Ideal Partner for the Aquarius Man: Sensual and Charismatic

The perfect soulmate for the Aquarius man must know how to stand up for herself and not be too emotionally demanding.

ideal partner Aquarius man

The Aquarius man has a very intriguing taste when it comes to women. He could meet the most beautiful girl in the world, but if she couldn’t carry on with an intellectual conversation, he would lose all his interest because for him, meaningful and deep communication is the key.

He’s the perfect partner for adventurous ladies who don’t mind taking on a challenge. What he likes in a woman is her capacity to communicate, her creativity and desire to take risks. It can be difficult for him to find his perfect match, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t many options available.

Innovative and focusing more on the future than on the present, he’s also stubborn and a little bit superficial. This means he’s a match for the Aries woman, even if the two may sometimes fight. At least the attraction between them would be very high.

Besides, they both treasure their independence. However, he may refuse to accept the Aries’ need to dominate all the time. He’s also a great match for the Gemini woman because with this lady, he can function the way he wants and have intellectual conversations.

The chemistry between Aquarius and Gemini is strong, but the two can also fight very often. This doesn’t mean they can’t resist as a couple for a very long time, but only if they accept that they need to be an item and not opponents.

With a girl born in Libra, the Aquarius man may have a turbulent but pleasurable relationship with many dramatic moments and emotions involved. She would never understand his need to never show his feelings.

As a matter of fact, this may be what’s causing them all their problems. When it comes to the bedroom, they get along perfectly. Since he’s in love with art and very creative, anyone can find him at art galleries and in museums.

Because he also has a charitable heart, he usually gets involved with organizations that help the less fortunate. He may even be the leader of such a group. His interest in mysteries and the occult can have him working as an astrologer or Tarot reader.

It’s very likely for him to have long-lasting relationship in which the deepest feelings are involved. This is because he wants a stable and peaceful love life, meaning he can’t easily break up and wants to make every love connection last.

He likes a moderate woman who stands up for herself and makes a good living. Her energy should be warm, sensual and also romantic, yet not in the traditional way because he loves everything unconventional.

This means he doesn’t buy flowers for his lady, nor that he takes her out for dinner and movies. He prefers to do more interesting things and to make every moment count. The Aquarius man can be very fun at dates, but only if going out with a woman who understands him.

His charm is being released in calculated dosages, so he’s not the type to show his feelings and to talk about his emotions. However, underneath his protective layer, he wants to be loved.

What he can’t understand are feelings, which can be a big problem for him. The woman who happens to be his girlfriend or wide already knows that she has to adapt to his style, or the relationship is over.

It’s not at all easy to attract him because he’s always making new friends and has one-night stands. Besides, he can’t focus for too long on the same thing, not to mention that he may overanalyse people. It’s a good idea to let him guess more and to remain a mystery for him.

Persistence wins him over

When in a relationship, the Auqarius man shouldn’t be allowed to become bored. He likes surprises and to go on new adventures, or to explore the world with his partner. He needs to be given his freedom because what he hates the most is feeling trapped.

When his independence is threatened, he doesn’t hesitate to look for another woman. Not at all keen on big words, he prefers to show his love through unconventional gestures. More than this, he doesn’t like the traditional way of courting at all.

This is why he takes his dates on travels, to charity events and horse riding or bungee jumping. He is that man and above it all, sincere. When truly in love, he’d give everything he has for his other half’s happiness.

His gifts are always at least strange and bought from the most interesting places. Perhaps the older Aquarius men would give a broch as a gift. Being an Air sign, the Aquarius man uses his mind before his heart. This is why he needs an exciting life and to be stimulated with mind games in the bedroom.

As soon as his imagination has been unleashed, he becomes truly passionate and fiery in between the sheets. He loves to experiment and to have intercourse in unusual places. Nothing seems provocative to him because he’s ready to try everything at least once.

When a woman is trying to get him, he becomes quiet and doesn’t want to reveal too much about himself because he wants to trust first. This is the reason why it is so difficult to get close to him.

The girl who really wants this man should be persistent. As soon as she has got him and perhaps, they moved in together, the fun part begins as he’s not at all demanding and doesn’t mind if his lady has some weaknesses.

He’s always in control of his own feelings, not to mention that he never holds a grudge and doesn’t respond when being provoked. However, he’s not the domestic type and always wants to leave home for some adventure.

He’s the soul of the party

A Virgo lady would go crazy seeing him how he throws things all over the place and doesn’t clean. This is because he doesn’t want to feel restricted by anything and wants to keep his surroundings filled with what could bring him inspiration.

He doesn’t mind moving from one place to another, as he needs variety and easily gets bored with a place. Since he feels better when surrounded by his friends, he always wants to go out and to meet new people.

The perfect residence for this man is the communal one. Parties are what he lives for, which means his home is always open for friends to come over and bring other people too.

The woman who doesn’t like to socialize and to entertain or be entertained has no place being with him. The perfect matches for the Aquarius man are in the signs Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Gemini.

The Aries woman can keep him occupied from both an intellectual and physical point of view. He can have the most interesting conversations with her, not to mention that they can spend many nights talking and after making love.

She only wants to move forward and to be in the middle of the action, so he will always love her energy and interest in everything that moves. With the Gemini woman, he has in common the desire to accumulate more knowledge. They can as well talk a lot and be very compatible in the sack.

The Libra is as fair and humanitarian as he is, while the Sagittarius is a good conversationalist and usually highly attractive. The least compatible women with the Aquarius man are the ones born in Taurus and Scorpio. Even if there’s a rule that says opposites attract, he would never get along well with the Scorpio woman.

Perhaps things would work if she would be less emotional and he would try to introduce predictability into his life. The same goes with the Taurus, who loves routine and isn’t curious about anything.

While he wants to go out and to meet people, she likes staying at home and watching a movie. He may want to do this once, but not every night like she would like things to be. The Cancer is too emotional and hidden, so she may suffer in silence seeing him interacting with other people and not paying attention to her.

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