What is astrology and is it real?

Welcome to the debate! Whilst most people will laugh at you should you openly admit you follow up on your daily horoscope, we all know this is our guilty pleasure. But what is it really behind it all? This article explains the basic concepts of astrology to help you get an understanding of how celestial bodies and their movement get to influence ones life.

What does it mean “this site is for entertainment purposes”?

Our content is provided for entertainment purposes only, meaning that whilst we take pride in the astrology background of our contributors and we strive to keep up to date with the developments in the field, we cannot give any guarantees as per the accuracy of the content present, which is provided for entertainment purposes. Astrology can be a wonderful source of guidance and advice but ultimately, each individual is responsible for their own choices and takes full responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Do you offer astrological reports?

Please note that at the moment we do not provide via mail neither free nor paid interpretation of astrological charts (birthcharts) or any similar advice on career, love, health, financial or any similar matters.

Where can I find the Birthday Analyser?

The Birthday Analyser which you can access here offers you some astrological information linked to your full birthday. Amongst western and Chinese zodiac facts, love compatibility and numerology, you can also find an interactive personal characteristics assessment table and a lucky features chart which are for entertainment purposes only.

Can you make life choices based on astrology?

The influence of transits, along with the birth predisposition from the birth chart, can offer useful information as to what is good or what is bad for you, what is preferable versus what is to be avoided. But it is what you decide to do with this information that matters most. At the end of the day, however, each person is the master of their own destiny. Astrology can guide but will not offer direct answers or solutions. You must be aware that ultimately, you will be the sole responsible for your actions. It is advisable to use astrological information to model yourself towards your goals but there are times in life when you must apply logic, analysis and objective decision making.