Love Advice Every Aquarius Man Must Know

As the visionary Aquarius man that you are, look carefully at your actions and make sure you don’t appear as too unapproachable.

Aquarius man love advice

The Aquarius man is one of the most curious and knowledge-thirsty people in the zodiac. He’s also exciting, very loyal and caring.

As soon as he has found the woman with whom he can settle, he turns into the most devoted partner who’s also realistic enough to offer his other half a comfortable and fun life.

The best love advice for the Aquarius man:

  • Avoid becoming too self-centred and only interested in your activities because this detachment drives your lover away;
  • Avoid putting pressure on your relationship with too big expectations or being in a hurry;
  • Accept that some things are stuck with us and that you can never change someone else to match you;
  • Listen to your partner and try to follow their passions and this will surely help you connect.

Who are you, really, in love?

You, as an Aquarius man, are very unique and can come up with the most original ideas that you also put into practice. You’re always optimistic, imaginative and smart, but above it all, generous.

Loving to socialize, you’re making new friends wherever you may be going, not to mention you offer them your help each time they need it.

Very altruistic, you’re an Air sign who gives a lot of importance to charitable events and can be fascinated by a discussion about how to fight famine in third world countries.

That special person in your life needs to get you, to understand that you have some special qualities and that you need emotional support.

If she allows her compassionate side out and is open-minded, she could be by your side for a lifetime.

Since you hate getting bored, she also needs to be exciting and ready to engage in new adventures. You love exploring and doing new things, so you need someone who can put up with your energy 24 hours a day.

This is because your life needs to be exciting. Getting bored is completely against what you believe in the most. Your ideal partner should get used to seeing you for a while and then disappearing because, as you love to become more knowledgeable, you don’t stay put for a moment and don’t waste a single moment in your life.

You usually go on adventures for weeks and don’t say anything about where you are. No one can change this about you, which means you need to be with an understanding woman who doesn’t mind not seeing you from time to time, at least at the beginning of the relationship.

You love attention, but this doesn’t mean you’re desperate for it. You just suffer in silence when someone doesn’t talk about you, especially if you deserve it. Your mind is very sharp, and you can answer any question.

The woman who likes you needs to be the same and to keep in mind that you can be very passionate about some causes and emotions. You usually do things because you think they’re right, even if you’re being hurt while doing them.

Since you’re an Air sign, you use your mind before your heart. Because you need to be independent more than anything, you should never spend your time doing the same things.

More than this, you prefer to avoid confrontations and are never jealous. Your mind is your best asset, so you want to be with someone who’s intellectual and has enough patience to discuss all the problems of this world.

The least charming side

Similar to other Air signs, the Aquarius man needs to be physically intimate to not fall out of love. When hurt, he can become completely detached and to no longer care, which can have him seeming cold and harsh.

If you happen to be him, then you have very high ideals and often ignore other important things in life, putting quite a lot of pressure on your loved one.

Advice on dating for Aquarius man

The Aquarius man gives a lot of importance to communication and loves to flirt before committing. He can’t be with someone who doesn’t interact with him from a verbal and mental point of view.

More than this, he’s rather practical than emotional. The woman who’s dating him should know that he needs a very strong connection with her to have a long-lasting relationship.

As soon as he’s feeling intellectually stimulated, he can be very romantic. If you’re an Aquarius man, then you need to have your family and friends accepting the woman you love.

You’re the type to introduce her to the most important people in your life from the very first date. If you happen to be with someone insecure and too self-conscious, things would only become worse for her when with you.

What you want is a girl who’s trustworthy and allows you to be free. You don’t like women who are always worried because you end up leaving them without looking back.

A loyal and independent girl could win your heart forever. If your relationship is going in the direction you want it to go, you’re very talkative and exciting.

This indicates you need to be with someone who has the same interests as you. It’s very likely the time spent with her will be at homeless shelters or trying to save the world.

Since you’re also a philosopher, you very well know that perfection doesn’t exist. However, when in love, you can tolerate a lot and don’t mind helping your other half change.

But you can’t do this forever, not to mention some people can’t change, so you need to learn how to accept the imperfections of your other half.

If you get involved with someone long-term, that person needs to be very careful with you because you can be very sensitive when in a committed relationship, forgetting all about your cool side that only wants to party.

You would never be with a person just for the sake of it. This is because you need to live your dream about love and to feel inspired by your other half.

Your sexual and romantic experiences need to be revolutionary because you see romance as something out of science-fiction movies.

What about the bedroom

The woman who’s looking to be given a lot of attention and emotions in the bedroom should avoid the Aquarius man.

While spiritual, he still can be very detached because he’s looking more to experiment and to make something transcendental out of lovemaking.

He likes being cared for, which means he doesn’t mean being dominated. His most erogenous areas are the ankles and calves because these are the body parts he rules over.

The lady who understands his mind and fantasies will always be his favorite lover. He likes playing with his imagination and is very kinky, so he enjoys toys and sexual games, anything that allows him to experiment more. Having an open mind, he doesn’t mind trying anything.

Expectations in time

When it comes to the ideal partner for the Aquarius man, this is someone surprising and who has a forward way of thinking. He also likes mysterious women because he’s very curious and wants to explore.

If you happen to be an Aquarius, know that you’re a little bit unemotional, which can pretty much tell you a lot about what you want from a relationship.

For example, the woman who has too intense feelings could never be a match for you. Being a fixed sign, you still need to be challenged but don’t like change.

You prefer to know what’s happening and to have a partner that fits into your world because you’re never ready to fit into someone else’s.

At the same time, you hate getting bored, which means you need a lot of variety, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

It’s rare for you to say that you love someone, not to mention you’d rather be single than with a person who doesn’t know how to communicate and can’t understand your ways.

When feeling like someone gets you, it can be said that you’re truly satisfied. You’re the type who pays a lot of attention to choosing a partner because you don’t have your freedom to be threatened or to end up with a person who can’t keep you intellectually stimulated.

Since you need to talk a lot too, the woman who’s always quiet and reserved will never get your attention. Instead, you’ll go for the knowledgeable one who can keep any conversation going. This is who you are and no one can change you, especially since you refuse to be someone else.

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