The Cancer Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

She is the untrusting partner who blossoms with the most devoted and caring lover.

Because it is ruled by the Moon, on top of the fact that her sign is a water sign, this lady will be moody according to the lunar phases. Just like water, this lady can be calm and peaceful, or passionate and agitated.

You will be amazed at how she can change from fury to docility in only half an hour. She doesn’t have precision so it is very difficult to identify how she feels. Stubborn and intuitive, the Cancer woman will retreat when threatened or aggravated.

The level of sensitivity in the Cancer woman is amazing. She’s a true empath, thing that makes her appreciated among friends. She is caring and she takes critique very personal, so be careful what you are saying to her.

As the first sign of the zodiac that belongs to the Water element, the woman in Cancer will benefit from a rich creativity. She is always right when judging people and she knows what these are feeling.

I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.

Frida Kahlo- A famous Cancer

With a passion that can’t be equalled, the woman in Cancer is capricious and emotionally strong. She has an unexplained vulnerability that makes her attractive and ladylike.

Here are a few of the most famous Cancer women: Lady Diana, Frida Kahlo, Selma Blair, Amanda Knox and Meryl Streep.

She is incredibly calculated in love

Cancers are known to be great lovers who would give the world for their partner to be happy.

Her intuition makes her a good giver. She is adept at making those around enjoy themselves in a safe and comfortable environment.

Caring, refined and tolerant, the woman in Cancer has a good heart but she is not weak. She will understand how to emotionally support others and she will be a good friend.

Many would say the Cancer woman is the perfect partner. And they would be right, as most of us looking for someone who’s caring and nurturing. If you are not concerned to care for the Cancer woman as much as she cares for you, you may end up realizing she became distant and neglectful.

She is good next to a partner that is strong and calculated. Because she is so moody and doubtful, this woman may end up working in her detriment.

Love for the Cancer woman is translated in romantic gestures. Woo her traditionally and you are sure to win her heart. She won’t rush love, but as soon as she’s involved, she will be loyal and vigilant. You must have tact when around her as she can get hurt easily.

The Cancer woman will find it difficult to leave her trust with another person. As for her heart, she will be apprehensive and timid. She believes in true love and she will overcome any obstacle to get it.

You will find the Cancer lady to be an extraordinary partner. If you are the one for her, she will show you love like you’ve never seen it before.

One to retreat from threat

It is a trait of the Crab to identify who the right partner is. The woman in this sign will want someone to cuddle with.

She likes providing a home for the person that she loves and she is a 100% giver. Being cared for is one of her pleasures as she does this all the time for others.

A relationship with a Cancer will be calm and safe. There are only her moods to influence the way things work, and nothing more.

If you are her partner, be devoted and faithful as these are the things she appreciates the most. Click To Tweet

She is emotional and will cry at a good drama. Home and family are the main two priorities in the life of the woman in Cancer. She is talented at making a home out of any place and she doesn’t like moving from place to place.

She retreats in her home each time she feels weak and threatened. As a great mother, she will always offer security to her children. Her kids will always come back to her, looking for stability and love.

Since they are nurturing, Cancer women are highly appreciated by their friends. This is the woman that will take her drunk friends home without asking anything in return.

She will take care of you if you have the flu and she will comfort you if you are going through some tough times. Be careful not to make too critical comments about your Cancer friend and you will be her best friend forever.

How about a home based business?

Just because she is quiet and reserved, it doesn’t mean the Cancerian doesn’t want a promotion or to be successful.

Since she is so good at judging people, this woman would be great at running businesses. She is a competent worker who has the best chances at getting promoted.

Her perception on others would make her a good teacher, dancer, counsellor, journalist, nurse, veterinarian, psychiatrist and social worker.

She would also manage home based business perfectly as she likes to always be in the comfort of her domestic space.

Understanding the true value of money, the Cancer woman will have many saving accounts. She needs to be financially secure and she will work a lot to become a homeowner.

She is ruling her life cautiously, so handling money is something easy for her. The woman in Cancer will invest in long-term opportunities as she prefers stability.

She looks for comfort in food and clothes

Anyone as emotional as the Cancer woman can have some health problems. These problems may be stress-related, so it would be best if this woman would practice some yoga.

She is in love with comfort and good foods. That’s why she may struggle with weight loss later in life. Stress-related stomach problems are known to appear in Cancers, so less worries would be an answer.

Feminine and refined, the Cancer woman likes traditional outfits that are comfortable. She may seem conservative, but she has a natural style that will give her the needed extra of non-conformism.

It is more about the way she is wearing the clothes. Satin goes well with a Cancer woman’s skin and she likes shopping for luxurious lingerie. The colors that suit her best are pale blue and silver. The jewellery that looks great on her is anything that includes the pearl, her birthstone.

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