Break Up With a Leo Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This can easily turn into a real theatre play because she will love to turn dramatic and throw all the blame on you.

Leo woman break up

Those who are no longer interested in the drama, suspicions, conflicting nature or in being told they may have been mistaken could try and find a time when their Leo woman is not home and move their stuff.

When noticing a breakup is about to happen, Leos are sure to roar and to make a scene. Those trying to end things with them want to exit their life fast and without too much fuss should avoid allowing these natives to take on any more responsibilities in their relationship.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Leo woman:

  1. Never go for a messy break up with this one, because you will regret it.
  2. She will be very dramatic and make everything about her.
  3. Be prepared to reject proposals for a second chance.
  4. She will be more upset about her personal failing than the relationship.
  5. She might be put off from love for a while.

Leo women shouldn’t be explained what went wrong with the relationship. Instead, they should be treated with kindness and flattered to the point where they’re agreeing with everything the other is saying. It’s a good idea to never tell Leos the relationship with them has been boring because this can cut out any opportunity of getting back together with them ever again.

How to break up with the Leo woman

Everyone is aware of the fact that Leos really love role-playing and exaggerating, which means a breakup from them can easily turn into a theater play.

The Leo woman will make sure she’s reminding her man a breakup means betrayal or that she has always been there for him, through good and bad times.

She’ll also bring into the light any communication her partner may have had with his exes and say he would have probably been happier without her.

After this, she’ll start crying without giving any sign that she may ever stop. Just before her man will try to make a move and tell her that she’s special, she’ll decide to exit the room dramatically, maybe even breaking something on her way for her feelings to be accurately expressed.

This lady should never be told that she isn’t special because this will only make her fight more. She has to be admired because her first reaction when confronted with a breakup is to think that she may have failed the relationship.

Some of the Leo women can start showing physical sickness and may get heartburn, others will decide to overindulge in pleasure and to go out as much as possible, treating everyone with drinks and having a good time.

As soon as no longer thinking about the breakup, which could happen after a week or so, the Leo woman may feel the need to fall in love again because she thinks she shouldn’t be deprived of romanticism.

This lady will never forget the person who left her on her own.

Many men who have broken up with Leo women have ended up being scarred for a lifetime. Those who don’t want to end up emotionally hurt after ending things with a Leo woman should be aware of how to dump this woman the right way.

There are many things for them to consider when doing just so. First of all, they have to understand their soon-to-be ex strongly believes success is the only way to go and failure is never an option.

Furthermore, this lady loves to take credit for everything that goes on very well, not to mention that when dealing with failure, she’ll blame everyone else for it, without even considering she may have done something wrong as well.

What she doesn’t know is that this kind of attitude is sure to bring about failure into her life. Since she can’t accept that she has many flaws, just like everyone else, she won’t be able to fix what’s wrong with her, thing that can truly impede this lady from achieving success.

The Leo woman is unable to think something going wrong may be her fault. Others are to blame for each and every one of her failures, doing this especially when it comes to love.

Therefore, the man trying to break up with her should focus on what he has done wrong and talk to her about it. It may be difficult to do so, but it’s absolutely necessary because otherwise, he may have to deal with too much drama when interacting with her again, not to mention she can be outrageous when angered.

She has a lot of passion burning inside her heart, so she can burn anyone with her harsh words. There’s no wonder those who have had Leos in their life at some point can never really move forward after the break up with these natives.

Most likely, when they’ve broken up with them, they’ve been told very harsh words or done some things meant to scare them forever. Therefore, those who don’t want to deal with how Leos are handling breakups should focus the discussion on what they’ve done wrong themselves.

This can be helpful in order to fix some things about themselves and to make their future relationships more interesting. The man trying to get rid of the Leo woman should think about the fact that his words are very meaningful for her.

This lady can’t be approached about a separation at any time, which means timing is very important when it comes to dumping a lady with such a volatile personality.

Her thoughts and feelings need to be properly read before initiating the talk about separation. She shouldn’t be blamed for what went wrong because it’s very possible for her to reveal her quick-temper in this situation.

As a matter of fact, not blaming her is a golden rule when someone is trying to part ways with this woman. The best idea for the man trying to do this is to blame himself.

Saying she’s the only responsible for the end of their relationship can only bring about disaster because she’ll surely fight this affirmation, not to mention how much she’ll freak out hearing that she may have done something wrong.

It would be a good idea to tell her bad things are happening for no reason sometimes and that’s the situation with the breakup from her as well.

Things should be left here and the man trying to dump this lady mustn’t get too personal with her. Making this woman feel like a failure is not a good idea either because she thinks of failure as of the worst that could ever happen.

Therefore, getting too personal with her should be avoided, especially for the man who doesn’t want things to become uncontrollable.

He doesn’t have to lie about anything because it’s very true relationships can sometimes fail for no reason.

The Leo woman wants her exes to still think about her after every breakup. If she happens to be in a relationship but she’s posting breakup songs on her Twitter, her partner can be sure things between them two are going to end very soon.

How does a Leo woman handle a breakup?

Leo women are known for giving their heart forever to their partners. They simply love giving themselves completely when in a relationship, not to mention their loyalty can’t be equaled.

It’s easy for them to change their mind about a separation, but when getting dumped themselves, things can be a little bit different, their first reaction in such a situation being of shock.

It’s very likely for them to never think of a breakup until their partner does. When noticing nothing can’t be done for their relationship to work, they’ll make a scene and exit the life of their lover in a grandiose way.

Their symbol being the lion, these natives are energetic and extravagant, also completely fascinated by love because they’re belonging to the Fire element and the organ they’re ruling over is the heart.

It’s possible for them to be infatuated about their relationships, but as soon as noticing the fire in their love life is out, they’ll to think of a breakup as they don’t want their pride to be hurt.

It’s difficult for these natives to understand that someone is no longer interested in them, which is also the reason why they’re feeling a tremendous anguish inside their heart during these moments.

When being left behind by a partner, Leos can no longer see the sun shining on their street, being heartbroken and not at all afraid to show their feelings.

While many may think of them as too dramatic when grieving, they’re sincere about the pain in their heart, but at least their friends will always give them a hand, so they’ll deal with it.

Thankfully, it’s easy for these natives to bounce back from suffering. The amount of pain they’re feeling is pretty much dependent on who initiated the breakup.

If they’re the ones dumping, they’d think the other person was screwing up their life and the suffering wouldn’t even exist.

However, if being dumped, they won’t be able to understand how the other is not seeing their awesomeness. They’re like the black holes in space, that need to absorb everything and everyone in.

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