Aquarius Flirting Style: Witty and Pleasant

If you’re wondering how to seduce an Aquarius, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

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To an Aquarius, flirt is all about what you can do to grab the other’s attention, with as much spontaneity and unpredictability as possible. They will easily get distracted by other stimuli, especially intellectual ones, like a vivid and complex subject coming up in their ear-shot. And they can’t resist the temptation to involve themselves in such an interesting and intriguing discussion.

TraitsAquarius flirting in action
Attentive They notice details you wouldn’t even think of.
Physical Physical contact is important for them.
Safe They will not cheat or manipulate.
Passionate There is something fiery in their approach.
Distracted They will change their mind a million times.

Coming back to the specific Aquarius flirting style, it’s based on these natives’ predilection towards communication and sociable likeableness, and on their quick-witted nature.

They love their partners to be as smart as a whip, and perceptive enough to notice the small details hiding behind the surface. As such, their initial encounters could be described as being mental, rather than physical ones.

Furthermore, they excel at this kind of flirting technique, and you will get from it almost the same sensations as when having sex, only on a mental level. They are perfectly capable to intrigue you to the utmost levels, with tiny bits of information, as well as the great amount of mysterious knowledge that they have access to.

A paroxysm of the mind will engulf you for the time being, as long as they keep at it. On the other hand, in the strictest sense of the word, Aquarius individuals aren’t as good at traditional flirting, because they can’t seem to accurately measure out the level of interest of an individual, as well as what they should do at that time. One thing is sure though, that they are very unrestrained and disinterested in mere commonalities.

Aquarius flirting body language

Aquarians are very self-reflective and self-aware, and if they notice that they’ve been for too long in one place, or if they realize that they’ve kept on talking for such a long time that most people have begun to frown, they will retreat rather quickly.

That is, if you don’t assure them that it’s actually the opposite, and that you’re very interested in what they have to say. This time, they will actually be better than the previous one, because these natives are all about observation and analysis, they will try to become better and better every day, just for you.

As for cues on their approach, it’s pretty easy to spot them. They’ll focus on the person they like and try to initiate physical contact as well.

Contrary to the common belief, Aquarians are actually pretty complex and unpredictable when it comes to flirting, because they have many ways in which to express their affection.

And it’s not just about that, but about their crazy self-control over their feelings and emotions. When most people would give up to their impulses and go on for a kiss, they will still play around coyly, seduce the partner even further, or even play the cold game, which is really a masterstroke of self-control.

Psychologically, the Aquarians have a master’s degree, with one step into a doctorate, because they can perfectly take care of their minds, so as not to create any waves around.

As such, they will release all the telltale signs of a person in love by ways of flirtatious behavior, but they’re doing it in the most inconspicuous way possible.

They will look at you constantly, but always under the cover of a seemingly innocent and common gesture. There is, however, a pretty safe method to see where they’re coming from, and that is by paying attention to their body behavior.

They will always try to copy the physical moves and posture of those they like, almost unconsciously. So, if you see them trying to do that slick dance move they’ve seen you doing, it’s a pretty strong indicator that they might be into you.

How to flirt with an Aquarius

Knowing how to flirt based on the general tips out there doesn’t net you a guaranteed win with an Aquarius, because they go far beyond what mere flirt means to most people.

Traditional compliments, sexual innuendos and a round on the house impresses them as much as drinking coffee in the morning. It’s just another routine that they’ve gotten bored with, and they want to try something new.

So, if you want to truly get this native’s attention and interest, then do try to be a little spontaneous, innovative, and creative, so as to impress them permanently, leave a little memento in their hearts. Because they are so unrestrained and carefree, it’ll be hard to pinpoint their weak spots, but there are some that you could use.

One of the weird things about the Aquarians, but also the one thing that makes them worth it, is that they first want to become best friends with someone before moving even further.

In other words, what other people see as friend-zone, these natives perceive as the most natural way towards a relationship. After all, they want to see if the other is able and willing to support them unconditionally, just like a best friend would.

When you can’t even be there for them in the hardest moments, what makes you worth it to be there when they’re happy and don’t need any help?

Most importantly, they are very sociable and communicative individuals, so jealousy is a waste of time and uncalled for, because they’re not going to resort to betrayal any time soon and it doesn’t even occur to them that they could flirt with several people at a time.

Aquarius man flirting

With Aquarian men, it’s quite simple to see what does and does not attract their attention, or better yet, what fascinates and keeps them glued in their place. He loves his partners to be able to follow in his tracks, as far as intellect goes. He will want to talk to you about the mysteries of the Universe, the origins of life, the secrets of the Multiverse, and so on.

So varied and complex are his interests, that most people just shiver at the thought of accompanying them on such a journey of the mind. The thing is, most are incapable of doing that, because he won’t just take anyone there, but only those who can appreciate it.

He could even bypass the most attractive woman, no matter how much she may try to capture his attention, if he only sees a superficial shell in her. He most definitely doesn’t fall for cheap tricks and will disrespect the person trying them from second one.

Aquarius woman flirting

Charisma and charms, these are the main weapons of the Aquarian woman, and she makes use of them in quite a brilliant way, building up her impeccable reputation throughout the many social events that she goes to.

Everyone is entertained and feels like they’ve been given a great honor when she enters the fray, because she behaves in a dignified, yet carefree manner, something worth of admiration.

They are the shining stars of every meeting, the individuals whose presence vitalizes the entire atmosphere, as everyone begins sizzling with anticipation at what she could do next.

Not necessarily the maiden in distress but her flirting style is complex, one moment she is trying to entice her love interest by appearing a strong and focused woman, looking down on love and emotions, the second she will play a needy woman, fragile and in need for guidance. This is her way of playing with and exaggerating different aspects of her personality.

Secretly, she does crave for a man who can comfort her and keep her safe so any gesture alluding to this, even when you’ve just met, is going to make an impact.

Whilst not a big fan of big romantic gestures, she will still be impressed with a well-thought gift, especially if it is linked to something she has mentioned she cares about.

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