Aquarius Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits

The charm and originality of the Aquarius people will always impress others, along with their rebellious and unconventional ways.

Aquarius Symbol

Born between the 20th of January and 18th of February, Aquarians are fascinated by technology, independent and very unconventional.

What characterizes these natives the most is rebellion and a need for freedom, yet this doesn’t mean they won’t surround themselves with people. Their innovative ideas will always be appreciated, no matter if they sometimes seem unrealistic and eccentric.

Aquarius qualities in a nutshell:

  • Positive traits: Curiosity, eloquence and nurturing;
  • Negative traits: Unpredictability, pessimism and lack of focus;
  • Symbolism: The Water Bearer is a symbol of philanthropic and humanitarian ideas.
  • Motto: I know.

These people are true trendsetters who love to interact with others. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the most independent of them all.

An unconventional personality

Aquarians can be seen as rather shy, but no one can beat them at being lively and unconventional.

No matter what, they’ll always think of the most philosophical concepts and possess an intellect that they usually use to help others.

These natives never judge and can see both sides of a story, which means they’re real problem-solvers.

While adaptable and sociable, they sometimes have a need to be alone so that they can replenish their energy levels.

For them, the world is a place of many opportunities, and as an Air sign, they’re always using their mind whenever dealing with a new situation. When not mentally stimulated, they get bored and no longer feel motivated to become the best.

Uranus is the planet that the rules over Aquarius and has a rather shy or from time to time aggressive influence, but it’s also one of the most visionary celestial bodies.

Therefore, Aquarians can predict the future and are very good at planning. The same planet makes them powerful and versatile, while others see them as true humanitarians, big thinkers and innovative workers.

These people can function only in groups, so they’ll always surround themselves with friends and colleagues. Their biggest problem in life maybe the feeling that they’re limited or don’t have enough freedom.

Wanting independence and for everyone to be equal, they’ll fight for those who have had their rights stolen from them.

Many people see them as cold and quite detached, but they should know this is only the way they defend themselves against a certain type of intimacy that they think it can make them weak.

The more they’ll trust others and learn how to express themselves openly, the better for them. The sign Aquarius is one the most sociable, charismatic and friendly in the zodiac.

People in this sign are very popular and want to make the world a better place. They may have problems because they’re all the time thinking of ideas and concepts that seem rather unrealistic.

It’s normal for them to not invest emotions and to have problems with communication from time to time. Connecting with people from an emotional point of view is definitely something they need to learn more about.

Claustrophobia overwhelms them when feeling stressed, so they may need to explain themselves why they want so often to be alone.

Otherwise, their spouses and friends may be confused and not understand what’s in fact bothering them. They’re sometimes not even try giving too many explanations, which can be very unfair for their loved ones.

There’s no one to need more intellectual stimulation than them and they usually prefer to be faithful to their loved ones.

Their charm, intelligence, originality and independence make them good leaders, regardless of the fact that they’re rebellious and sometimes don’t agree with any of the conventional ways.

Many members of the opposite sex will be attracted to this about them, but they give more importance to friendship than to romance. It’s difficult to know them, and this can be a reason for frustration in their partner.

Those who want to live with them need to get used to their energy and enthusiasm, and also to be careless when it comes to norms and rules.

There are two types of Aquarians: the unconventional and enthusiastic one, or the timid and reserved type. While surrounded by friends, none of these two Aquarians will reveal their true personality.

Aquarius positive qualities

Every Aquarius is inventive, active and constantly thinking of new ideas on how to make the world better or to help others.

These people are the type who can shake things up and inspires others to make the changes they need in their life so that they become better.

Weird and unconventional, Aquarians are never boring and know how to crack a joke. Their stories will always be interesting because they’ve probably experienced all sort of things and they love to share with others.

Eccentric and having thoughts others don’t even dare to imagine, they’re regarded as great philosophers who can adopt the “outside the box” type of thinking. They are the type that solve complex problems with simple, yet surprising solutions.

You’ll never see them doing nothing because they hate getting bored. Individualistic and creative, Aquarians are also famous for being nice and caring, which means they could lead any group of people.

While they love to listen to other people’s opinions, they’re likely to never change their mind about their views. They usually stick to their beliefs no matter what.

Aquarius negative traits

As a weakness, Aquarius are simply not well-connected with the world around them. They’re rather detached and cold with those who happen to be in their life, so if they won’t respect people more, they can end up alone or treated as outcasts.

While they don’t mind taking care of their friends and family, they should learn balance can be achieved only by nurturing each and every person that happens to be important in their life separately, not to just pay attention to the group and to think everyone’s okay.

They may not change their views, no matter how much others will try to convince them and are very impatient when their opinions aren’t understood or get to be opposed.

Being too independent makes them seem too distant and often impersonal. They love their own ideas and are highly unpredictable.

Aquarius man qualities

The man in Aquarius will never want to seem whom he actually isn’t or to sugar-coat people. He’s very independent and it may seem his purpose in life is to change the world.

Having big dreams, he may overwhelm others when first introduced, but everyone will get to see the genius in him as soon as he’ll start talking about his ideas.

He seems to be the most innovative colleague at work because he’s always creative and determined to make things better. It can be rare to see someone more intellectual, supportive and visionary than him, so many would this of this man as the mad scientist.

The more someone is getting used with his unusual style, the more he’ll continue to impress and to find the help he needs with all of his social so-called experiments.

The most freedom-loving male the zodiac, he’s obsessed with independence and would rather die than be tied down to someone or something.

The Aquarius man will always travel to exotic destinations and never go on planned vacations that are meant take him from point A to point B. He’s not the type to follow and it’s likely he’s already a great leader at work or in his community.

When joining him in his travels, expect to see interesting things and to deal with all sorts of creative activities. No one knows the world better than him, and it’s easy to recognize his style because he usually dresses in the most nonconformist way.

Sometimes stubborn and refusing to accept other people’s ideas, the Water Bearer man is a fixed sign, so he never lets his projects unfinished or changes his mind.

The Aquarius Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Aquarius woman qualities

When it comes to the woman in Aquarius, don’t ever try to tie her down because she’ll end up completely rejecting you. This lady also doesn’t like being stereotyped and is usually surprising rather than constant and steady.

She has a nonconformist attitude and, as an Air sign, she’s an intellectual who doesn’t really want to be dealing with people who aren’t interested in becoming more knowledgeable.

Her force is tremendous, so she may scare a few people away, especially when she first introduces herself. It’s better to stick with her because as soon as the powerful strike passes, she can be the most reliable, intelligent and original person anyone has ever met.

This lady has vision and wants to help everyone. Just like her male counterpart, she loves to travel and to have a lot of adventure in her life.

Uninterested in traditions, she enjoys hearing about any progressive idea and doesn’t like to change too many things about her personal relationships because she’s very loyal and attached to the memories made next to her lover or closest friends.

Very optimistic and courageous, the Aquarius woman usually sees great things about her future and wants to know a thing or two about her past too.

The Aquarius Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

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