Cancer In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

Family values will always be at the forefront of everything.

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Being the first Water sign in the zodiac, the Cancer is caring and sensitive. These people can feel what others are going through. Romantic and idealists, they want unconditional love, to get married and to have children. Make them feel secure and safe in a relationship. They value family and home more than anything else.

When they like someone, they are too afraid of being rejected, so they won’t make the first step. They need to trust and to be loved.

Their partner has to adore and admire them, and be very serious about the relationship. It is hard for Cancers to let go of a person when things no longer work as they used to.

They know how to forgive, but they never forget and they bring old mistakes into discussion all the time. This sign is needy and very protective of the ones he or she loves.

Sensual, sensitive and imaginative, people born in Cancer have an unmatched intuition. They can guess feelings, and they will do anything to make things better in their life.

Their love and protection comes at a price, though. The person who loves them will have to put up with their moods and changeable personality.

An ideal partner for the Cancer will be careful with what he or she is saying, and will never do anything to hurt anyone. You need to be soft and gentle with those who are born in June or July.

Winning your Cancer’s heart

When they’re in love, Cancers are affectionate, imaginative, seductive and caring. They usually don’t rush love, waiting to completely trust a person before they begin to pursue a relationship.

As soon as they have committed, they will be forever loyal and devoted. Don’t expect them to be direct with their feelings. Cancers are usually subtle and they leave clues to let someone know they are interested.

Nurturing, very protecting and possessive, the person who’s with them will be spoiled and cared for. Especially if we are talking about a Cancer woman. They put a high price on fidelity, and they expect their partner to never even think about someone else.

As said before, they can forgive but they never forget. Don’t make them suffer or you will be reminded of what you have done every day.

If you make them feel safe and secure, you will easily win their hearts. These people are known to love forever when they get seriously involved. If you happen to be with a Cancer person, don’t forget to always give him or her your approval. They need to be reassured in love.

Considered the most nurturing sign, the Cancer is also the homemaker of the zodiac. People in this sign value family more than anything else. They want children and they will raise them well.

If you don’t want a family life, don’t even think of getting together with a Cancer. They will demonstrate the love they have for their partner every day.

These guys really know how to express their feelings of love and care. But they will need their partner to be warm and open. They can be ideal lovers if they find the person to truly appreciate them.

Their love intuition

When it comes to something casual and one-night stands, Cancers are the last people on Earth who would do this. They only want something long-term and secure.

They appreciate marriage and they think very seriously of it. It is rare that you see divorced Cancers. This kind of life just doesn’t suit them. The person who’s next to them can consider him or herself lucky. There’s no one to show love more adamantly than the Cancer.

Cancer people can get jealous sometimes so make sure you devote all your love to them and there won’t be any problems. When they are making love, these guys can be both aggressive and gentle at the same time.

Let’s not forget they are emotional, so their feelings are very much expressed through sex. They won’t feel happy until they have next to them someone who really cares. If they are not safe and comfortable with a person, they can’t relax and let down their guard.

Romantic gestures and affectionate touches are two things they expect and crave. They like to be told they are being loved, and to be kissed and hugged.

When they search for love, they only want to settle down, not to do things spontaneously. Make love to them at home, in the bed. They are not adventurous and they prefer to be traditional.

Because they are intuitive and empathic, it’s easy for Cancers to connect with people. They trust themselves when they think they have found their soulmate, not needing the approval of friends and family.

Tender and passionate, these guys give themselves completely when they’re in love. Respect and equality are two things they expect and need in a relationship. It’s important that they let go of the fear of losing the partner. Attractive, they will have many admirers, and people will want them in their lives.

Romance amongst emotions

It’s very easy to fall for a person in Cancer. And they give back when someone wants them. But be careful as they can become clingy, always waiting on the approval of the partner. As a Water sign, they need to trust above anything else. Their loyalty is forever offered to the person who will make them feel secure.

Create a home from which they will never want to leave, and you will be their favorite person in the world. Their incredible ability to feel others’ feelings makes them good at coming up with solutions that are not for themselves.

You don’t even need to express what’s bothering you, and the Cancer will already know what to do. This makes them good friends and appreciated partners. People will want to know their opinions and what solutions they have come up with. It’s easy for them to keep everyone happy.

Because they are ruled by the Moon, these guys will have moods according to the phases of this celestial body. You will never know when they can change from happy to sad. If you are feeling disappointed or sad yourself, don’t be afraid to show it.

These people are not known for taking advantage of people when they are vulnerable, and they would do anything to support someone in need. Besides, they will appreciate that you trust them enough to be weak around them.

Sensitive, Cancers are the type that cries at movies. Be careful what you say when you’re around them. They can take things personally, and get hurt even when the discussion is about someone else.

If you feel that something is wrong with their behavior, be gentler or they will completely close. Sometimes they close for a short period of time, and other times they simply shut down people forever.

They are known for retreating under a shell when they are being hurt or they don’t like how things are going. And as soon as they have retreated, you will never be able to get anything out of them. But patience and a lot of love could help.

When they’re into someone, Cancers will do anything for that person to be happy. They get better with time at sex, and they need a deep emotional connection to be satisfied in bed.

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