Cancer Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits

Intuitive and persistent, Cancer people may be easy to flatter and impress but they are very determined in their ways and this surfaces at the right times.

Cancer Symbol

Cancers are the most nurturing, caring and dedicated people in the zodiac. Born between June 21st and July 22nd, these individuals can be very easy to live with because they give themselves completely to their family and friends and don’t mind putting others’ needs before their own.

What characterizes them the most is their need to serve and to be the ones others always turn to. The fact that they sometimes complain and don’t want to talk is not that fun about them, so they may need to work a little bit more on these things.

Cancer qualities in a nutshell:

  • Positive traits: Tenacity, dependability and persuasion;
  • Negative traits: Indecision, moodiness and suspiciousness;
  • Symbolism: The Crab is the symbol of the emotional retreat and nurturing nature of these natives.
  • Motto: I feel.

Very family-oriented and wanting to have a home of their own more than anything else, Cancer natives, will always support others to be in touch with their emotions because they’re emotional themselves.

An imaginative personality

Relying a lot on intuition and feelings, Cancers can be very difficult to know or to be around. Their sensitive soul makes them delicate and strongly attached to anything relating to family and home.

They’re emphatic and get close to people as fast as others talk. It’s easy for people having the sign of Cancer to guess what others are feeling and thinking.

Belonging to the Water element, like the sign of Pisces and Scorpio, they only allow emotions to rule them and don’t use too much of their logic. Therefore, they may have a hard time dealing with different people and their own surroundings.

Because the Moon is their ruling body, they have moods according to the lunar phases, which gives them an air of mystery and also doesn’t allow them to be in control of their emotional world.

When children, they usually don’t know what to do in order to protect themselves from those who are aggressive, so it’s necessary someone takes care of them. They want to be understood because this is what they’re offering others anyway.

Loving their privacy and preferring to spend their time at home, Cancers are also very sociable when the situation requires them to. They have their way of putting on a cold exterior, so they seem distant, and only those who know them very well are aware they’re in fact someone else.

Inside, people in Cancer are giving and fragile. Their imagination can sometimes run wild, which is a bad thing because they can think some people have hurt them even when the discussion wasn’t in any way about them anyway.

When it comes to romance, they have high ideals, so their partner may not all the time live up to their expectations.

In love with the theatre and everything relating to art, they’d make great critics and even artists themselves. While giving the impression they’re very grounded in reality, many of them are in fact interested in the occult or the paranormal world.

Some of them are good psychics who make a living out of their talent. Sometimes exaggeratedly generous, they can give everything they have just to make others happy.

Not that they don’t pay attention to their money, they simply prefer to give it away if someone really needs help.

When stressed, Cancers need to spend more time alone because talking about their issues can’t all the time help them. That’s why their loved ones should give them all the space they need in order to fix their problems and to return to their older selves.

As family members, they’ll impress with their cooking and with the way they can make their home the most comfortable place on earth.

Careful with their money, people in Cancer always put something aside for the rainy days. Because they’re moody and sometimes just lay around feeling sorry for themselves, it’s possible they don’t tidy up at their place.

When it comes to their profession, they’re great writers, chefs and even nurses. If they’d be politicians, changing their views and parties wouldn’t be in any way a problem for them.

Other jobs such as real estate agents and gardeners are also ideal for them because they appreciate value and are really caring.

It’s easy to flatter and impress them, but they also have a soft spot when it comes to getting hurt. Determined to succeed, these natives are also more likely to follow the majority, no matter if the opinions of masses are to their liking or not. The more they clicked with a cause, the more they’ll fight for it.

Belonging to the Water element, they have a love for the ocean and any other type of water for that matter. When swimming, they’re getting back their energy, so they may need to live near a river or the sea if there is for them to feel happy and to keep their emotions in check.

Sometimes impatient and always too moody, they can later in life become the type that keeps feeling sorry for him or herself and who’s trying to manipulate others. It’s in their nature to be of help and to avoid any type of conflict, so you’ll rarely see them arguing.

