Does the Leo Woman Cheat? Signs She May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Leo partner is cheating by observing how distant but demanding she is towards you and how she keeps trying new things.

Leo woman cheating

The Leo women are people of great character. Their personalities leave a strong impact on anybody that crosses their path. It’s easy for a Leo to leave their imprint on someone.

It’s often that the Leo won’t cheat on their partners and will stay loyal, but in their minds it’s them that are being cheated on. These thoughts will keep popping up even if it’s not the case. Wild imagination you got there, girl!

Five signs a Leo woman is cheating on you:

  1. She is not as jealous anymore as she used to be.
  2. She is behaving in strange ways and comes up with new demands.
  3. She always seems to be on edge in your presence.
  4. She is trying new things and has made changes to her style.
  5. She has given up on doing anything special for you.

Is the Leo woman faithful?

The Queens of the jungle will always appreciate loyal subjects that drape them in veneration. The blue bloods of the zodiacs, Leos will bask in the fire of love once they find the one for them.

But that might prove to be difficult, seeing as how they can’t help but batt their eyelashes to whomever provides them with more attention or appreciation.

This makes it difficult for the Leo woman to stay loyal, as anybody pretty that has words of praise for them might catch their interest.

Being the mate of this lioness is a pleasant dream, sure. Why would it be a dream? Well, because of how much a Leo expects from her partner, of course! Wait, you didn’t know? Leos always try to be the shiniest diamond in the pile.

They will look for the perfect partner to fall in love with you. That’s why it will be hard to make the Leo commit to you long term, because you simply can’t be perfect. It’s something people simply lack, but the Leo will still expect that of you.

How to know if a Leo woman is cheating on you

One of the main reasons for a Leo to cheat would be the lack of attention they’re getting from their partner. As stated previously, they’ll often think it’s you that’s cheating, not them.

This is due to their more than jealous personality. While it doesn’t take much to make a Leo jealous, be careful about how you treat her and act around her.

You don’t want her making a fuss out of nothing, do you? Leos also tend to cheat due to financial reasons, as they have quite a sweet tooth for the expensive things in life.

Difficult is a word that will often pop up in your head while together with a Leo. There are many cases in which your Leo will seem aloof.

That’s just how she is. She’ll focus more on herself or other aspects of her life rather than you, her partner. But this isn’t permanent.

Leo women, when in love, will show fierce affection. They’ll comb your every need as an ever-loving lioness that cares and protects her loved ones.

Once she makes up her mind, which rest assured, will take a while, she will most definitely prove to be a faithful partner.

But her overall perseverance in being inflexible will often be the cause of many men being pushed away. This shouldn’t be considered a downfall. The Leo is simply iron willed and will bow down to no one.

Getting your Leo to stay loyal is somewhat easy. You see, Leo women have hearts of gold and an ego to stand at the top with it. That’s why all you have to do is shower her with affection.

Show her how attentive you are to all her deeds and qualities and she’s sure to fall quicker for you. She’ll always need reminders of how great she is.

No, not because she’d forget if you didn’t, God forbid a Leo having a poor opinion about herself. You have to remind her of her greatness because she wants to know you haven’t forgotten how amazing she is.

The Leo will look for qualities rivaling her own when looking for a partner. You got to be perfect to share in on her perfection. If you got what she’s looking for then make sure that the Leo woman will make you her King of the jungle.

Signs a Leo woman is cheating on you – Leos tend to be faithful, but one way to find out if she’s cheating or not is to keep your eyes peeled for strange behavior. While they might not be cheaters, they are great at twisting, turning and hiding the truth.

However, in doing so, the guild they will feel will eventually make the truth rise to the surface. If they do choose to cheat on you, a self-resentment will take root in their heart and this will be easily noticed. So stay cautious.

The search for the thrills of life is a never ending one with this sign. Always on the lookout for new things to do and new fires to light in their lives.

This makes it hard for this lion to stop strolling around and settle down with a partner. Committing to one person is difficult for the and if she does end up in a long-term relationship, it might turn out not to be so long after all.

Just like a mother lioness, the Leo woman, when in love, will fiercely protect her partner. Keep away from her love cub if you don’t want your hands bitten off.

If you have something bad to say about the target of her affection, you better be sure she’ll retaliate in a way that you might not enjoy. A Leo woman will go through anything with her partner and for her partner.

Keeping the bed activities, well… active, is a sure way to make your Leo stay. Their sex drive is as needy as their ego. Keep things fiery and interesting and keep your Leo asking for more.

You really need to make sure that your Leo never forgets exactly how much she means to you. And not only that, you have to make sure she knows you know exactly why she should mean that much to you.

Confusing? Not really. The Leo holds an entire arsenal of qualities at her disposal that are worthy of praise. She’s passionate, intelligent, loyal, trust-worthy, protective and an overall amazing lover.

If you’re not aware of this by now, then why are you even wasting her time anymore?

The Leo is a sucker for hope. But her hope is not in vain. She knows that there is a solution for anything and she’ll be hell-bent on finding it. This makes them a beacon for people to gather around as it provides a sense of security and competence.

The Leo woman’s reaction to being cheated on

While this woman loves drama as much as the next gal, they will not defy their nature.

They will keep their royalty about them and will not exaggerate in reactions when finding out you’ve been backstabbing her and betraying everything that she’s done for you.

In truth, she’ll bury this story so deep, nobody will ever know it happened. Why? Well, she doesn’t want her perfect white sheet of accomplishments tainted by a line saying she has a cheating spouse. Who would want that, after all?

She’s gotten past it now, that’s great. But don’t take this for granted. A third chance will not come for you. Instead, you will get to visit the inside of the active volcano which is her fury.

Careful, she might also be thinking about what punishment you’d require so that you learn your lesson. And with how inventive she can get, pity is advised for the fool that breaks her heart twice.

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