Cancer Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Cancer woman has high expectations about the way her partner should demonstrate his feelings but equally, she is the most affectionate and loving.

woman with a Cancer sign

Cancer women are one of the most emotional and sensitive women out there, so in order for them to find true happiness in a relationship, they must first find a man who understands them at this level.

Pros Cons
Her sense of humor is truly special in the company of her partner.She has a love for initiating drama.
She will treat you right and put all trust in you.She doesn’t have the patience to wait for long-term results.
She puts her romantic interests above anything.She can become rather confrontational.

These women need someone who can empathize and support them emotionally, a bonding of the souls. A man who shares the same core values, a loving and affectionate person who wants to build a family, a protective individual who won’t let anything happen to them. In their view, devotion and courage are necessary traits for the ideal partner.

She will wait for him to make the first move

Even though she is extremely vulnerable to emotional trauma, the Cancer woman is also one of the most attractive and adorable people out there.

With such a tender and kind attitude, a charming and seductive personality, how could anyone hope to resist? It’s just not possible.

Moreover, her watery upbringing makes her very mysterious and worth to be explored, filling her with the unwavering permanence of the sea, endless and enormously strong.

She stays in touch with her ancestral heritage, the primordial feminine natural charms, that gentleness and purity of being that impresses everyone. She may desire a great love, but she can also practically work with her surroundings if that’s what must be done.

If you can notice that her sensuality and affectionate personality asks for fostering, for a union of the souls, a love most deep, then you will also realize that she wants nothing but the peaks of pleasure.

Her emotivity and sensitive character make it so that she will always wait for her partner to make the first move. So don’t waste any time and take that opportunity because she’s only opening herself up one time, and then that’s it.

The Cancer woman wants a stable relationship where she can feel safe no matter what, where she and her partner are isolated from the rest of the world in a cocoon of love.

She believes that love is an unfathomable process and a destination that you must reach through endless trials, the path being ultimately one of pleasure and fulfillment.

Her idealistic principles let her experience the world like no one before. She wants to find that partner who will help her with this, with living the perfect emotion of love and to have that sense of belonging.

Once she involves herself in a relationship, she will offer her heart on a platter, give her entire being to her partner. She wants nothing else than to stay alongside her partner and love him endlessly.

However, if you choose to ignore or give her less affection that she expects, you’ll see her gloomily furrowing her eyebrows and sighing unhappily in a corner.

She will start victimizing herself to her friends, thinking that she doesn’t deserve this half-assed treatment. The thing is, she wants to feel appreciated for real, to see her partner glow with happiness at her sight, for him to love her from the bottom of his heart.

There will be many arguments and dramatical bickering going back and forth, but ultimately, learn how to appreciate her and you’ll live a dream life with her.

On the one hand, the Cancer woman will fiercely protect her partner from anyone who dares to even look at him, even more when someone actually approaches him. She stays glued to him for the entirety of the time and her love can be felt from a mile away.

On the other hand, when she’s not getting the deep and all-consuming love experience that she wants, she’s probably even going as far as to cheat.

Her natural instincts serve her good

The one thing that’s always holding her back from attaining her fulfillment is that she always tries to take care of her partner and fulfill all his needs, often forgetting about herself.

Love and motherly instincts are two different concepts, and she should make the difference as well. Selfishness and self-centeredness are foreign ideas to her, and this is why her pure generosity and affection are often met with a bumpy road because the partner doesn’t see this the same way as her.

Either she’s setting up some boundaries to keep her expectations in check or she’ll have to meet someone with the same capacity of love.

The Cancer woman is not sexual in the rough, perverse sense of the word, in that she craves for pure physical pleasure. She’s the emotional and sensitive type who wants to go through the whole process, to be cuddled and kissed, to be treated like a queen in bed.

She expects her partner to be tender, thoughtful and sweet to her, to be godlike at his foreplay game. She can develop her sexual cravings through practice and experience, but only with a caring and compassionate partner.

Her empathic skills and natural instincts help her appear as a thoughtful and understanding woman, someone who can effectively feel your sorrow and be there when you need it.

Therefore, she becomes so protective of her partner and her children because she is ultimately a very emotionally attached woman whose feelings are extremely well-established. It’s only normal for things to go down that way if her partner appreciates this and even encourages this part of her.

She’s going to be very reluctant and keep to herself in the beginning because she’s afraid to commit, she’s afraid of getting hurt.

Having so much emotional depth to her, there are also vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Thus, the Cancer woman will first want to know that she can trust you completely before opening up.

Just put your heart and entire being on a platter in front of her, and she will bloom with joy and confidence. Also, always think twice before saying anything that could hurt her. She’s extremely sensitive and will experience true pain at hurtful things, especially coming from her partner.

It’s also a very good idea to try to remember things that she likes, important dates in her life, those little things that you can remind her of. This will make her very happy, knowing that her partner cares so much.

Moreover, if you’re avoiding criticizing her, also avoid doing this to her friends and family. She loves them as well, and it would hurt her if you insult them. Just let her be the best of what she can be and only guide her if she really needs it.

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