Does the Pisces Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Pisces partner is cheating if she’s been under a lot of temptation and she’s also showing that she is unhappy with your relationship.

Pisces woman cheating

One of the few problems the Pisces women often encounter is that they just can’t get out of their head. Constantly living in a made-up world of a romantically happy ever after.

Engaging in a relationship for them only happens if they have the guarantee that it’ll be one filled with passion and romance. Not offering them what they need is basically a free ticket to the cheating show.

Five signs a Pisces woman is cheating on you:

  1. She’s not using affectionate words anymore.
  2. She’s spending a lot of her time in a new entourage.
  3. She always seems to be on edge.
  4. She comes up with all sort of elaborate excuses.
  5. She is losing her patience with you easily.

Is the Pisces woman faithful?

The Pisces exudes an otherworldly presence. These women are deeply intertwined with the emotional side of people and are easily influenced from this point of view. They feel a strong connection with the people they meet and will often feel for them and with them.

This sign’s ruling planet is Neptune. This is a planet often assigned with handling the visionary side of people. Originality and imagination are the gifts this celestial body offers.

While it will make the Pisces look forward with the eyes of a dreamer, it will also have negative side effects. This can make your Pisces woman put her trust into false hope, turning to isolation and becoming in the process quite emotionally miserable.

Living this sort of life will make the Pisces indulge herself into her own make-believe world a tad bit too often.

This will in turn cause her to ignore the consequences of cheating, thinking of it to simply be a celestial event placed in front of her, for her to profit from.

Making the mistake of trusting this instinct of hers will only make her drown in a pool of self-made delusions that will only serve to hurt both her and her partner in the end.

Curious in nature, a Pisces woman will often stay in a relationship simply to find out if it will end up the way she thought or hoped it would. She’ll often invest her time in relationships that are only physical simply because she has faith they might turn into so much more.

The silly idea that these sorts of relationships will become the stuff that fairytales are made of, is unrealistic and will hurt the Pisces long-term.

She simply can’t help it. She’s too scared of how the real world will feel once she steps into it. Scared that her ideals will get crushed.

She’ll often be on the lookout for possibilities that will offer her the romance she yearns for. This might mean she’ll have a few side flings. You can’t really do much about making her stay loyal other than letting her do her thing and keep high hopes that thing will turn out for the best.

She might feel like pushing you away if you threaten her emotional safety, so be careful about breaking her bubble. It might not be a wise choice.

How to know if a Pisces woman is cheating on you

Cheating for a Pisces can come easily. However, they love their comfort zone and will dodge the chances she’ll get for cheating on you unless somebody on the outside starts pulling the strings.

It’s hard for the Pisces. Her character lacks a strong will and will be easily influenced by whispers from others.

You’ll often find that the Pisces just won’t shut up about her feelings for you. The grand declarations of love will be a daily given. It’s when the affectionate words stop flowing that you should start worrying.

A Pisces tends to share everything she has on her mind and will most probably inform you of any shortcomings or issues in the relationship.

Not working on them after they’ve been brought to your attention is a sure method to push her away. Most probably into somebody else’s more lovingly competent arms.

The Pisces shows deeply rooter emotional traits. Generally speaking, this woman is often loyal. It’s just in the way that they love, passionately and sincerely. This automatically sends away any and all thoughts of infidelity.

After all, who would want to throw away all the fruits their love has labored for some one-night stand? That’s right! The Pisces wouldn’t! While she might be tempted by others to do so, she won’t.

Many will place unintentionally place the seed of insecurity in the heart of the Pisces. Saying that love that strong and hope that pure won’t bring anything good, only heartache and the dismay of happiness.

The Pisces won’t be having any of that, no. She’ll keep positive and dream as she does. Ignoring the poor advice she’s being given.

These are women that simply want love to take them for a stroll and never return them to reality. Reassuring her of your love and keeping the affection alive is a sure method to make your Pisces girl love you even more.

Now, sometimes, something unfortunate might happen to you as the partner of a Pisces. This happy-go-lucky fish loves swimming around the see freely.

She’s madly in love with you now, sure. But that’s something that can change. As any person in their right mind, this woman will not simply be content with love and love only.

She’ll want growth as well. Finding someone that offers both emotional security, love and opportunities for developing one’s self might be the deciding factor for her to leave you in the dust. It sucks, yes. But it is what it is.

Her character is beautiful in its innocence and empathy but this also makes her easily influenceable and emotionally unstable. If your girlfriend is a Pisces, you might want to advise her on seeing a therapist because therapy does wonders for this sign.

A Pisces that has decided to cheat on you can suddenly become a mastermind. It will, more often than not, be impossible for you as her partner to sniff out anything on her proving that she might be unfaithful to you.

Cheating is a pretty nice secret that the Pisces would like to keep. And keep it she will, for as long as she wants.

This ability simply comes with her intellect and overall mental brilliance. If you’ve found out your Pisces was cheating, it’s surely because she got tired of hiding it and let you find out intentionally.

Cheating for her comes mostly due to the fact that she’s scared of not fitting in. She yearns for belonging somewhere and that’s why she’ll constantly look for that special place or special someone that will make her feel at home.

Her journey in finding such a thing will be difficult and if her partner ends up messing her plans or giving her an unfortunate view on their relationship, then she’ll surely end things and move on.

The Pisces woman’s reaction to being cheated on

From everything you’ve heard about the Pisces, you might think it’ll be more than easy tricking her into trusting and believing all of the reasons you can give her. You think she’s easy to influence and can feed her any lies you want, right? Wrong!

If your reasoning will be anything short from perfect, if you’ll lack strong arguments for your betrayal, then this woman will chew you out until there’s nothing left of you but bits and pieces.

Your lady Pisces, when enraged, will part the seas and you won’t believe the things that can come out of her mouth. Or will you?

Her insults will speak such truth, they might actually leave you with PTSD for pretty much the rest of your life. So, exert caution with this woman. Cheating on her is simply a NO in capital letters. Her revenge on you will in no way be swift and painless.

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