Cancer Sexuality: Essentials On Cancer In Bed

Sex with a Cancer – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

A Cancer native is a family man who puts in all of his efforts towards the betterment of close ones. Really attached to friends and those people closest to him, he won’t ever give up on trying to make it all better and more extraordinary than ever before.

Falling in love with such a person basically means that nothing is too much of a problem anymore, and risks are opportunities worth taking.

Unlike our Gemini friends, Cancers can’t just have sex like it would be the most normal thing in the world, and then just leave.

For them, sex really is a continuation and even an intensifier of a relationship, of the bond between two people that share the same desires and pleasures. Hence, temporary adventures are not really his thing.

Due to their aquatic upbringing, these individuals seem to intuitively perceive or predict certain situations, dangerous or otherwise.

This is the reason why most of them are reticent and hesitate to invite someone into their world at the beginning.

As time goes on and as the relationship deepens, they gradually reveal everything there is to know, and it feels great indeed, knowing that someone trusts you to that degree.

Just like the name implies, this native has an outer protective shell that manages to deal with most potential problems.

What resides inside is another thing entirely. They may appear rigid and corrosive at a glance, that much is known and acknowledged even by them.

Upon further and deeper analysis though, a whole new perspective opens up, one filled with affection, compassion, enthusiasm and boundless love. There’s really no end to a Cancer’s beauty once it starts blooming, a process involving care, attention and generosity.

They do have their quirks though, of that there is no doubt. One of the weird things about them is the way they look at sex, into what category it falls, and how it’s supposed to be dealt with. A means to an end, and a biological end at that.

Procreation, having children, that’s basically this native’s view on sex, nothing else than a method through which we can spread our genes further, copulation in other words.

And while things tend to become less intense after children come into the picture, that does not mean that Cancers are complete recluses and practice abstinence. Out of attachment and love for the partner, they are more than willing to overstep that tiny obstacle.

Watched upon by our natural satellite, these natives exhibit incredible levels of compassion and generosity towards those they deem worthy.

Worthy in the sense that close ones should also reciprocate and share the same feelings. If that is not the case, Cancers tend to become very anxious and disappointed, possibly even permanently marked by this.

Cancers really care and take to heart every little thing that you do. While at first, they may seem reluctant and hesitant, that’s only because caution steps in, but once you’re caught in the net, no one will ever be able to set you free from their grasp.

Being this attached and involved does have its downsides as well, and that is the fear of rejection. Not that it could happen, but exactly how and why that happens, the reasons being very important here.

What holds the greatest sway in a Cancer’s love agenda is what one is willing to do, emotionally speaking. Total involvement and no restrictions, that’s what they’re looking for, people who can withstand all the pressure and feelings nurtured by them.

Generosity and thoughtfulness are paramount to a great relationship with this native. It doesn’t really matter what form it takes, as long as it’s there.

The main tips

Love takes the form of many things, especially the little, insignificant things that people do just because they feel like it.

Those things deepen the relationship and act as a base for what is to come. Be it fixing her gaze in meditation, or playfully stroke her hair on a moment of jolliness, striking up a profound conversation, all these play a major role overall.

These natives are especially aroused when they know that the other person is truly in love and enamored with them, leaving nothing to be wanted.

Finding out that you are the one thing that can make someone happy, that you are basically an obligatory presence in someone’s life, can amount to much. Things like having a romantic stroll through the park, caressing her face in the moonlight or holding hands, are what it’s all about.

Very sensitive in body and mind, the art of touching has a very strong impact on them, it’s what really gets them up and going.

All you have to do is find out what sensitive spots have the greatest response, and go into action. Hint: try the chest and abdominal area. Click To Tweet

As previously said, Cancers are born out of water, and therefore prefer this environment the most. Whether it’s going out to the seaside and bathing the warm waters, or sipping on a Pina Colada while dangling on a hammock, everything that has to do with humid and tropical places is a must.

Even simple things like taking a bath together can turn into a very romantic and kinky event, with nothing to hold back.

What truly matters is that the partner doesn’t act out of spite or egotism, rather being affectionate and altruistic in his approach.

Want to know why a Cancer is the best lover in the world? Fasten your seatbelts, because here we go. Besides being very responsible and helpful, the natural emotional intensity that drives them forward also makes them tremendously attached and devoted.

Willing to go through thick and thin with that one person without feeling any regret and remorse, there is literally no one like our Crab here.

The emotional side

Even if they are people of unbelievable devotion, at least physical that is, Cancers could find themselves emotionally challenged at times.

And here lies the problem. If they can’t find solace in the partner’s arms, eventually other opportunities will appear, other “arms” to fall into. And that’s basically why you really have to be there for this native when he needs it.

If, for example, she doesn’t feel like you’re listening to her about how a close friend betrayed her at the most inopportune of times, then things will take a turn for the worse.

The sign with the most chances to bed and wed a Cancer is the Gemini. Love at first sight may seem like an overly used cliché, but what can you do if that’s what really happens?

A relationship mainly based on intimate contact and a physical bond that goes beyond mere sexual pleasure, the things that these two could accomplish together are praiseworthy at the least, unfathomable at best.

And it’s like they were once one living being, split apart at the beginning of time and destined to wander the earth searching for their soul mate.

A Cancer native prides himself on being able to come up with a solution for any kind of problem, professional or emotional, the latter especially.

No pain, no gain, and without taking any risks, how can you expect to receive anything of importance? How does one reach the apex if not by taking leaps of faith? This is exactly how they think and act in intimate relationships.

Whether it’s putting their faith and offering you complete access to everything they are, or going for an innovative and non-conformist sexual method, all is good as long as the partner knows how to appreciate it.

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