life can be very interesting because they usually manage to achieve their goals, even when others don’t believe in them whatsoever.

If they are to limit feelings of betrayal from those around them, they need to work with their natural optimism and to invest all their energy in solving the problems they’re facing in relationships.

What’s great about them is that they always have enough strength to move on in life and to implement their plans.

Dragon Baby Girl

The little girl born in the year of the Dragon is very charismatic and always attracts attention. She’s very curious, so she asks many questions and gets involved in all sort of activities.

Her tastes are very refined, so she dresses to impress a lot of the time. This means her parents need to take her shopping for clothes as often as possible.

Boys will always admire a like her, but she may be too proud to pay them any attention. At least she knows how to make them feel good about themselves with nice words.

Dragon Baby Boy

The Dragon little boy has a very strong will and always fights fiercely to achieve his goals. His mind is very sharp and he’s also courageous, self-confident and optimistic.

It doesn’t matter if he wants to attract attention or not, he always seems to be at the center of attention because he’s friendly and polite. What he wants is to live among people he can really trust.

More than often, he’s involved in all sort of strange situations because he wants to help others. When feeling like he can’t cope with difficulties, he becomes selfish and angry.

Dragon Child Personality

The Dragon represents power, success and wealth in the Chinese mythology. Natives of the Dragon sign are believed to be meant for happiness, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be taken by surprise in life.

While seeming strong and always cheerful on the outside, they may not be like this on the inside. Dragon representations are used in carnivals, so Dragon people are just like this, creatures that shine on the outside and are in fact as vulnerable and as sensitive as others.

Dragon children are controversial too. Behind their self-confidence and calm, they can be very fragile. It all depends on the element of their birth year. They always struggle to seem stronger than they actually are, when in fact they’re desperate to protect their freedom and to not become irritated when someone is trying to tie them down.

They don’t have a problem expressing themselves because they’re very honest and don’t want to deceive. Having a noble soul, they protect the weak and worry about their parents.

From a very early age, they’re reliable, decent and command respect. They also have a great lust for life, but this doesn’t mean they would do anything to upset their parents. As a matter of fact, when having a problem, they prefer to solve it themselves and to not ask for help from the adults.

They possess a lot of energy and seem to be meant for winning, leading and commanding. This is why they’re suitable for careers in management, law or architecture.

Their honesty can be too much for more sensitive people. They don’t hesitate to communicate their feelings and can’t ever fake emotions. This means what they’re saying comes straight from their heart and they would never manipulate.

Being honest, they also have a highly developed sense of duty. Dragon children would never run away from their responsibilities. For this reason, they’re very appreciated and can accomplish great things in their life, even starting from their school years.

Dragon Baby Health

Dragon children should have a stable emotional life. Their parents should also teach them how to no longer be so obsessed with success and to accept failure as another experience.

Having a lot of energy, they never rest and are usually distracted from what they’re working on by new projects. From time to time, it’s good to engage them in such a way to promote relaxation.

They’re always trying to solve multiple problems at once, so it’s very likely for them to have headaches frequently. Being active and taking risks because they want to feel superior, Dragon little ones are prone to injuries.

However, this doesn’t mean they should be stopped from performing physical activities, they just need to do them under the supervision of a coach. At least they don’t have any trouble sleeping because they fall exhausted in their bed at night.

Hobbies of Dragon Children

When it comes to their projects and assignments, Dragon children always complete everything. Even as babies, when coloring, they don’t rest until they have filled in all the shapes with colors.

Their parents can enrol them to music or art classes. Because they’re diligent, they can also succeed as businesspeople when adults.

In case they’re the type of Dragons with a richer imagination, they surely love to read, so they should be encouraged to become writers themselves. Because they have a logical mind that’s oriented towards technical mechanisms, Dragon boys may end up being inventors, whereas the girls fashion designers.

Making Friends

Dragon children are always adored in their group of friends because they have a special magnetism and are dazzling. They encourage and motivate other children to take action, so they’re natural born leaders who always want to get things done.

If some of their friends can’t keep up with their fast pace, they will be forgotten. It’s very likely for these young Dragon representatives to exhaust themselves, but at least they will have enjoyed every ride along the way.

With the clever Monkeys, they feel like they have partners in crime and unstoppable. Rats can complement them with their skills and desire to start things. As a matter of fact, the chemistry between Rats and Dragons can help both achieve the greatest things.

Snakes are the Dragons’ best playmates because they bring a lot of wisdom to the high energy of the latter animals.

Study for Dragon-Child

Dragon children take school seriously and like to study any new material. They’re aware that what they’re learning is going to be of help one way or another.

It would be a good idea to enrol them to different types of optional classes. Their teachers will love them for having the desire to learn, while their coaches will want them participating at all the competitions taking place.

Besides, they can be entrusted with any mission, no matter how complicated and difficult. As a matter of fact, these children take pleasure from dealing with challenges, which is why they always take on more duties that they’re supposed to.

They have a healthy body and love sports. Around their colleagues, they’re the leaders that always push others to get things done and perform at their best.

How to Raise Your Dragon Kid

Dragon children make their parents very proud of them because most of the time, they succeed with their projects. They can also be too lost in their fantasies and inventive ideas that they forget all about others. Therefore, they should be reminded that their loved ones need their attention.

It doesn’t matter how busy they may be with school and playing, they need to spend some time with their parents too. Because they’re obsessed with winning, they can end up suffering from nervous breakdowns.

Any failure impacts their psyche more than it does others. This means they should be taught how to be calmer when things don’t go the way they want them to.

They also can’t accept being criticized and don’t care about other people’s opinions, but this can change if they’re being offered a lot of love and care. When feeling loved, they become more creative.

Not accepting that they can sometimes be defeated, they need to be told very often that failure is also an experience and natural. If they happen to be frustrated or angry, they may resort to aggressiveness and intimidation, just so that they can succeed.

Because they expend every resource they have before admitting that they have failed, they exhaust themselves, sometimes to the point in which recovery becomes very difficult. While sharing advice and offering them a different perspective may not work with the stubborn Dragon children, it is still worth trying.

To outsiders, these little ones may seem like they’re trying to break every rule in the book and impose their own way of life. They’re very difficult to contradict and have a tendency to offend when feeling threatened. More than this, they’re very domineering, so it’s not unlikely for them to become bullies with age.

If angry, they act irrationally and refuse to listen to others. At least their anger usually doesn’t last for too long.

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