How To Attract An Aquarius Man: Top Tips For Getting Him To Fall In Love

See the kind of woman he is after and how to win his heart.

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Top five tips:
  1. Knowledge is sexy for him.
  2. You need to make him notice you.
  3. Show that you are generous as him.
  4. Be willing to commit for a long time.
  5. Be just as enthusiastic as him.

The Aquarius man is talkative, attractive and eloquent. He surely wants all eyes to be on him, no matter where he may be going.

He’s the flashy person who’ll always have something unconventional about him, and who’ll show up at parties with green pants and a red hat.

This guy will simply not be tied down nor will respect the rules. He’s pragmatic, so don’t expect him to be romantic or pampering. Everything with him should be logical.

If you are the type who throws tantrums when something doesn’t happen as expected, think of getting together with someone else. It could sound discouraging, but he simply isn’t the type to spoil his lover, or shower her with gifts and romantic gestures.

He lives in the moment, and it’s difficult to make him rest even for a minute. This is why it may be complicated to make him notice you, or even to get him to enter a relationship. He’s quite scared of romance, and he avoids as much as possible committing to someone.

As an Air sign, all this guy wants is to roam free, to take on every new challenge. However, if you somehow make him fall in love with you, you can rest assured that he will not be with someone else. He’s quite loyal when he finds someone he truly likes.

Get ready to stand by his side

The most difficult thing when trying to get him is to find him alone. This person is known for having many friends, so he will always be around people who want something from him. Pay attention and catch the Aquarius man in a moment when he’s no longer talking to someone else.

If it’s impossible to have some one-on-one time with him, do something interesting to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Make him curious.

As soon as you have gotten his attention and he’ll be a part of your life, you two are sure to have a good time. This guy is known for being entertaining and always up to something. He likes drama a lot, so be ready to put up with a cascade of things when going out with him.

Excitement is something that characterizes him very much, boredom being a word he didn’t hear of. Put up with his style and you will be together for a long time. He likes smart people, those who are knowledgeable on many subjects. It’s easy to make him fall for you with a nice conversation about politics or the latest in technology.

He’s not wasting time, and he’s always looking to learn new things. Accept the fact that he’s on his way to the next big adventure, and go with him gladly if he’s open to take you.

Without someone who would be able to understand his adventurous side, this guy wouldn’t be himself.

You will not have a single chance to moan about his ways. He won’t allow you to. Eccentric and active, he’ll take you with him everywhere.

If you have something to discuss, adopt a calm and composed attitude. He doesn’t like emotional and clingy people. Be creative. He has the tendency to be impressed when people are imaginative and as fun as he is.

He would love to see you have different views than the rest. Admire him as well. He likes the attention more than anything else in the world.

Discussing new ideas is something he very much enjoys. Bring mature arguments in support of your point, and don’t be scared to express the way you are thinking.

He likes a woman who knows her ground and is ready to challenge him. But be eloquent and have strong arguments. The more independent you are in your thinking, the more he will like you.

He will change your perspective on love

The Aquarius man likes to keep personal things personal, so don’t expect him to share details of your relationship with everyone. He will do whatever he can to keep things positive and light.

Cheerful and always optimistic, you’ll want to be around him all day long. It would be better if you’d first be friends and after that lovers. He likes to have a relationship of friendship with the one he loves. He’s quite loyal, and when he goes on his adventures, he sometimes distances himself from the partner.

This is one of the most generous and helpful signs of the zodiac. He’ll do anything to contribute to the greater good and help his community. He sometimes puts the problems of others above his.

Don’t think he doesn’t love you anymore, he’s just being altruistic and giving. He wishes for a better world, and he’s aware of the fact that his contribution matters.

It doesn’t matter what you may have thought of love until you have met him, be ready to have your mentality changed. He has these interesting concepts and ideas that you won’t see in anyone else. Many people like him for his views. It is not likely that he will cheat on you.

When he commits to a person, he doesn’t change his mind, maybe only if he gets bored. But you’ll need to be strong and independent if you want him in your life for a very long time.

He is intelligent and witty, and he likes someone who’s the same, a lady who can stand on her own two feet without someone holding her hand.

Take initiative. He doesn’t mind when the woman leads. This is not the old-fashioned type of man who wants the woman to cook and the man to go out to the bar. Talk about social issues and humanitarian actions, and you will get to his heart.

Just a little bit of craziness

It’s normal for the Aquarius man to judge too fast. So be friends first, and give him the chance to know you better, to fall for you.

Keep in mind that he’s a free spirit who thinks logically. If you’re too jumpy and a mess, you won’t attract him a bit.

He’s the type who’s loyal for life, but this doesn’t mean he won’t accept to turn a friendship into something romantic. Because he thinks too much, the Aquarius man can forget how to express his feelings. This is what makes him bad at relationships.

If you have just met him and he seems like he doesn’t care about you, or he even blows you off, don’t despair. This is what he does when he’s into someone.

Be positive and always there to support him. His mind is always bouncing between new ideas, so get used to the fact that he can’t stick with something for too long. If you are a person who innovates and brings new ideas to the table, he’ll love you forever.

He likes to be supported and stimulated more than anything else. Everyone is unique in their own way. If you want to impress the Aquarius man, you need to discover what makes you special and show it to him.

Be a little bit crazy as he is like this himself. Do things other people would be scared of, like bungee jumping or going out on a date on a yacht. He is an honest person, so he expects others to be the same.

Don’t try to manipulate him. He will immediately realize if you are lying, and it will be difficult to earn his trust again. Show him you are independent and strong, but make sure you give him enough time and space to analyze what is going on between you two.

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