Cancer Relationship Traits and Love Tips

A relationship with a Cancer is an emotional rollercoaster than can teach you a lot about the depths of the human soul and about your own personality.

couple and a Cancer

The Cancer natives are very emotional and sensitive when they fall in love. No one can beat them at the romance games because they are the very peak of what love means.

Caring, generous, kind, affectionate and protective through and through, they don’t hesitate for a second in helping their loved ones.

Pros Cons
They try very hard to make everything perfect.They can be indecisive and easily disillusioned.
They are nurturing and affectionate.They can be hard to understand.
They will support you in all your endeavours.Their emotions can get the better of them.

The ideal partner would have the empathy and spiritual awareness to understand them perfectly, their motivations and deep feelings. Devotion and loyalty are the only natural courses of action for Cancer individuals when they’ve found that special person.

A unique perspective on love

The Cancers will be really difficult to understand or approach in the beginning because of their protective shell. They tend to hide in there at the first sight of danger.

This may be a sign of annoyance for some, but for others, it’s an incentive to try even harder. For those who put their pride aside and take a step forward, a pleasant surprise will await, with the Cancerians opening up.

They will reveal their deep emotions eventually, and you will be taken by surprise most likely. This is a family individual, so they might start talking about establishing one from the very beginning, just so you know.

You should know by now that the Cancer natives have a very unique perspective on love, putting it on a pedestal, an absolute standard that they want to reach.

It’s a bonding of the spirits, the only true thing in this world, and they are prepared to sacrifice anything for a relationship and their partner.

Of course, they expect the other person to do the same or to at least show initiative in this sense.

It’s no use saying that the level of commitment they are capable of is simply astounding. Just be there when they need it and you’ll be taken care of royally.

You might see the Cancer lovers as very happy and jolly on the surface, but they hide a very different truth deep within.

Their emotions are swirling about in a vortex most of the time, in an intense and almost uncontrollable way.

They feel everything at a much greater level than the rest of us. So, when they have a reason to believe their partner is unfair, cheating or deceiving them, the despair they feel is simply unexplainable.

They fight with all possible strength and conviction for their loved one when a break-up seems imminent. They find it hard to detach themselves from the past, however.

Affectionate partners for life

The Cancers’ deep emotions and potential for raw love are endless and passionate, too passionate in fact.

They are afraid that they might be too emotional and sentimental, that their partner would get annoyed and find them clingy.

The Cancer individuals don’t want to be disappointed or to lose their loved ones, but at the same time, they feel the need to give everything in a relationship.

They want to take care of and tenderly show affection, compassion, and love. The truth is, no matter how they may want to change, their partner will also have to understand and accept them for who they are. Living with a constant fear of being shunned is not good at all.

It would be of great help if they knew from the beginning what their partner has in mind, what the expectations and demands are.

Clear and honest communication is the key here, and this is what they want, nothing else. A lot of relationships these days are built on instincts, intuition, they aren’t clear enough, and this is why most end up a failure.

Usually, the Cancer natives expect their partner to bring the same emotional intensity into the play, and when that happens they become disappointed.

It would be the perfect time to have that discussion about what their demands are, and what they expect from the relationship, so as to avoid any further misunderstandings and problems.

The relationship with the Cancer man

This man is genuinely the only individual on planet Earth who seems to have discovered how women think.

He knows how to approach them, how to make them feel loved, when to say no and when to agree, how to behave in any situation.

He’s going to do things that will reveal his great care and kindness, making you feel perfect in your own skin, wanted and sensual.

He will give you all his attention and be there for you whenever you need it, but because rejection scares him, it will be your job to make that first step. He’ll take it from there, raising the bar higher and higher until you touch the skies.

Once you fall into his arms, the Cancer man will want to make sure that you stay there forever and that no one else touches you. This is also the time when jealousy and possessiveness set in.

Worrying that he might lose you through some stroke of bad luck, he wants to always be with you, demanding loyalty and devotion. Don’t ever make jokes about his feelings or take it all for granted.

He may not seem that romantic and sensitive on the surface, but deep down, he’s swirling in an ocean of emotions. Just give him your love and that dragon-slaying cavalier will raise his sword in your defence forever.

The Cancer man in a relationship: Understand and keep him in love

The relationship with the Cancer woman

The Cancer woman may be very sensitive and sensual, but you have to get there with her in order to truly experience bliss.

Patience and attention are essential if you want her to trust you enough. Don’t think that you’re going to get in her panties from the first date because you’re going to receive a face-slap.

Mysteries cover her entire personality, and you’ll have to take your time in studying her. Trying to deceive this woman is basically a death sentence given her strong intuition and instincts.

If you’re the type who has a lot of tricks up his sleeve in conquering women, then the Cancer native is just perfect for target practice.

She’ll be waiting for you to make the move while her sensuality will drive everyone crazy. Just prove your worth, that you can protect and offer her a stable future.

That’s all she needs in order to give her consent on building the long-standing relationship that both of you want.

All of life’s challenges will be nothing but dust in front of her relentless support. Loyalty and devotion are her best traits when it comes to putting her life on the line for the partner.

The Cancer woman in a relationship: What to expect?

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