Love Advice Every Cancer Woman Must Be Aware Of

As the kind Cancer woman that you are, put your best forward and don’t be so afraid of showing your vulnerabilities too.

Cancer woman love advice

In case you are a Cancer zodiac sign lady, you should put all your efforts in finding your soulmate. This person needs to share your passions and to be as fond of loyalty and family as you are.

When analyzing his qualities, don’t look only on the surface. Expect many amazing things to happen between you and the other person, no matter what sign he may be in or what his upbringing is.

The best love advice for the Cancer woman:

  • You are craving safety and comfort and you should be open about your needs at the start of any relationship;
  • Your fear of being cheated on can impede you from finding your soulmate.
  • You are very subtle in your initial displays of love so perhaps you need to be more obvious, without making a big fuss though;
  • Avoiding fights and discussions in contradiction too often, no matter that inkling you have to get in such situations;
  • Your attitude when you don’t get what you want is rather hostile and can be perceived even more negatively, especially by a lover who is just getting to know you.

Love should be simple and pure

The man who’s with you needs to pay a lot of attention to your emotions and to understand that you often let your intuition guide you. You’re the type of person who knows when the phone is going to ring, also why someone close to you is very worried and upset.

The vibes you’re getting can be both the positive and negative ones. When you’re uncomfortable about something, no one can make you feel different anymore. You like making a home out of any new place because you need to feel safe and comfortable in your environment.

You’re the most sensitive woman in the zodiac. This is because you belong to the Water element, which means you let your heart guide you and pay a lot of attention to feelings. Besides, you’re being ruled by the Moon, which means

changes are happening for you every couple or more days.

All this explains why you’re so moody and very sensitive. You change according to how the Moon shifts, which means your emotions are always changing, not to mention your attitudes too.

As a woman born in Cancer, you’re complex and very interesting. You can be playful, passionate and express your femininity in a very open manner.

However, you can also be very shy, but this only makes you sweeter and highlights your nurturing side. The most important thing for you in a relationship is that you trust your other half.

Since the other Water signs, Pisces and Scorpio also appreciate trust, you would gladly give your heart to them. You will be subtle in showing them how much you care, leaving some clues on how to make the first move on conquering your heart.

As soon as your love has been won, you become truly romantic and the most devoted person in the world. What you like the most is sending love letters and pleasing your partner.

As said before, any Cancer woman puts trust first. This means you need to be with someone that you completely have faith in. However, this fear of being cheated on can impede you from finding your soulmate.

At least when the right person comes into your life, you become extremely tender and can be very happy. You start to openly express your feelings and help the relationship become more intense. You tend to be very loving and faithful.

Since it takes a while for you to trust someone, you can be very reserved at the beginning of a relationship. However, when you start believing in your partner, you turn into the most affectionate and open woman.

You want your other half to be faithful and to offer you security. What’s most important for you is that you feel safe with someone, also protected and appreciated.

Your fear of ending up hurt can make you unforgiving and ruthless from time to time. As said earlier, you have a lot of affection and love to give.

When it comes to showing a man that you like him, you’re subtle and want to be noticed without having to make a fuss. If interested in a man, you like taking care of him.

Being a Cancer, you’re ready to make great sacrifices for the people you love, not to mention that you’re very sincere when expressing your feelings.

The Cancer woman doesn’t like to be criticized and told what to do. In case you are her, then you must know that you need to be praised and appreciated for your work.

More than this, you seem to always know when someone is sincerely complimenting you. What you need the most is for your man to show you his sensitive side.

This means you need to discuss what keeps troubling you, also to open up to your other half and to not hide your emotions.

You’re the happiest when feeling secure in your own home, this being the reason why you’re always organizing dinner parties and invite your friends over to your place.

You also like visiting places that remind you of some good times you had, so you should be taken to the town where you grew up, or to the spa where you had the best time with your partner. Every place is special to you because it tells a story and is in your memory.

You care a lot about the people in your life, but it can be difficult for someone to become an important person for you because you tend to be very cautious when it comes to relationships. You will always protect your feelings with armor that no one can take down.

What do you want in love?

The Cancer woman gives a lot of importance to security. It’s not necessarily that she needs to have enough money for the future, she just has to see that her relationships are stable and the people in her life will never leave her.

As a Cancer woman, you have probably noticed that it’s very likely for you to fall in love with your best friend, the person you trust the most and who makes you laugh.

As soon as a person has entered your heart, you’re going to be next to him or her for a lifetime. You want to feel comfortable and to know that your lover is not going to dump you.

Avoiding fights and discussions in contradiction too often, you can cause problems to appear in your relationship because you’re bottling up feelings inside.

Besides, you’re too sensitive to ever express yourself openly, which can often be interpreted as a hostile attitude. However, when someone is cornering you, you likely turn into a volcano that can no longer be stopped from erupting.

As a Cancer woman, what do you actually need in love?

The ideal partner for the Cancer woman is strong, caring and trustworthy, also ready to be involved with her for the long-term. This lady needs to feel close to someone, but this doesn’t mean she also doesn’t have to be left alone to get her energy back.

She has the tendency to be independent, but at the end of the day, she needs someone at home and to be cared for. This is because she likes to share her feelings and ideas with a partner.

You, as a woman born in Cancer, are the most compatible with Earth and Water signs. With the Scorpio, for example, you share a very strong connection that’s built on trust and very strong emotions.

Being very sensitive and having strong feelings, you’re one of the most loving ladies in the zodiac. At the same time, you have a strong will and a lot of passion in your heart.

While friendly, you also have moments when you just want to retreat under your armor and to no longer deal with anyone. As said earlier, you don’t like being criticized and when betrayed, you tend to hold a grudge.

The feelings of a Cancer woman can be contradictory because she’s very complex. This lady doesn’t only need an understanding and relaxed partner, she needs to be more like this herself. This is because she tends to worry too much, also to put others’ good before her own.

If you are a Cancer woman, you probably already know that no one should tell you what to do because when your opinion is not being respected, you bottle up feelings inside and close yourself.

It would be a good idea to try and express yourself more often so that you don’t explode into anger or become depressed later. If your partner offers you security and is making you happy, your love life can evolve into something very beautiful.

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