Aquarius Man in a Relationship: Understand and Keep Him in Love

The Aquarius man is loyal and affectionate but will take a lot of convincing in order to move to the next step and commit to a family.

man with an Aquarius sign

The Aquarius man is quite a difficult individual to deal with in a relationship because of his natural sensitivity. It’s not that he gets the table flipped that easily, but he does have the tendency to perceive offensive attacks in a lot of innocent remarks.

Pros Cons
He is gentle and wishes to stand by his partner.He will take his time to show his true feelings.
Once committed for real, he is completely faithful.He puts a little too much price on his emotions.
He will make his partner feel comfortable and at ease.He can become aggressive when not taken into consideration.

He doesn’t believe just about anyone has the privilege to get to know him deeper, and that’s why he’s so detached and distant. Just set certain limits and expectations from the beginning to go the right way with him.

This guy has a lot of feelings that he wants to express, to make his lover realize how much he loves her, but it’s something he doesn’t do often. It’s also the fact that he’s usually pretty detached and disregards the importance of emotions in general.

He will not follow conventional rules

The Aquarius man might never want to seal the deal and get married to his partner because he wants to live a free life, independent of any serious commitments.

Even moving together with her would pose problems if he’s at a young age where he wants to fulfill his desires first. He believes it’s better this way for both of them, that it would only bring good things in the future.

But for a sensitive and loving woman who wants to have that sense of belonging, it’s a bitter feeling. He’s very responsible and compassionate, however, never stooping as low as to cheat or be a jerk.

He’s devoted, loyal and wants to maintain a friendly relationship with someone even after breaking up.

He’s an excitable native who doesn’t want to live his life controlled by rules he doesn’t understand or wants to follow. This is why he will often rebel against the status quo, make his own rules, live life as he sees fit.

Thus, whatever he wants to do, he will do without asking for anyone’s permission. He’s full of fresh ideas and energy to try on new things, to experiment with the world.

However, the Aquarius man gets bored quickly of the new activities, and this is his bane, personally and romantically. He needs to be stimulated in order to keep on being interested.

Besides being mutable and unpredictable in his emotional balance, going from happy to sad in a split second, the Aquarius man won’t agree easily to being tied to someone permanently.

It will take a lot of convincing and seducing in order to make him ask for your hand in marriage. He will always take care of you and put you at the center of his attention even before thinking about going further. Once he makes that decision, know that it’s a lifetime commitment.

For the first part of his life, he will want to experiment a lot, to experience the world like no one before him has.

As for his relationships, there won’t be any long-standing ones in the beginning. Rather, the Aquarius man will engage in a lot of one-night-stands, just for the fun of it, the physical attraction and the satisfaction of some pleasures.

Once he does get in-synch with his feelings and takes note of the depth of his emotions, he will start thinking about going deeper than that, about finding the ideal woman to settle down with.

In the meantime, he might also have started volunteering, spreading the truth he has found out about.

He’s a visionary who’s always concocting plans and ideas for the future, trying to bring about a revolution, a game-changing discovery to the world.

This is why he finds it a little hard to concentrate on the present events. Also, he might be impulsive as a result, not paying enough attention to his feelings, often getting involved in toxic or incompatible relationships that only waste his time.

Want him … but how do you keep him?

His master plan suffers no delay and the last thing he wants to see is it being destroyed by the wrong partner.

As such, when he commits to a relationship with all his heart, you can be sure it’s a firm decision on his part, something he’s long thought about.

The only problem with getting an Aquarius man is knowing how to keep him there because actually meeting one isn’t too hard. These natives are very sociable and communicative in the first place, going where the fun is rocking the streets.

You will have to really boost up your fun-factor, those kinky jokes and you should definitely act intelligently.

He loves that very much, a partner who can match him intellectually, who can equally face him in a conversation. Always come up with new ideas to spice things up, to rouse his interest, even in a relationship.

Know that once he has made his choice of being with you, to commit to a long-standing relationship, he will include you in his future plans, that’s how serious and devoted he is.

Always be there for him when he wants to change the routine, to do something new. This’ll stimulate him greatly. Also, you should also know that he is a very rational and skeptic individual.

The traditional concepts of marriage, soulmate or life-partner make absolutely no sense, even to the Aquarius man in love. So don’t expect him to be that romantic or idealistic in these regards.

If you will try to bind him to these rules that he can’t understand or accept, it’s going to lead to disaster. He’ll be unhappy, unsatisfied and ultimately prone to break up the relationship after a time.

He will never be possessive or jealous because he understands the meaning of freedom and independence. However, in the same sense, it’s going to be very easy to live together with him because he’s very understanding and doesn’t have many demands.

He’s doing his own thing, you’re doing your own, and even when you’re doing something together, he’s going to accept failures, mistakes, and so on.

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