Pisces Relationship Traits and Love Tips

A relationship with a Pisces is an emotional journey where idealism is the rule and decisions are avoided to the very last minute.

couple and a Pisces sign

The Pisces lovers want to feel fulfilled both on a physical and spiritual level alongside their partners. No one in the entire zodiac is more loving and affectionate than them.

Passionate and intense, they are looking for a long-standing relationship to put all their love toward. One-night stands and flimsy connections are better left untouched.

Pros Cons
They are devoted and loyal partners.They are a little bit dramatic.
They easily read out emotions.They can be too dreamy and unreliable.
They are open-minded and acceptant of individual differences.They make decisions in the heat of the moment.

They can also be very devoted and loyal to their partner, never even thinking about betraying or committing any sins against them.

Guided by intuition

The Pisceans are usually very good at choosing their partners because of their strong intuition and gut instincts. They can just feel if someone is right for them if they are sufficiently sensitive and emotional.

You just can’t hide from them and you don’t even have to because they will literally take care of all your needs and desires, while enjoying all of it, of course.

Their partners must take note of the devotion and loyalty that the Pisceans show each and every time. It would be even better to foster their strong points and avoid making their weaknesses come to the surface.

The Pisces lovers then have a rather uncanny ability to see through other people, and this isn’t about figuring out how people think or act. It’s rather something supernatural, a sixth sense, a sort of awareness that goes beyond the natural veil.

They can easily read emotions, determine the causes and probable consequences of actions, just like seeing the future. If you want to attract and keep these natives close by, you have to be emotional, sensitive, understanding, and be very tender to their emotions.

Very fragile and idealistic, Pisces individuals aren’t really sure what they’re looking for in a relationship, and they don’t know how to appreciate it once they find it.

It becomes really surprising and shocking when their friends see them staying in a toxic relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate them, someone who keeps on arguing over the simplest of matters.

In fact, they love living in conflict or experiencing these dramatical situations because it fuels your passions and victimization complex. They are prone to making bad decisions in the heat of the moment, which they’ll later regret, choosing partners for bad reasons and never appreciating those who treat them good.

Their natural planet, Neptune, makes them very easy-going and air-headed, in a difficult relationship with realism and pragmatism.

A special type of bond

Pisces people are less likely to engage in a realistic and pragmatic conversation, of the type where you organize plans and ideas for the future, taking into consideration all the pathways and possible consequences.

They are more interested in talking about ideas, about traveling, about their wishes and desires, about how they see life and how they live it.

Moreover, when they find it hard to come to an agreement with the other person or when a contradictory discussion turns up, they will retreat into their cocoon, stay there for a breather, but also avoiding the challenge.

Or they could just as well ignore their own opinion and just agree with the other person.

Pisces natives will want to express themselves fully and honestly, to let their emotions speak, to show the level of affection and love that they have. And they will expect the same from their partners, the same amount of implication and emotional open-mindedness.

This is a type of bond that requires great emotional control and self-trust. Moreover, they will prefer a partner who takes the decisions, who is more dominant and even aggressive, to take control of the relationship.

Differences are nothing else but the bonding factors, those that create an untouchable connection between partners.

These natives want to be listened to, like really listened to when they speak, and not just to have their problems solved. As their partner, you should take the time to be there when they have a problem, to abandon the tendency to criticize or disagree.

The Pisceans are also very emotionally vulnerable most of the times, thinking that any sort of disagreement is a personal insult, and it hurts them deeply. The reality is they should learn to become more understanding and open-minded toward different points of view.

The relationship with the Pisces man

The Pisces man is an attention-seeker, a glorified individual who wants to be in the spotlight, to be admired and praised.

He doesn’t like to take orders from anyone, as he values his freedom and independence greatly. Flexibility and adaptability are two of the main traits of this guy, in that he could change his tune from one day to the other.

As for how he deals with relationships and partners, every woman will be glad to find out that he’s the most sensitive guy out there. He is so affectionate and sensitive that, in fact, he will leave anyone who can’t match him in this regard.

He will first want to watch for her attitude. If she’s kind, generous and compassionate, he’ll behave the same way.

The Pisces man in a relationship: Understand and keep him in love

The relationship with the Pisces woman

The Pisces woman is one of a kind, very observant and visionary, someone who can immediately pick up on the cues of her partner’s love.

She sees right through desperate attempts at complimenting or lies, so you’d better think twice before attempting that. She’s also very charming and enchanting, so thinking that you’ll have the self-mastery to control yourself is just a dream.

You’ll be knee-deep in love and admiration for her. Remember that she’s very generous with all her friends and family, but at the same time, she’s also watching for herself, satisfying her own desires. Finally, due to her dual nature, she can take on any role with just a flick of her fingers.

She’s going to put you through a hellish routine to take care of you. Eating habits? Working out? Sleep patterns? All of them will be under her control, even though it’s your life.

And you can’t just get upset because that’s her way of showing affection and love, something that not many women are capable of at this level.

In return, she wants to be understood, to not be taken for granted, and to be appreciated for her efforts. If you become needy and clingy, she will appreciate it even more.

The Pisces woman in a relationship: What to expect?

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