Signs An Aquarius Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Aquarius man is into you when he spends more time with you than with his buddies and texts you existential questions.

Love note

While the Aquarius man is arguably one of the most difficult to read natives of the zodiac when it comes to love matters, one thing is sure though, that once he shows he is interested in someone, he’s already envisioned a relationship with that person.

Top 13 signs an Aquarius is into you

  1. He asks you to join him to parties and other social events.
  2. Spends more time with you than with his buddies.
  3. He makes an effort to be flirty and pleasant with you.
  4. Approaches some complex and emotional subjects in his texts.
  5. He wants to be your best friend before anything else.
  6. You receive meaningful gifts from him.
  7. Texts you to let you know what he is doing when not with you.
  8. Pays close attention to your deepest desires.
  9. He starts talking about his emotions.
  10. Whatever is his, it’s yours as well.
  11. You see that he feels ok to confide in you.
  12. You can see from his questions that he is contemplating a life with you.
  13. He has a witty and pleasant flirting style (see Aquarius flirting style).

He doesn’t just flirt for the fun of it, or for just another adventure, he doesn’t want those. He wants stability, a partner to share his life with, and that comes with patience and time spent together.

So, don’t fret if he asks you to join him to a party and then he just lets you on your own for some time, because even if he’s talking now with a couple of his friends, he still invited you there, to join him. That means something in his book, and so it should in yours.

How to figure out if your Aquarius likes you

When an Aquarius man starts spending time with you, more than he would with his friends, then that is an evident telltale sign that he’s into you and that has really taken a liking to you.

Because he is a very sociable and communicative person, it could have been incredibly easy for him to call a couple of his friends and spend the day playing videogames, or having a barbecue.

But, he chose you instead of them, and besides that, he will also start showing you his real self in a couple of dates. Remember that he’s not that open with everyone, and is actually pretty restrained when it comes to revealing his full spectrum of emotions to the first comer.

Considering that he is somewhat socially awkward and shy when it comes to expressing his intimate emotions, it will be quite a difficult task for him to flirt with you.

He’ll have to get out of his comfort zone to do that, and it surely won’t be such a pleasing experience, having to do that in spite of all the uncertainties and irrational fears involved.

So, when you notice him trying his hardest to overcome those doubts and impress you, learn to appreciate each and every moment of joy that he offers you. He may suffer from some blunders now and then, but it’s a completely normal thing, and it happens to the best of us.

The Aquarius man wants to build a proper relationship, filled with security, stability, and the prospects of a future marked by great potential. And in order to that, he’s willing to take on this steadily, with a step by step approach, so he will want to first be your best friend, and only then advance to a superior level.

In this sense, he’ll try to be there for you when you need it, and also support you emotionally if and when you request it.

Giving you loads of affection and having a very sweet and tender behavior, he’s going to want to fulfill your every wish and desire. Remember the gift he brought you the other day? That wasn’t’ a random act of kindness, of that you can be sure.

This native will want to make you the happiest woman in the world, and for that, he’s going to pay close attention to your deepest desires, because he’s going to want to fulfill them in the future.

When he’s being close to you, that’s the moment when he feels a surge of joy in his heart, and he’s grateful for that simple feeling. You, the object of his admiration and love, are free to help yourself to anything, within the bounds of reason that is, and he will tell you that himself.

The Aquarius man has his ego and won’t easily admit that he has flaws and weaknesses, especially of the emotional kind. However, this is true to most men, in general.

So, if he decides to shatter those barriers and confide in you, coming upfront with everything that bothers him, that’s the moment you should realize that he sees you as more than just a friend.

From that point on, he sees you as someone capable of understanding him, someone worthy to share in his issues and problems.

Furthermore, if he’s letting you get all physical, then that means he wants more from you, it means he’s dropping his guard down, which is nothing if not a good sign.

Texting with your crush

Being very sociable and intelligent, it’s anything but easy to figure out if your Aquarius “buddy” is interested in you, just from watching his texting habits.

If he really is into you, he definitely doesn’t text you the same way he does with his friends. Even more, he’s a little bit overbearing and intimidating with all the deep and complex subjects he approaches.

On the plus side, he’s not willing to jump that quickly onto someone’s boat, because he fully knows that once he falls in love, he won’t be able to control himself anymore.

All the emotions, all the feelings, his whole being will be revealed, and it’s going to be magical, if the other person knows how to appreciate it, that is.

Don’t worry, it’s not all that intense, there will also be the funny and chill texts as well as checking up on you and letting you know what he is up to when he is not around. Don’t get too used with the latter kind, however, and ask for more, because he might feel you are preying on his liberty.

He is very sensible about texting dynamic so if you don’t seem to be on the same page with him, whilst this is not necessarily a deal breaker at the start, it’s definitely not a good sign for him.

Because he’s incredibly open and unrestrained with people he deems worthy, he won’t have any inhibitions and forget about the status quo once he gets comfortable. So do expect some mid night texts, even with the kinky contents.

Bottom line is, the simple fact that this native revealed himself completely to you and is comfortable with the way he writes to you, is already a strong enough sign that he’s into you.

Is he falling in love?

He may be a hard guy to pinpoint, as far as love matters go, but one thing is true, that he can be very loyal and incredibly loving, this being almost a general trait to Aquarians, but very few actually get to discover it.

As mentioned earlier, he doesn’t usually flirt, or romantically engage with women, especially when his attention has been already caught by someone.

Because he’s not looking to have some easy fun, or to spend the night with the first-comer, he’ll only engage once he knows something enduring will come out of it.

So, if he has been chasing you for a while, be sure that he sees something in the two of you together.

Small talk bores him to death, and he also can’t extrapolate anything from just that. He needs to have some deep and significant discussions with the other person, because that’s the only way he’s going to find out how they think.

The essence here is that if he is falling in love with you he will start sharing his deepest secrets with you.

What scares him, what he plans to do in the future, what other alternatives there are, solutions to potential problems, he will want to talk about all of these things with his future partner.

And if you notice that he’s recently gone through these subjects, then you can be pretty sure he already sees you worthy.

If he spends a lot of time asking you about how you see the world and how you see your life, you should know he is definitely contemplating a life next to you.

The word of caution here is to be honest because if you fall in the trap of telling him what you think he wants to hear but that is completely different from whom you are as a person, this will, sooner or later surface in your relationship and both of you will suffer.

This entire process means a lot for him, because he doesn’t just give his trust to anyone he meets. They had to make a leap of faith of some sorts, and that requires a trustworthy attitude. It’s admirable, really.

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