Traits Of The Aquarius Man In Love: From Empathic To Independence Seeker

Loving him is a mix of both happy and despair feelings.

young man in love

It doesn’t matter what you think of love, the Aquarius man will completely change your ideas. This guy will introduce you to some new romance concepts that only he knows about.

For many, love is all about talking with someone else about life matters. For others, it’s all about the love making. But for the Aquarius man is many different other things.

What’s important is that when he likes someone, everything comes from his heart. The man born in this sign would rarely cheat. If he agrees to be with you, you can be sure he won’t try other women. When you are with him, you start to view the world the way he views it. And as soon as you will be in his heart, you will not want to leave anymore.

It’s nice and comfortable to be around the Aquarius man. He will make you confess your secrets one by one, but not without keeping your privacy.

However, if you happen to cross him, then God be with you. He can be very dangerous when he’s upset or angry.

Spending time with him is easy and fun. As a matter of fact, he’s one of the most entertaining persons in the zodiac.

He likes drama and he lives his life to the fullest. You will surely not get bored with him as he doesn’t believe in boredom. You either keep up with his energetic ways, or there is no other way.

When in a relationship

If he has a period when he wants to be alone, he will simply take a break from the relationship he is having just because he feels like it.

Things may be perfect between him and his partner, he will simply make the other half wait, thinking that if she’s really perfect for him she wouldn’t mind.

He will openly express his sexuality, and when he’s involved in a serious partnership, he wants sex very often. If he’s single, this guy will change partners very often.

It can be hard to be with an Aquarius man. The Sun being in detriment, this guy will be very sensitive to insults. He will take all that is being said very personally. Not that he’ll get hurt, but he has a strong mind and he’ll think that he’s not respected enough.

When he’s being treated somehow wrong, he will be more distant, acting like no one deserves to understand him. It can be difficult even for the most tolerant woman to be with a guy like this. When with him, it’s important that some boundaries are established, from the beginning of the relationship.

He is friendly so he’ll make friends easily. Empathic and with fine humor, people will want him around them. He will bring a smile on everyone’s faces, and he will give sound advice that others can follow without worrying they have been made wrong suggestions.

But be careful with the Aquarius man, especially if you want to be in a relationship with him. This guy has real problems with commitment. He wants his independence and he will hold on to his freedom till the last moment. The woman with whom he will settle will have a lot to deal with.

The woman he needs

While flirtatious and open to have a relationship with anyone, the Aquarius man will have his heart on only one lady. He wants someone who’s just as adventure seeking as him, someone who will be ready to try new things and go new places.

He also likes women with whom he can have an intelligent conversation. If you don’t have any common interests with him, and if you also don’t like to address intellectual subjects, he will most likely dump you.

Needy and clingy are traits that he hates with all his heart. Independent himself, this guy wants someone who can enjoy life on her own.

In other words, he wants a woman who’s strong and who knows what she wants from life. Don’t be shy and dependent of him. He won’t like it. Be someone who fights for a career and is always busy. Also, be down-to-earth as he likes people who know where they stand.

Understanding your Aquarius man

Idealistic, gifted and compassionate, the Aquarius man will always stick to his ideas and beliefs. He tries as much as possible not to annoy or cause any trouble, and he will always fight to set the world free from prejudice.

As he doesn’t know how to express himself through like others do, you may find it difficult to understand him. He usually holds on to what he has, and he is distant with people who aren’t open and sociable.

If you will get to know him, you’ll notice that he has an immense heart and he is passionate. Another thing people immediately realize about the Aquarius man is the way his mind functions.

Always in motion, this guy is full of surprising ideas and daring plans. He’s the thinker of the zodiac, and he always has new goals that he wants to attain.

A good leader, you will never see him following others. He believes in his own principles and he likes to sometimes take risks in life. This guy is anything else but usual. Relaxed and entertaining, many women will want to be with him. But they wouldn’t know that he can also be very stubborn.

A thinker and a lover of life, the Aquarius man will always look to have fun. Flirtatious and surrounded by women oftentimes, this guy can also get serious if he encounters the right girl.

Wild and passionate in the bedroom, he needs a lady who is strong, smart and fearless. Having an analytical, creative mind, he’s an intellectual who loves to be challenged.

Loving him is a mix of both happy and despair feelings. He can make you believe you are everything for him, and the next day he can be distant and not interested.

Moody, you won’t know how to act around him, as he will change from one hour to another. As soon as he has committed to a woman, he becomes steadfast. More than this, he turns into this faithful and supportive partner.

Dating him

Not that punctual and unable to stick to a schedule, the Aquarius man may not be on time to all of your dates.

He’s the one for whom you will wait for hours at the restaurant, exasperating the waiters, and who will eventually show up with messy hair, apologizing.

He’s not that keen on taking care of himself either. He’d rather spend his time thinking of existential problems than looking in the mirror.

You won’t even realize you are on a date with this guy. He can make the time go fast with his talks about all kind of life matters and art. While it may not be the same with all the Aquariuses, you probably recognize your own in this description.

The negative side of the Aquarius man

One of the downsides the Aquarius man has is the fact that he is inconsistent. Looking for adventure all the time, you won’t find him in the same place two days in a row.

He gets bored easily, this making him unstable and inconsistent. Many women won’t like him such reasons. Girls want someone whom they can rely on, so they won’t be happy to be with a man who can’t even tell what time it is.

This guy goes wherever life takes him, not thinking about what he will do in the next hour, not to mention tomorrow. You will be happy with him only if you are ready to put up with all this.

Because he gets bored so easily, it will be very difficult for the Aquarius man to keep a partner next to him for too long.

He isn’t scared of showing that he is being bored, but you won’t even get the chance to be informed about the state that he’s in as he’ll be gone from your side at the first sign of routine behavior. If you simply don’t have the same interests and hobbies with him, try and keep him entertained with surprises.

Another downside is the fact that he flirts a lot. If he’s with a woman who gets jealous very often, he will be unhappy and will try to escape very soon.

He’s always looking to have fun, and insignificant flirts don’t mean anything for him. The one in whose arms he falls at the end of the day is the most important person for him.

His sexuality

The Aquarius man will have sex in any place as long as he will have a lover who will agree. This guy has a great sexual drive but he can go without making love for a long time too. He thinks that people connect when they are having sex, and he has all these theories about love making and romance that many people find confusing.

Open-minded and creative, don’t be surprised if the Aquarius man will want to have sex in the bathroom of a restaurant.

Aquarius man sex drive is high, and he needs a lover who is just as imaginative and energetic as he is in bed. There aren’t things this guy won’t try in bed. He likes to experiment and he’s the one who would have gone through everything at least once.

So if you are a prude and you don’t even like hearing about sex, it is best that you try your luck with someone else. He can have many partners in his entire life as he’s attractive and he likes to make love a lot.

But this doesn’t mean he won’t commit to a woman and one woman only as soon as he has fallen in love. As long as you don’t bore him in the bedroom, you are sure to have something long-lasting and fun with him.

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