How To Seduce An Aquarius Man From A To Z

Discover how to make your Aquarius man fall in love with you and what to look out for.

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The trickiest challenge that you might have to face while trying to seduce the Aquarius native is the fact that he is a very sociable and communicative person, thus being always surrounded by his friends, work colleagues, and many people in general.

Try to find the perfect moment to approach him, and only then should you start putting your plan into action. Otherwise, it’s going to be a lot harder to catch his attention, as there will be plenty of distractions around.

Seduce your Aquarius man with these top 5 tips:

  1. Draw him in with confidence and sensuality.
  2. Be careful not to offend his social circle.
  3. Don’t act too needy or emotional.
  4. Trick him and get him to discover new things about you.
  5. Show you can be generous and helpful.
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A lover with principles

Whilst the fact that he is always surrounded by people makes it hard for you to approach this man, his social and emotional intelligence make him a great judge of character, one who can quickly tell what others are thinking, and what their motivations are.

This basically means that they’ll easily discern whether your intentions are good or bad, so they will easily be drawn to you if there is something real to be discovered. But if the latter is true, then you should fasten your seatbelt, because you’ve just unleashed the monster.

They don’t take well to people who want to make use of them, and they will quickly get their revenge.

Aquarians are men of principle and virtues, and they’ll expect the same from their partners, even if those same principles might be contrary to their own.

If they are incentivized enough to go after you, or even keep their interest long-enough for the bonds to deepen more, then you’ll have succeeded in bringing a great man into your life.

Mystery and the unknown will always fascinate these natives, so do try to make yoursef desirable in that sense.

Furthermore, it’s worth remembering that these natives keep their own freedom in great regard, and won’t knowingly agree to be restrained and locked up in a restrictive relationship. If that’s your purpose, or that’s what your approach is, then, unfortunately, it’s worth changing them, because the Aquarius man will not have any of this and might end up reacting quite aggresively.

It’s a real problem for them to clearly state their intentions and emotions, because they aren’t the type for over-the-top shows of romanticism, which is why some misunderstandings are bound to appear from time to time.

People have often complained about the fact that they thought an Aquarian was very interested in them, and the next day they discovered they had just changed their attitude to a 180 degrees.

It’s not that they are psychopaths or anything. It’s just that they didn’t have strong feelings from the very beginning. One way of avoiding these situations is by simply observing their behavior with other people, so that a pattern becomes discernible.

One of the best pieces of advice that should be at the forefront of the “How to seduce an Aquarius man” guide is this: don’t become too clingy and never show exactly how much you love them, because that’s just going to make you very sensible and vulnerable to their reactions.

Why is that a problem? It’s because these natives are notorious for their coolness and carefree attitude, as well as the lack of romanticism.

They’ll have other interests and passions, which will often take from the time that they could potentially spend with their partners. And that’s just how they are built, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or anything. Understanding this would be best.

Now, for the actual goodies that one receives when getting an Aquarius to be their partner, there are plenty, which may or may not overcome the downsides. It depends who you ask.

They become very involved once love strikes them head-on, and you’ll find yourself effectively drowned in an avalanche of affection, surrounded by their aura of protection and security, as well as constant attention and devotion.

All that you have to do is prove to them that it’s worth it to put aside their cool and chilly attitude, and actually put their trust in you.

Tips for seducing your Aquarius man

Aquarians like people who aren’t afraid to show their feelings and grasp at their desires. So, if you want to talk to them, or are especially interested in their person, you’d better realize that they have already noticed that.

So, in order to make a good impression and enter their good graces, you’ll have to make the move as fast as possible, and in the most natural way possible.

Also, it’s worth remembering that they are very modern and innovative in their approach, so it would be good if you had some know-how about the latest technological discoveries, or at least a few ideas in general. Intelligence attracts them, just as much as mystery intrigues them.

Aquarius seduction turn offs

What makes these natives turn back in anger, or disappointment, are two things. For once, they dislike routine, and the activities that get fixed on a daily-basis, those activities that you have to do on and on and on, for what seems like ages.

They want their lives to be full of excitement, dynamism, and to have new things to explore every single day. The same goes for their relationships, as their partners really need to be able to bring about the sparks of enthusiasm from time to time, when things look like are ready to get muddled in routine.

Secondly, they hate being hurried to talk about themselves when they aren’t yet ready. Not everyone is as open and uninhibited right from the beginning, and that’s not abnormal. If you don’t want to make them take some distance, then be patient and calm because they’ll open up eventually.

What you’re up against

First things first, if you want to truly make an Aquarius fall in love, head over heels for you, then going for his heart is the worst idea you could have.

They aren’t emotional individuals to begin with, and romance is something truly incomprehensible to them. It’s just that they don’t have the personality to get all mushy and tender with their feelings.

Rather, you should capitalize on their intellectual interests, the scientific endeavors, what really gets them going.

Furthermore, these natives are not the ones who’ll cuddle with you when you feel bad, and just sit down all day long. They aren’t very affectionate or clingy in that way, because they may either have their own things going on, or they just don’t feel like doing that.

It’s not in their nature. Speaking of doing their thing, they want to have the freedom to act as they see fit, and won’t take it very good if you try to hold them down.

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