The Rat Chinese Zodiac Child: Curious and Insightful

This child benefits from plenty of qualities, is rather inquisitive and charming, developing faster than its peers.

Chinese Rat Child

While shy and very modest, Rat children can still be very good leaders because they love taking the initiative and experiment with the new, not to mention they’re very disciplined when it comes to working on something they’re interested.

No matter what, they’re sure to achieve great results when they set their mind to something. Rat babies are longing to be protected and to be kept comfortable.

The Rat Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Sharp and trusting their instincts, the Rat child knows how to take care of themselves.
  • The boy: He is born to be a leader and exhibits the traits early on in childhood.
  • The girl: Sweet and charming, this girl is guided by her common sense in her actions.
  • Advice for parents: These kids are not happy with insecurity so don’t leave things to chance.

They’re persistent when they want attention from their parents, so they cry and complain a lot, but this is only because they want to communicate as much as possible. Always in control of their action, they don’t break rules and are docile most of the time.

Rat Baby Girl

Sweet and possessing a special charm, the Rat girl likes to be in the center of attention. She desperately wants to be loved and cared for, so she would not imagine her life without her parents and a cosy home.

For this reason, she doesn’t like to travel. She prefers to have only a few friends because she wants peace and doesn’t like noise.

Her nature is to be realistic and she’s very intelligent, which means only common sense is guiding her in life. From a young age, she loves to receive compliments and to be adored, especially by the boys she likes.

Rat Baby Boy

A natural born leader, the Rat boy usually convinces his friends to follow him. He knows how to put his ideas into practice because he’s practical and straightforward. He’s also friendly and likes being surrounded by as many people as possible.

Very ambitious, he has the tendency to be mean and aggressive when wanting to achieve his goals. Another thing that characterizes him is his tendency to raise the money he gets instead of spending it on frivolous things.

Rat Child Personality

The Chinese Zodiac says the Rat is the most inquisitive, prudent and calm sign. Rat children have many of the qualities of the animal that represents them. For example, they’re curious, hardworking, insightful and sharp. However, they can also be greedy and petty.

Another great thing about them is their strong intuition. This means they trust their instincts and have the ability to foresee potential dangers. Not at all superficial, they spend the money they have on important things and save their allowances.

Their mind is very sharp, and they possess great memory, not to mention they’re very responsible. Being neat and disciplined, they don’t allow chaos in their life. They’re practical and driven by their need to succeed no matter what.

However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be the life of any party and have fun when playing. It’s normal for parents to be very worried about their children, but this is not the situation with Rat children, who usually stay away from dangers and have the most developed senses when it comes to self-protection.

Ever since a very young, they’re aware of their family’s budget and aren’t reckless at all with their spending. Besides, many of them learn to read and speak earlier than other children, so they should be encouraged to develop these skills of theirs as much as possible.

They can end up becoming great writers and communicators, especially since they can focus on details, are eager to perform research and are naturally curious. William Shakespeare was born in the sign of the Rat, so a proof of what the Rat children can become.

Rat Baby Health

Parents of Rat children usually have no worries because their little ones are normally very healthy and have a good appetite. They never refuse food and are even enthusiastic about what’s being cooked at home.

However, this indicates they have the tendency to be overweight. When it comes to their immunity, this is very strong, and they don’t usually get colds.

Their parents should pay attention to their mental health because they have a choleric temperament and very intense emotions, but at other times, they can be apathic and indifferent.

They’re more prone to intensely low moods than other youngsters, especially if feeling neglected. This means their parents need to offer them all their love.

Hobbies of Rat Children

Very curious, Rat children are addicted to new information. They’re also very imaginative, which means they’re good inventors. The boys are especially attracted to technical things, whereas the girls don’t have a problem performing on stages.

It doesn’t matter whether the Rat child is a boy or girl, Rat children are very communicative and eager to be part of groups in which teamwork is being encouraged.

They’re pioneers when it comes to learning, so their parents should help them develop their interests, to talk to them about great people so that they feel inspired. The boys can end up being scientists or successful businesspeople. The girls can be great writers because they simply love literature.

Making Friends

Rat children’s friends should consider themselves very lucky for having someone so loyal as their buddy. The Rat little ones don’t discriminate and have strong feelings for everyone, not to mention they tend to care about their friends as they do about their family.

They cherish every person in their life and are great to be around. This is because they’re possessive, and have the need to be in the center of attention and don’t like spending their time alone.

They get along very well with Ox children because these are loyal and reliable. At the same time, they’re inspired by Monkeys and Dragons, discovering a more adventurous side when playing with them.

Quite popular, Rat children make friends with anyone, but may fight with Horses because Horses don’t care about feelings and are too unpredictable.


As said before, Rat children start talking from a very young age and are curious. Very smart, they don’t need help when doing their homework, not to mention they’re ambitious and competitive.

They like to read and spend their time at the library, so their main skills may be related to writing.

Most of the time, they have clear goals and are focused on being more educated, which means they will most likely pursue many degrees from schools.

Advice on Raising your Rat Child

Parents of Rat children can be very calm because their little ones are cautious, loving and reliable. There are rare exceptions, and only in those youngsters who feel ignored.

They’re intuitive and don’t like taking risks. While they need to communicate and crave the company of others, this can be a negative trait because they can end up being taken advantage of, though they can still become aware when they’re in a toxic environment, especially if their parents explain to them what’s going on.

They’re possessive, so they want to have their own things and their personal space to be clear. This means the people in their family have to leave them alone when they’re being moody.

Their room has to be cosy because it’s the place where they feel the most secure. Even Rat babies need their own room.

Older Rat children don’t need to be told about the life’s hardships because they need comfort more than anything.

Their parents should never lie to them because they immediately identify deception and can be very upset when feeling like they’re being tricked into something. This is when they become angry and aggressive, which can be dangerous for them later in life.

They should be encouraged to study and to be guided through life because they don’t like leaving everything to chance. Because they’re very organized, their room will be kept tidy and their possessions will always be taken care of.

No one should invade their personal space, mess with their toys or change anything in their room. They need to feel like there are boundaries when it comes to others’ access to their belongings.

In case they have siblings, they may not want to share their possessions with them.

They should have something to focus on because if they don’t, their energy may be all over the place.

While growing into adults, they have lifelong ambitions and want to win at everything. This means they should be calmed down when being too competitive as children. Things should be kept in perspective, especially when it comes to their education and the way they’re being guided to take action.

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