The Aquarius Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

He will change your world, one day at a time: expect a rollercoaster of emotions.

Don’t think the Aquarius man will do whatever you want him to, because you will only be wrong. He is a self-sufficient libertarian who’s always looking for independence.

You may be a little overwhelmed when meeting an Aquarius for the first time. His intellect could charm you in a split second as he is a visionary with inventive solutions.

Even though he may seem a little unorthodox at times, you’ll learn how to appreciate and take after him.

His ideas are designed to bring some change in the world, but this doesn’t mean he isn’t cerebral and down-to-earth. Don’t ever try to take the Aquarius man’s liberty. It’s all that he values and respects.

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He’ll like unusual things as opposed to what everyone prefers. He is not the one to follow, he is always the one to lead.

He knows how the world works and he will be able to show you too, if you allow him. If you take him out, take him to a bar that sells original cocktails and doesn’t have a common clientele.

Everything about the Aquarius man is non-conformist. He will choose a strange career and will have a curious lifestyle.

As a fixed sign, he can sometimes be single-minded and recalcitrant. He can easily see how what he started could end.

Famous Aquarius men include Bob Marley, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison or James Dean.

Respect his freedom but don’t indulge it

As he treats everything else cheerfully, it’s the same with love for the Aquarius man. Needless to say, he will be playful when it comes to relationships, and he will be charming when required.

This man is not the one to show love in an old-fashioned way. He may not even go down the route of “I love you” when the time is right. He is too unconventional to act like a normal person in matters of romance.

You won’t be taken to a movie for the first date with an Aquarius man. Not to mention brought flowers and chocolate. Be prepared for stars to be named after you, getting tattoos at a Chinese old artist, or riding horses in the woods.

The many friends an Aquarius man has shown how popular and delightful he is. An idealist and an incurable romantic under the rational mask, he is a true friend and a loyal partner.

While capricious, he is also a logical man. You may be surprised with his decisions as he makes unusual choices.

If he is in a relationship in which both partners respect freedom and independence, the Aquarius man is the happiest. He wants a partner who is self-sufficient, like himself. This doesn’t mean, however, that all the Aquarians are looking to be in an open relationship.

He is the one willing to give his life for his partner, and who loves deeply. For him, Romeo and Juliet is not only a play, it’s real life. While some Aquarius people may not act grandiosely, expect from them unconventional gifts.

He treasures the mental attraction and he needs to communicate with his partner before intimacy.

The Aquarius man is a romantic who will hold hands with you. He will love you unconditionally. He treasures the mental attraction and he needs to communicate with his partner before intimacy. Expect him to be innovative in the bedroom, but not necessarily a “laborious lover”.

The Aquarius is governed by Air. If you want to get to his erotic side, discover his mind first. He loves to play mind games before he unleashes himself in the bedroom.

The Aquarius man is bold and loves to experiment. The more open ones will challenge you to do all kind of things like parachute jumping or running a marathon. In the bedroom, the Aquarius man is the same and he will accept any challenge.

The Aquarius who is quieter will never cease to surprise you after he starts to trust you. It may not be easy to reach the quieter Aquarius, but it’s worth to give it a chance. You won’t regret it.

Loving his independence, the Aquarius man won’t commit till he has found the right partner for them. And when he will commit, he will do it happily. His partner needs to be intelligent and understanding.

He wants someone who can cope with the way he sees life. At all times, his independence doesn’t need to be threatened or he will just disappear. When involved, he will not leave quickly when things go bad, but he will show his unhappiness.

The signs with which the Aquarius is the most compatible are Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries.

The friendly visionary

The one to know what the future may bring; an Aquarius will have solutions to problems that some see as unsolvable.

The Aquarius man would make a great leader if he were more flexible. His logic and intelligence can help him to be a good engineer, psychiatrist, investigator, financial consultant, or chemist. As he wants to change the world, he would make a great politician as well.

Don’t be amazed if the Aquarius man you are interested in seems to know everybody. He is, after all, popular and sociable. While these traits characterize him, he can’t be understood by everyone as he hides his feelings and he reacts differently to similar situations.

I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – A famous Aquarius

He plays this game in which he hides himself to see how friends feel about different things. It is advisable that you take part in his game and see what he discovers.

It is only logic that rules an Aquarius man’s wallet. It is difficult to outsmart him in business and he knows where to put his money. He likes to invest only when the risk is analysed. He will read any contract thoroughly before signing.

A team player

This individual is known to enjoy good health. However, because he is so active, he may encounter some problems with his legs. That’s why he needs to be careful when exercising.

It would be more practical for him to practice games that stimulate the mind and not the body. He would be happy to participate in any team activities and sports as he likes to make friends.

While he has many acquaintances, the Aquarius man only has a few friends. He is the nice type and he always seems sure of himself. Some people may find him confusing because he prefers to often distance himself. He is loyal and he knows what true friendship means.

When it comes to fashion and style, the Aquarius man will always dress to look good for himself, not others. Don’t be surprised if he will catch everyone’s eye with his combination of clothes. The jewellery he wears is classy and never opulent.

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