The Pisces Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

The Pisces woman is not too pretentious but still wishes for a whirlwind romance.

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Mysterious and romantic, the Pisces woman has a rich imagination that she won’t hesitate to put to use with her partner. When everything in her life seems calm and quiet, she can still become this explosive and agitated character who does things recklessly.

Nobody knows what’s underneath calm waters. Peaceful and composed, inside this woman is a romantic whose only purpose is to find true love.

Curious and interested in everything, the Pisces lady will want to know how feelings work and what’s the meaning of life. She has a totally different world where she escapes when things in her life become harsh.

She may not know how different inventions function and she won’t take the time to study how they are being made. She will prefer to center on what her imagination comes up with.

Relying on her intuition, she will often seek for the meaning of life. Usually, this lady gives her all when she gets involved in a relationship. However, her lover needs to be careful and not think for a moment that she is weak.

She may seem vulnerable, but inside she’s very strong and ambitious. Not liking to get involved in arguments, she will try and resolve things amiably, as much as she can.

But if you pressure her, she will show her feisty side and bring her opinions to the table. Also, don’t try and take advantage of her. While she doesn’t hold a grudge for too long and she is able to forgive, she will completely eliminate you from her life if you cross her.

When the Pisces lady dates, she focuses all of her attention on the partner. She likes to take risks and ask questions that may bother, but she doesn’t have any bad intentions. She’s just curious.

Pisces is known for going with the flow and thus, the woman in this sign will be the same. This means she will have many partners in her entire life.

The ruler of Pisces is Neptune, which means this girl will always look for the comfort of her own home, will want to be around people who love her. Many people in Pisces get addicted to different substances as they have a tendency towards excesses. This obviously affects their relationships and they usually end up with the wrong crowd.

Other types of Pisces become artists, being free to express their love through many different methods. Kindhearted and warm, people in Pisces often feel what others are feeling. Many call them telepathic. But they are only empathic, and this makes them great partners on whom you can rely.

When in love

The Pisces woman in love is the exact representation of Venus in Pisces, which is enthusiastic, inspired and happy. She will pay attention only to the person who she likes, and every moment with him will be cherished and remembered.

Thinking that the partner she has could be her soulmate, she acts just like a child who has found a new toy. She laughs and she enjoys life more when she’s in love.

More than this, she gets all her strength from the love that she has for her man. The world will finally make sense in her eyes again. When she lands with her feet back on the ground, she’s exhausted and doesn’t know what to do with herself anymore.

It doesn’t matter what type of relationships she’s involved in, this lady gets all her energy from the thought of being with someone. And it’s only normal to be like this, especially for a person who’s so imaginative and creative.

Her sensuality will make her envision the perfect lover and the ideal relationship. But most of the time, these things are only in her imagination.

As soon as things settle and she starts noticing that things are not as great as she has dreamed them, she can put an end to the relationship in which she was involved.

The Pisces woman likes mystery and magic in a man. She expects a passionate and exciting relationship, just like in the movies.

This girl dreams of someone seductive and very in love with her. She likes being in love and she wants to have someone who waits for her at home, after a long day.

As soon as she has found someone who is dedicated to her, she will become the most dedicated and committed person herself.

What makes her so charming is the evasiveness that she displays. It always seems that femininity is something she was born with. An enigma, men will want to discover her step by step. If you are attracted to her, you’ll have to get past the mystery that surrounds her, and discover the imagination and the softness that she carefully hides.

Many people rush into conclusions before truly knowing her and end up making wrong suppositions about her character. They think she’s superficial because she’s shy.

This girl knows her place in a relationship. She likes being the woman and she expects her man to know where he stands too. Besides, she will want him to be romantic, mannered and strong.

If you are a macho who wants to protect and support a damsel in distress, then the Pisces woman may be just right for you. She will count on you and you’ll have to know her both physically and emotionally.

When you two will be out in the world, she will be respectful and will let everyone know you are the man that she chose to be her mate.

She will also step back and let you get all the attention. As long as you have a good sense of humor and you respect her, you will be welcome in her life.

Besides, you can trust her with all your secrets and dreams. She will not only listen, but she’ll encourage you to succeed. This woman can offer great advice, and you can be sure she will give you all of her attention.

Honest and emotional, she can understand any kind of situation. But she will need you too, so don’t hesitate to jump in and help her each time you see she’s not so stable.

Understanding this woman

One of the main problems of the Pisces woman is that she rarely gets to that feeling of belonging. Her father tends to be an important and perfect figure in her life. She will idealize his image, and the man she will look for will have to be the same as this perfect man who has raised her.

She can feel lost oftentimes, the only way in which she can get it together in these moments being by following what she has set her mind on.

As her partner, you need to never impede her from getting what she wants or she will leave you. All the love stories of the world are in the head of this woman.

While tired and confused because she idealizes everything, she can also be resourceful. Honest herself, she can’t stand it when people are lying to her. Because she doesn’t want to get hurt, she will never reveal what goes on inside her mind to others. Not even to her partner.

This girl seems like she has all figured out in life, when deep inside she is terrified of the unknown. She needs to be complimented and proven that she is loved very much.

When in a relationship

Relaxed and easygoing, the Pisces woman is not high maintenance or too pretentious. She will work it out with a lover who will love and respect her.

If you like to have fights or you get stressed very easily, it would be better if you wouldn’t date her. She needs someone peaceful and serene, like her. She hates to have fights and she isn’t outspoken very often. So the man who’s compatible with her will not look to have fights or to be annoying.

When she’s with someone, the Pisces woman is highly imaginative. Her man has to be more down-to-earth than her as she’s dreamy and with the head in the clouds enough for the both.

Don’t ignore what she’s dreaming of, but don’t let her get lost in illusions either. Inspire and protect her. She can get really stressed when the outside world becomes too much. Compassionate and sensitive, this lady can offer you the time of your life if she’s with you.

Her sexuality

Some men may find the Pisces woman childish in matters of sex. She’s sensitive and shy, so people can misinterpret her.

She will act like she’s this seductress who wants everyone, when in fact she’s composed and traditional in bed. She needs to share true intimacy with her partner if she wants to have good sex.

Only when she’ll be with someone who’s inspired by her creative side and who’ll protect her, she will be open to trying something new in the bedroom.

The negatives of the Pisces woman

Like any other human being, the Pisces woman has also a few negative traits. One of them is that she tends to blame other people for things that she has done.

She wants to please others and for this she can make some mistakes. When she upsets you, don’t believe for a moment that she has done it intentionally. But as soon as you will attempt to make her responsible of what she has done, she will immediately blame you or someone else. This girl simply can’t take responsibility for something.

Another downside of hers is the fact that she is gullible and people often use her. It’s easy to do so, as she wants very badly to make others happy. She will even do things that are not in her interest, just to see someone else happy.

If you are her partner, don’t let her help you too much. She will get used to it and will never stop doing it. This woman can forget entirely about herself and invest everything that she has in other people. You should be the one sourcing some boundaries as she doesn’t know how to.

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