The Cancer Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Cancer woman as revealed by sexual astrology

Sensual and romantic, the Cancer female has sex slowly but steadily. She and her partner need to be emotionally connected for her to feel good.

She likes to let the man lead and she is flexible enough for any position. This lady is deep. She has a unique way of responding to the partner’s movements. She’s into fantasies and seduction games.

She doesn’t mind learning new things and lovemaking is something she enjoys. Having sex with a Cancer woman is a romantic journey full of pleasures.

When she touches you, she brings chills down your spine. She is known for having her mood swings, but in the meantime, she’s naturally calm.

Strong and caring, she always safeguards her feelings putting up a wall for others to not be able to see her true self.

Governed by the Moon, the woman is Cancer has many similarities with this natural satellite of the Earth.

This means she’s all nice and protective, but with a dark twist. If you go out with her on a full moon, you can notice how the light from the sky hits her skin and makes it glow.

Her changing sexuality

The sexual power of a Cancer lady runs deep. There’s nothing the woman in Cancer loves more than her home. She likes foods that remind her of her childhood, so take her to places where she can remember her youngest years.

She adores being comfortable and she’ll open herself to you if taken someplace where she’s feeling good. Comfort is essential for her lovemaking too.

The partner needs to make her feel secure before he gets to see her naughty side. She likes oral sex, both to do it and have it done.

She doesn’t mind the submissive role, but don’t mistake that with her being weak because she isn’t.

You need to respect her if you want her to be good to you. Her natural sense of humor will impress you from the first date. Her partner needs to be a complete man, someone who can offer her stability and loyalty.

She will protect and care for her family like no other woman. Men will want her in their bed badly.

She will change with the phases of the Moon, one day having passionate sex and the other not having it at all.

You need to know how to support her emotionally if you want to be with her for a long time. She likes people who are deep and emotional, like her. The innocence the Cancer woman makes her be wanted by many men.

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Don’t think you are next to someone vulnerable because it isn’t like that at all. One of the most emotional and caring signs in the zodiac, the Cancer woman reveals these traits in her lovemaking too.

She likes to spoil the partner and she often treats him like she is his mother. She will only sleep with someone whom she is very attracted to.

If you are wooing her and she doesn’t like the way you look, she will never fall into your arms. She herself knows how to seduce people. If she likes someone, there are high chances that special someone will end up in her bed.

The sexual act itself is sensitive and intense with this woman. She will make you spoil her with her natural innocence.

Don’t tease her in bed because she wouldn’t like it at all. She takes lovemaking seriously and she likes it when things are deep and meaningful.

Ensure she feels comfortable

Oral sex and long foreplays will be something she really enjoys. For her, prelude is just another way to express feelings and make an art out of lovemaking. Don’t hesitate to compliment her while kissing her neck.

Some chocolate will make her happy and wake her senses. She is a giver in bed, and she likes it when the partner spoils her a bit.

The Cancer woman has her own pleasures, but she won’t speak about them till she completely trusts the partner. Small gestures of love, such as bringing her breakfast to bed or sending her flowers to work, will please her and she will give back in the sack.

Once she commits, she will forever stay true and loyal. Sensual, deep and innocent, the Cancer woman has also a wild side that she’ll reveal only in bed. But you’ll need to convince and woo her in order to get her there.

Intuitive, she will guess what you want and she will perform. These ladies need partners that are same as them, and who know how to make them feel comfortable and safe.

In bed, they are the most compatible with Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus, Pisces, and Aquarius. Their most erogenous zone is the chest area and the breasts.

You will never see a Cancer woman having a one-night stand. She gets too involved when she has sex with someone.

She needs to be both sexually and mentally satisfied in order to be happy with her choices. She doesn’t like people who are violent and insisting, and she only expects love and care from the person she’s in love with.

She’s traditional, so don’t suggest her any strange sexual techniques. She’s more a woman of feelings and sexual fantasies. The only thing she would probably accept is having another woman in the bed. But nothing more peculiar than that.

But be careful how you suggest bringing another woman into your bedroom as she can be very possessive. She is always available and ready for sex, so you won’t have to beg her for another passionate night.

She is very influenced by her relatives and her mother’s opinions, so win these people’s hearts first and you’ll be sure to be with your Cancer woman for a very long time.

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Written by Denise

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