Are Pisces Women Jealous And Possessive?

The Pisces jealousy surfaces when her worries and assumptions get the best of her.

Pisces women are free thinkers. They can get jealous, but when someone earns their trust, they will give that person all the space they need in order to be involved and also independent.

By nature, the Pisces woman is a free spirit herself, so trying to keep her like you would keep a bird in a cage won’t work. This lady needs her special time to meditate and have a think about her life problems.

It is not common for Pisces to exaggerate with jealousy. They are generally loving and empathic people and this doesn’t allow them to be envious either.

They never have negative feelings towards someone so if they’d experience something like jealousy, they wouldn’t even think of acting on it.

If something is wrong in her life or her relationship, the Pisces woman will escape into her own world and she will be more sensitive. It may take her a while to make a decision and she can have a temper if annoyed.

It happens often that the Pisces woman worries too much about things that aren’t even there. She makes all these scenarios that have nothing to do with reality.

Such jealous tendencies she has, when coupled with the tendencies of reading into things, can be very dangerous for this lady.

She needs to reconsider this pessimistic side she has and she needs to be more communicative with the partner. It usually takes a while, maybe even a few relationships to realize where she is being wrong.

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She’s an insecure character. She starts imagining the partner being in love with the other person and she sobs and suffers. Her mood can be changed fast, but you’d need to know how to make her feel better.

The woman in Pisces needs a lot of love in order to have a healthy relationship. She admires and trusts the person she loves and if she’s not being paid attention, she begins to spend more time alone, suffering.

Many times, Pisces women have broken up with their partners over jealousy. Communication is essential when in a relationship with this lady.

It isn’t the women in Pisces that exhibit the most jealousy in the world, but they have a nasty way of showing it.

They can incite jealousy in others and they are able to hurt people without even acknowledging that they are doing it.

The Pisces woman usually sees jealousy as something nasty. If the partner cheats, she’d rather blame herself. Because she is forgiving, people may cheat on her more often.

The woman in Pisces is calm, which means she won’t make a scene when jealous. Unlike her male counterpart, she isn’t pushed by her compassion to no longer have this feeling.

She takes it as it is and she acts on it. She will surely get her revenge too, if cheated on.

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