Dating An Aquarius Man: Do You Have What It Takes?

Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship on the right foot.

There’s no one like the Aquarius man in the entire zodiac. With his unique way of thinking, he does things that for many seem amazing. Innovative, with an affirmative outlook and kinky, the Aquarius is generally known as a humanist. He is very open, giving and intelligent.

Besides all the previously mentioned traits, the man in Aquarius is known to be eccentric and always unpredictable.

While it’s difficult to tie him down, he becomes deep when he commits. If you’ve already managed to get him, you now have someone to offer you support for a lifetime. Be careful not to scare him away, though.

He doesn’t like needy people who keep talking about feelings and love. Just keep everything relaxed and you’ll get to enjoy your Aquarius lover for a long time.

Being an Air sign of the fixed modality, the Aquarius native is talkative, poignant, original and imaginative.

He’s an independent person who needs someone to surprise him all the time.

Should you be an independent person as well, this may be just the man for you. But be careful not to challenge the Aquarius man as he needs to be supported and doesn’t like to be opposed.

His expectations

An Aquarius male will enjoy their existence at maximum and will treasure any pleasures. He is smart and energetic. His ideas are meant to innovate. He appreciates old friendships and he thinks they are more important than romance.

For an Aquarius native, feelings are bringing only chaos. He doesn’t commit till he trusts completely and he runs away if he’s being forced to.

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As he is unusual, flirting doesn’t work with this guy. You have to make yourself noticed and find a common ground with him.

Being opinionated will intrigue him, so talk about the world’s problems and latest news. Don’t get scared of his ideas, as he has many. Some may involve surprises that may be hard to stomach for you.

One thing is for sure, the man in Aquarius will fascinate you. But you need to understand he doesn’t approach problems too logically.

Aquarius men surround themselves with honest people because they are not that good judging characters.

They get annoyed when someone says or promises something and then forgets about it. It’s important that you are direct with him. He’ll love it!

Not the most passionate lover or the most romantic partner, the Aquarius man is caring and supportive when he finds the best partner for him.

When at the first steps of dating Aquarius, it is important that you know how to communicate. You need to have a verbal and mental capacity of communicating thoughts. He will always be pragmatic and not dreamy.

This man will surely impress you with his intelligence and independence. You may find the fact that he’s so logical and cool annoying, but you’ll learn to deal with it.

His fear of commitment will ensure you both remain realistic about the relationship’s status and situation. His open attitude will make your days more beautiful.

You just need to take advantage of this type of attitude. However, please note that this also means you need to be able to strongly support your ideas and propositions so that you end up sealing the deal.

Hands on dating tips

When trying to get him, don’t show that you are flirting. Pretend that you are going out as friends. Take him to a movie or a walk on the beach. You just need to get him used to you. Things are sure to become more romantic along the way.

He will only date a person who doesn’t try to interfere with his independence and he needs to trust a person completely in order to start something. Don’t ever be jealous or possessive when with him. He’ll get scared and disappear.

If you’ll be able to come up with ideas as fast as he does, the Aquarius man will fall in love with you. The first date with him will probably be with friends as he’s a very sociable person.

It is a must that his closest accept you. As soon as this happens and you’ve connected with him intellectually, he’ll start showing his romantic side. But don’t expect him to express any feelings as it is not his type. He has a relaxed attitude and he only likes people like him.

Because they are social and open, Aquariuses are the happiest when in groups. That’s why it would be better to go out with friends for your first dates.

Ask him to join you at a fancy party or go to a restaurant that you know it has many customers. He’ll feel more comfortable with many people around. Intellectual places like museums or planetariums are also nice dating locations with an Aquarius native.

Let his knowledge surface and make him think you are an original person like him. When at home, don’t hesitate to ask him to cook together. He’ll surprise you with their crazy but tasty ideas.

Get used that your Aquarius man is not yours entirely. He has many friends he spends time with. The traditional idea of a relationship is not in his mind, so don’t expect moving to the suburbs and making a few children.

You can never “own” the Water Bearer, but you can learn principles of philosophy and how life should be lived from him.

As for sexy time …

Between the sheets, the Aquarius guy is not really one to make you feel any special. Once again, he is not emotional and clingy.

But he has a curiosity for the new and that will make him interesting enough. You can live some transcendental moments in his bed. His most sensitive areas are his ankles and calves.

Anything will be tried in bed by the Aquarius man. Fantasy, mind games and toys, they are experiences he wouldn’t want to miss.

He is like this in every aspect of life, so lovemaking doesn’t make an exception. He likes to practice thoroughly every new technique and he is able to offer true pleasures. It is for sure he will try everything in the bedroom, one or more times.

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