The Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Child: Gentle and Devoted

This child is bright, calm and loyal to all those around them, steering clear of conflicts in a bid to protect their personal space.

Chinese Rabbit Child

Rabbit children have a calm and a gentleness that can’t be seen in others, even when they’re facing some serious childhood problems.

They’re naturally cautious, which means they don’t take unnecessary risks. When it comes to their personal space, they treasure it a lot, even suffer when someone invades. Aside from all this, they also a highly developed sense of justice.

The Rabbit Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: The Rabbit baby is serene and responsible, erring on the side of caution where possible.
  • The Boy: Cautious and dedicated, he more often than not achieves what he sets his heart on.
  • The Girl: Charming yet secretive, the Rabbit girl has a place for everything in her life.
  • Advice for Parents: A comfortable, nurturing environment is key for Rabbit kids to succeed, as they hate being in unfamiliar situations.

These kids are great to have a conversation with, but they don’t like being in public or to have quarrels. Their personality is bright, not to mention they have many talents and the most refined tastes.

Wanting to see beauty wherever they may be going, they’re the ones to seek harmony and to pay attention to what they’re feeling inside.

From a very young age, they have high demands from themselves and others, being dutiful and responsible. Very attached to their family and other people in their life, they’re loyal and devoted.

Rabbit Baby Girl

The Rabbit little girl is very sweet and listens to her parents. Her intuition always tells her how other people are feeling. When in a difficult situation, she’s very cunning and manages to achieve the results she wants.

Besides, she’s very charming and easily makes friends, even if she doesn’t tell them any of her secrets.

She keeps her room tidy and cosy because this makes her feel safe and comfortable. Ever since very little, her tastes are delicate, so she chooses her clothes carefully. When it comes to boys, she loves their attention and has many admirers.

Rabbit Baby Boy

The Rabbit little boy is very serious, neat and commands respect. He works very hard in order to achieve his goals, not to mention he’s diligent and determined.

Another great thing about him is that he has the ability to make decisions very fast, but never without being cautious. Naturally cheerful and very optimistic, he can overcome any obstacle, which means his success later in life is guaranteed. Most of the time calm, he can become cruel if angered too much.

Rabbit Child Personality

Rabbit children can be very contradictory. On one side they’re calm and reserved, and on the other, emotional and very easy to anger.

They have the tendency to overthink things and can at the same time, be frivolous. The way their character develops depends a lot on their education and their birth year element.

Their parents should keep in mind that they require attention. It’s good that they don’t mind taking advice from adults and being instructed on what to do.

The Chinese philosophies say that the Rabbit is the symbol of luck, which means those who have this animal as their patron are kept away from any misfortune.

Rabbit children are very careful with their money, so their parents don’t have to teach them anything about saving or spending wisely.

They know how to use their talents and qualities, even when the situation is very unfavourable for them. At the same time, they’re conservative and don’t like change.

Open and sociable, they always take good care of their friends. Because they’re also affectionate and courteous, they can charm anyone with their manners. However, they don’t hesitate to defend themselves if attacked.

Having a rich imagination and a lot of creativity, they may be attracted to the art world. At the same time, some of them can end up successful lawyers or finance specialists.

They represent grace because they’re mannered and very discrete. When interacting with others, they’re civil and diplomatic. It would be a good idea for them to become businesspeople when adults because they have all it takes in order to make a lot of money.

Besides, even if being all the time nice and seeming to only want to please others, they do have a methodical way of getting what they want.

Rabbit Baby Health

When it comes to health, Rabbit children need their daily routine in order to not get sick because they’re prone to stress and don’t like changes. If their experiences are different every day, they can develop serious psychological problems, even from the time they’re only babies.

In case they’re always crying as infants and the emotional context is favorable, it’s important to take them to a specialist. It’s also very likely for them to get sick with infectious diseases, which means their fragile body need protection. It would be a good idea to teach them gymnastics and exercising from a very young age.

With time, they can develop all sort of allergies, so their health should be carefully monitored so that they don’t develop chronic illnesses like, for example, bronchitis or asthma.

Hobbies of Rabbit Children

Having the most refined tastes, Rabbit children love engaging in creative activities like designing and even embroidering. They like being praised for the results they’re achieving with their work.

If they have a passion ever since very young, they may turn that passion into a business because they know how to make profits without even investing. Some of them are great athletes.

Because they’re methodical and diligent, they’re very likely to succeed in their career later in life. Their parents should support them to do what they love and to compete in sports.

Making Friends

No person or thing can stop the Rabbit children from making friends and being an influence because they’re very peaceful and charming.

Their emotions and imagination rule them, so they’re warm as friends, even if a little bit detached. Because they’re creatures of comfort who can really appreciate beauty, they can be best friends with Pigs and Dogs. They don’t like Roosters for being criticizing, nor Tigers for always having drama in their life.


Always attentive to what’s being said in class, Rabbit children are also dutiful and can concentrate without even making an effort.

They also have the ability to thoroughly analyze any problem, which means they’re very good at debating, even in the kindergarten years.

Being mannered and diplomatic, their teachers and colleagues simply love them. Because they’re through with their studies, it’s very likely for them to succeed in an academic environment.

How to Raise Your Rabbit Kid

Rabbit kids need to be loved and understood, also to have their opinion taken into consideration. When they fear or are insecure, they don’t talk about their feelings, so their parents should pay close attention to their level of irritability and unhappiness.

If they close in themselves, they can no longer develop healthy relationships with the adults in their life, not to mention they may become depressed and even addicted to alcohol and illegal substances when adults.

What they want the most is to have peace and to be surrounded by harmony. Because they don’t take risks and always avoid trouble, they usually miss out on great opportunities, so they should be taught that difficulties are a part of life.

It’s important for them to remain active no matter what. It’s good to care for them every step of the way, but they should also be left to see what challenges mean. Because they have the tendency to put themselves first, they will always fight for having comfort and feeling at ease.

It would be a good idea to ensure their materialistic needs do not grow too much with time. Also, they should somehow learn that others’ needs are also important. The more they learn how to be nurturing and caring, the more they can develop healthy relationships later in life.

They should genuinely care for other people, not just be polite with them. Since they want harmony and peace more than anything else, anything that upsets their routine can be dangerous.

From a very young age, they try their best to achieve balance. This means they’re very balanced and pay very much attention to their emotional world.

Their parents should make sure that their Rabbit children are surrounded by serenity and there’s no yelling or fighting around them. These young representatives of the Rabbit sign love to communicate and at the same time, they do their best to protect their inner world.

When angered, they become rude and even violent. It can be difficult to have them self-contained again during these moments. As soon as they have made a decision, no one can convince them to change their mind anymore, perhaps only someone who has a lot of patience and earns their trust. If their parents want them to be more self-confident, they need to let these little Rabbits to face their own challenges.

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