Pisces Best Match: Who You’re Most Compatible With

All your dreams can come true next to a Scorpio, you will live the romance of your life next to a Taurus or you could choose a life-long partnership with the bright Capricorn.

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As you may know, the Pisces are one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, and that also means that they are fully open to make a lot of sacrifices to keep the loved one next to them for a long amount of time, because they feed off of their partner’s happiness.

In order for a relationship to go as it should, Pisces natives ought to find someone who can fully realize their every wish and desire, while also taking care not to draw them towards dangerous escapades. Therefore, Pisces best matches include Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn.

1. Pisces best matches Scorpio

CriteriaPisces – Scorpio Compatibility Status
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤
MarriageVery strong❤ ❤ ❤

The relationship between Pisceans and Scorpios is one based on mutual responsibility, something that has to be taken into account, seeing as though these two are nothing else than pure lovers who would do nothing else than stay in each other’s embrace all the time.

As for professional life, both are incredibly ambitious and perseverant to a fault, and won’t admit defeat until either it’s proven to be impossible, or one of them is unfit to continue on.

It’s nothing but a complete and definite partnership that is bound to reach for the heavens if nothing drastic or critical happens. And, anyway, if something were to arise that puts the couple in immediate danger, one of them, or both for that matter, will instantly react and try to solve the problem at once.

The Scorpios are the possessive and the dominative partners, and the Pisces are the sensitive and playful ones, which means that together they form a very weird and adorable cocktail of personalities.

Pisces will respect the tough character of Scorpio, and will try to show them that sometimes it is good to breathe more carefree and intensely without being always focused on fixed things.

The childish Pisces makes the pragmatic Scorpio smile in order to discover their potential to live life at a maximum. And, given how giddy and cute this native is, how could the poor Scorpio resist those sheepish eyes and crystalline smile?

The Pisces-Scorpio bond seems made in heaven, having the gods and planets looming in above them and offering their blessings. Although they might encounter a few problems and issues, the fact that neither one of them is exaggerated or overly-sentimental fixes things rather rapidly.

Furthermore, they both admire and look up to one another, because, let’s be honest, anyone would admit that the way Scorpios do things is innovative and ingenious, while the Pisceans can be quite acceptant and understanding towards the new and unknown.

It is essential though that they find the way to accept and understand each other with all the differences and unique traits, as well as the singular personalities which make it even more possible for the relationship to last for a lifetime.

2. Pisces and Taurus

CriteriaPisces – Taurus Compatibility Status
Emotional connectionStrong❤❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage

When these natives meet up, it’s bound to end up in flames, the flames of love, not of conflict and perpetual war, of course.

They seem to be made for each other, if not for the fact that they might have to renounce or alter their attitudes towards each other.

For once, the Pisceans ought to learn how to be more dominative and straightforward with their wishes and desires. The Taurus, in turn, must learn to let go of their great ambitions and stubborn behavior once in a while, because it’s not all about conquering a new territory, or ruling over a bunch of weaklings. It’s romance, and they have to behave as such.

The Pisces are really mysterious, and this gives them an aura full of secrets, which is quite annoying for the Taurus who always wants to know everything about their life partner. The lack of confidence, even an unjustified one, will destroy the foundation of their relationship, and it is very hard for these zodiac signs to be rebuilt in the same harmonious way.

In any case, if the Pisces learns how to give on the plate exactly what the Taurus partner needs, they could live happily for a long amount of time, due to their fidelity and the deep feelings they have for each other.

Now, these aquatic individuals are not in for material security or for any other selfish reasons, and this is obvious from the fact that they could easily help others financially and never expect anything in return.

Moreover, since they are incredibly loving and devoted to the relationship as a whole, the last thing they want is to realize that the partner forces things too much and the only option would be to give up. So, the Taurians should never try to exaggerate and always state that they are wrong. Arguments and conflicts are meant to be resolved both ways, not one way.

3. Pisces and Capricorn

CriteriaPisces – Capricorn Compatibility Status
Emotional connectionStrong❤❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤❤
Common valuesAverage

These two have a very interesting time together, because their relation is a partnership base on true confidence, respect and, last but not least, love.

When it comes to dependence, the Pisces and the Capricorn want to share space and time together, but also to keep it for them, and in order to have a long-time relationship, they should start to give the other some private space.

Once they will find the path towards a common vision of life, they will open the many ways to discover their souls and minds, and take advantage of their amazing and beautiful way of being.

Furthermore, both of them are evenly influential and beneficial to the other. Thus, while the Piscean manages to ease their partner’s sometimes bleak and overly-realistic views on life, the Capricorn’s carefree and bright perspective instills the swift fish with a sense of security and belonging.

The fact is, each is endowed with a different set of traits and a unique personality, which goes to create an ever-changing and flourishing relationship that could only be destroyed if one of them perished.

Otherwise, the bond will just keep on getting stronger and stronger with time, assimilating every experience and every small fraction of knowledge that comes their way. And the Piscean’s inborn adaptability serves as the main beacon of light in this endeavor.

Because they are very ambitious in their professional life, they certainly want to have a luxurious lifestyle. This lifestyle will be improved with the financial talent and modern perspective of the Capricorn lover, and the romantic and artistic viewpoint of the Pisces.

The Piscean will show their sensible side to the Capricorn who will protect their partner in return, and this will make their relationship even stronger.

Definitely, they have to work a bit to make things go as they should, but there is a lot of potential for a full-term union, if only they find that way to fully utilize their capacities and talents in a constructive and productive manner.


Do not think that you can use the Pisces native, because even if Pisces loves intensely, they always find the power to move forward, and look for what they deserve.

They have an amazing aptitude to transform any kind of union, even if it is not perfect at a first glance, into a bond full of beautiful and interesting moments.

Because the Pisces does have a tendency to go beyond their limits if given the chance, the partner usually has to stop them before things take a wrong turn. In turn, these aquatic natives will reveal the boundless feelings hidden deep inside, loyalty and utmost affection.

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