In fact, they need to be protected, so their partner will most likely be someone strong and very inferential. You can be sure they’re happy if they only have a peaceful home and a numerous family.

Cancer positive qualities

Cancers rely so much on their intuition that they’re considered psychics. It’s very hard to lie to them because they immediately identify dishonesty and a deceitful character.

Possessing an amazing memory and being able to notice hidden intentions, they can immediately determine if someone is trying to cheat or has a different agenda than the one he or she is advocating.

The most amazing thing about Cancers is that they’re compassionate and truly able to take care of others.

The most emphatic people in the zodiac, they sometimes have problems setting boundaries between themselves and their loved ones.

It’s very easy for them to feel the pain and suffering of other people. If they won’t be afraid of getting hurt and accept the fact that some of their emotions aren’t actually their own, they’ll be able to easily adapt and to become the caring personalities they’re trying to be.

Reliable and usually honest, these natives are really appreciated by all of their friends and family members.

Cancer negative traits

Moody, twisted and not in any way predictable, Cancers can have too many emotions and are very sensitive when someone is saying something nasty.

Those who think of them as clingy are more than right because they really are like this. Also very possessive, they can make their loved ones feel uncomfortable with their jealousy.

Not to mention when they’re feeling hurt or in any way unappreciated, they simply retreat under their productive shell and no longer want to talk.

Almost all the time holding onto the past, they’re terrified about the future and not in any way stable in the present.

The Moon is influencing them to be a roller-coaster of emotions, so it’s not very easy to follow them or to be aware of their inner world.

It seems like their feelings are always all over the place and they can’t be too efficient when it comes to their everyday life.

Cancer man qualities

The Cancer man is timid and often an enigma for others because he’s ruled by the Moon.

When first meeting someone, he’s reserved, so people may need to get together with him many times in order to know him well.

As soon as a person starts to become aggressive, he immediately hides under his protective shell and becomes very introverted.

It’s essential to work with him at his own pace and to wait for his feelings to get revealed because using force can never work with this man.

Knowing him for whom he truly is after the first few meetings can never work because he changes the way he’s one moment after the other and can never be constant.

Of course, the Moon’s influence is responsible for all of this. He doesn’t have two personalities like the Gemini man, he’s just changeable and at the same time capable to feel what others don’t even imagine they ever could.

He’s one of the most sensitive men in the zodiac. Just like the crab that represents him, he has pincers and he uses them for self-defence.

In case he seems nasty, cold and a little bit sarcastic, you can be sure he’s only trying to hide what he’s feeling inside or is probably scared because his nature is to be nice, loving and kind.

No matter what, he will always be mannered and treat others like a gentleman as he believes in traditions and wants to respect people surrounding him.

A family man, this Cancer wants a great lady with whom he can have many children. He’s very serious when it comes to matters of home and family, so you can be sure he’ll never cheat on his wife or give more attention to his job than to his personal life.

The Cancer Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Cancer woman qualities

Ruled by the Moon, the Cancer woman has moods according to the lunar phases. She seems to be just like water, her element, and has an exterior calm that hides a great passion.

Her emotions are many and complex, so she can be headstrong and tolerant, angry and sweet, all in just one hour. This lady is one of the most difficult ones in the zodiac because she can’t be pinned down to a stereotype and always changes her ways.

When it comes to her dreams, she’s determined to make them come true, even if she seems reserved and withdrawn, especially when someone is attacking her.

People need to be very careful with her feelings and hopes because she’s very sensitive. She’s perfect as a mother because she’s caring and very empathic.

In case someone criticize her, this lady takes things personally and never forgets. Being the first sign belonging to Walter in the zodiac and ruled by the Moon, the Cancer female relies a lot on her intuition and doesn’t mind putting her imagination to use.

When she says someone can’t be trusted, you can be sure she’s right, even if there aren’t any strong reasons for her to believe so.

She doesn’t judge or analyse things logically, but she surely has good instincts and can feel when someone is lying. Very attentive to what others may be feeling, she’s emotional and has amazing psychic abilities.

The Cancer Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

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