Pisces Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Pisces woman is emotional, adaptable and a great reader of moods, so she will avoid conflict and focus on the beautiful parts.

woman with a Pisces symbol

The Pisces woman is one of the most romantic and sensitive natives of the whole zodiac, and therefore she has such a difficult time in finding someone who reciprocates her feelings accordingly.

Pros Cons
She would do anything to please her partner.She can be very pessimistic and blocked in her ways.
She wants to set roots and have a big family.She is too self-conscious for her own good.
She will try to impart her positive outlook.She takes a lot of time before she can trust someone for real.

The Pisces woman gives everything to a relationship, her whole being, and interest, so it’s a great disappointment when the partner doesn’t fully appreciate it. However, she’s so deeply entangled, so profound are her emotions, that she doesn’t notice the toxicity of a relationship until it’s too late.

She wants a realist, a rational partner who will keep her in check and offer her a stable and secure environment to foster her idealistic plans.

She can adapt to your personality

This woman is both elusive and charming so that she often escapes the seducing attempts of many men. Not only this, but you can’t even get to know her completely before she slips away, seemingly unnoticed and with a coy smile on her lips.

Her mentality is a highly imaginative one, always aiming for the sky and the grandest goals, the ones that you crave for deep inside.

Her ideal relationship is one of great attachment and affection, of peak emotions, lived at the edge of possibility.

Let her down and destroy her dreams enough times and she will turn into a frosty witch, or even leave the premises completely. You won’t even know what the problem is until you think it through.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that the Pisces woman can adapt to your personality and take on many forms just for the sake of love, but fail to appreciate this compromise and she won’t just take it like that.

Just accept that she’s a flexible and emotional one, and she makes you feel like a protective man by acting up all needy and in danger.

Her dual personality is obvious when you notice her dating men that are completely opposite from her.

Sometimes, she may long for a sensitive and affectionate guy who’s always there for her and who relishes in their love, who finds a comfortable refuge from the world in the relationship.

Other times, this woman might want someone to protect her, a man who can hold her in his embrace and defend her from the cold world outside. This is actually one of her core traits, that she wants an all-consuming relationship, one where she becomes oblivious to anything other than love, that sense of belonging.

Do you want to know why a lot of men are actually looking for a Pisces partner? Because she is in-synch with her emotions, desires, and expectations so much that she will know how to satisfy you completely.

Her sexual fantasies are on another level, combined with endless love, tenderness, and affection. She may become too clingy or too affectionate to the point where it’s irritating, but she knows when to stop, and even if it’s driving you crazy, she knows how to bring a smile on your lips.

Her partner will have to set some limits and boundaries if he is to resist the endless fantasies oozing from her mind.

The Pisces woman in love wishes to being thrown into disarray, to live dramatic love stories where there are a lot of ups and downs, tragic confessions and arguments, the loss of love, and so on.

She often gets involved with incompatible people just because she noticed a sad story that she wanted to discover, to heal their wounds and nurture them, to feel like a saviour.

She needs a partner who has the same dreams and aspirations

It’s a fantastic and otherworldly phenomenon to witness a Pisces woman falling in love with someone.

She will be full of smiles, skipping down the street joyfully, being in a world of her own, dreaming about the most romantic and happy adventures together.

In these cases, she radiates happiness, fulfilment, a rush of feelings that can never be matched again. Her playful and cheerful attitude is exceedingly adorable and attractive, but take her down with reason and logic, and you’ll feel guilty for the rest of your life.

Regarding sex and love-making, even though she poses as a seductive succubus, free of all inhibitions and with plenty of ideas to put into practice, the truth is she is shy and afraid to be judged.

She needs a partner who has the same dreams and aspirations, the same open-minded and adventurous mindset. Her idea of devotion is unique, in that she will keep on trying to make a relationship working as long as she feels that it’s the right thing to do.

If she feels that it’s worth it, then it’s worth it. Even long-distance relationships are on her list when she doesn’t know exactly what to do.

When she loses her feelings or comes to the conclusion that it’s not working out, you can’t really do anything because nothing will make her change her mind.

She knows there are other people out there who will make her feel even better. So, instead of pushing your luck and trying to convince her to try again, let her go.

It was the most splendid feelings, being loved with so much passion and affection, but if it’s over, it’s likely never going to be back again.

She’s dreamy, enthusiastic about the little things, and she can’t forget the past easily. Even when in a relationship, you’ll often her daydreaming about her exes or past relationships, but ignore it, it’ll pass.

You should know how to approach such a woman, though, because it takes a special kind of approach to conquering her. Be as romantic and gallant as possible, offering her flowers, holding her hand and complimenting her in the most romantic of ways.

Don’t just listen to her talking, tell her about your past events and memories as well. You will see her gasping for breath, acting up all surprised and being immersed in the story. Also, try to be understanding and loving when she makes a blunder. She’s cute as hell anyway.

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