Break Up With a Pisces Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup is about being honest and direct about what is not working but also about protecting her fragile emotions.

Pisces woman break up

Pisces women are relying a lot on their feelings because they’re capable of the deepest emotions and also to love at a different level than others. Imaginative and highly sensitive, it can be very difficult to break up with them because this entire situation can become very painful and their heart may break into millions of little pieces.

Breaking up just to later get back together doesn’t work with Pisces because this can only cause them more pain. They may seem like they’re never going to recover since they simply can’t hide their suffering. However, if given time and being let go of, they can slowly start recovering.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Pisces woman:

  1. She may have the tendency to keep going back.
  2. The separation may not be accepted that easily.
  3. She will regain her confidence and bounce back rapidly.
  4. She prefers that her partner is 100% honest with her.
  5. In order to turn her against you, simply not meet her expectations.

How to break up with the Pisces woman

Those who are looking to end things up with a Pisces woman should respect the 2 most important rules for such an event. First of all, they need to reassure their Pisces partner everything is going to be okay for them and that they’ll going to be alright without him or her.

Second of all, they should avoid going back to the relationship again. With these natives, things have to be cut clean and assertively, no matter how much love may exist for their beauty and mystery.

The Pisces woman is sure to bounce back from a breakup, even if this requires of her to no longer feel comfortable and to regain her confidence slowly.

She knows it’s possible for her to shine again and that in order for this to happen, some time needs to pass and everything has to come gradually.

She’ll be very hard with herself when in private, preferring to do this all day long rather than to go out with friends and to start feeling better about herself.

While having enough courage to admit a breakup is sometimes inevitable, she’ll always be on and off again when thinking about it because she tends to hesitate as far as her emotions go.

If being decisive from the beginning, she may start feeling things are not getting done in a beautiful manner and regret it later. When remembering the sweet moments of a relationship, she’ll start to believe a mistake has been made and the breakup shouldn’t have happened, but it would be too late for her.

Many are blaming this lady for not paying enough attention when making decisions. If a man would be hesitant about breaking up with her, she would try and fix things, so accepting a separation is one lesson this lady should learn.

The man trying to end it with her needs to honest and straightforward, even if knowing she’s deeply emotional and very fragile. In the end, her respect for him is more important, so honesty is the best way to go with her.

She should be flattered and reassured no one can be more amazing than her, even if things don’t seem to work out anymore. This woman has as sensitive ego that needs to be stroked, especially when a breakup seems to be in the cards for her.

Acting cold when around her is also a good idea to make this woman want to leave on her own.

She won’t accept to be with a man who’s all the time mean because she only gets attached to caring and kind individuals. No matter if having an angry side or not, the man trying to break up with the woman in Pisces should sometimes act violently and break a glass or two in the kitchen.

She simply resents any form of drama and aggressiveness, so it would be impossible for her to stay next to someone who’s acting this way.

Furthermore, he could tell her that he simply hates animals as she’s crazy about them and probably owns one too many. This lady will never be with a man who doesn’t get along with her pet.

Being all the time in her own mind, the Pisces woman can have a difficult time dealing with the mundane.

When meeting someone new, she can start fantasizing about the memories she’ll make with that person, about where they’ll go together and the pictures they’ll take.

If things aren’t happening the way she imagined them, she can become very upset. It goes the same way for her with love, so she’ll dream with her eyes wide open about a relationship with the man she likes the most.

No matter if he’ll be ready for what’s in her mind or not, she won’t conscientiously project her dreams on the person she simply adores. However, when with someone, her fantasizing can end up being a breakup that will destroy her world completely.

She’ll take a while to get over her exes because the perfect world in her head, not to mention her expectations, would no longer exist. She may not even think about her ex after breaking up with him, more about the dreams she has lost.

The Pisces woman in a relationship will rethink many times before making a decision and taking action. She needs to analyze and to ask many of her friends if she should break up or not, and when actually talking about separation with her partner, she’s sure to sincerely blame herself only.

Signs she’s preparing to break up

The story with the man who went for cigarettes and never came back seems pretty accurate for the Pisces woman when she’s getting ready to break up with someone.

She won’t accept to be blamed for the separation because she never does when it comes to other aspects in her life either, so she’ll most of the time take the easy way out of a relationship.

This lady can do one of the 2 things when parting ways with a man: she can either disappear on him and never give a sign that she’s well, or she can become very cold and say everything is okay, especially when being asked what’s wrong with her.

Obviously, this would be a lie because in fact, she’d be preparing to say to her partner that she’s feeling pressured and that a break from the relationship needs to be taken, after which she’ll just disappear. Usually, her exes end up alone to wonder about what went wrong.

How does a Pisces woman handle a breakup?

Pisces are known for having big hearts, for easily forgiving and for taking back their partner after a monstrous argument. They can tolerate a lot of pain and don’t mind dealing with an unhealthy relationship if this is what’s keeping them and their partner together.

However, even the most caring and tolerant of them can break at some point, not to mention it can be impossible to ever have them back after they’ve been seriously challenged and upset.

They’re known for disappearing on their lovers and for leaving them to regret everything they may have done wrong.

Being the last sign in the zodiac, natives born in Pisces have a fabulous intuition and imagination, not to mention they seem to live at the limit between reality and fantasy.

Giving and wise, Pisces are also very emotional, so it’s easy for them to become overwhelmed with their own feelings.

When life gets tough, they prefer to hide in a corner and to break up from their lover without giving a clear explanation.

Since these people have an abstract mind, it’s difficult for them to be practical and to respect boundaries. Furthermore, they’re not able to end things up in a conclusive way, this being the reason why they’re preferring to just drift away from their partner and to not answer important questions about what’s happening with them.

Because they’re sometimes getting clarity from their dreams, they should take a break when going through a breakup as this would only help them to better hear the voice of their intuition.

It would be better for their exes to not talk to them after the breakup, no matter if months or weeks since things between them have ended have passed because Pisces don’t really have the notion of time.

A week or a year is the same when these natives are thinking about these things. They should be left alone to relax as in their mind, they’d probably think they’re having a telepathic connection with the person who left them anyway.

It’s possible for many of these natives to feel what their exes are thinking of, especially after a finding out a thing or two about what’s happening into their life. And they’ll surely keep informed about every little detail.

When being sent a text from their former partner, Pisces are already starting to think that person is going to run back into their arms. Seeing this isn’t happening, they’ll wonder what went wrong and ask themselves if the other person is still remembering how they’ve seen that great movie together and both really enjoyed it.

After that, they’ll remind their ex that an agreement to never contact each other again has been made during the separation.

However, they won’t admit they’re thinking a telepathic connection between them two is still present and that they’re being visited by the other in their dreams.

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