Leo Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Leo woman is going to say exactly what she wants from the start and is not one to hide beneath the finger in good times and bad.

woman with a Leo sign

When it comes to love, Leo women are strong and determined to achieve their goals, to find a partner who respects and admires them for their qualities, great beauty, and unmatched intelligence.

Pros Cons
She is an excellent flirt.She can be jealous and obsessive.
She is great at giving advice.She sometimes doesn’t care about hurting others.
She will take her partner’s dreams seriously.She comes off as cold and detached.

The Lioness is very ambitious and unwavering in the face of adversities. She has a razor-sharp focus and she knows exactly what she’s looking for in a relationship.

She’s one to go for what she wants

Her natural aura is that of a ruler, an incredibly attractive queen that rules the minds of weaker mortals through her presence. No one can hope to resist her commands, and you can only submit.

In a relationship, the Leo woman wants to be admired, to be the apple of her partner’s eyes, for him to worship her, nothing less.

She has the best opinion about her, that she’s the most beautiful and smartest one out there. What more could you want other than her?

Why would you look at other women when you have her there? She’s always straightforward and honest with her feelings and expectations, and she doesn’t have any secret plans of dominating or taking control of you.

What she wants, she’s going to tell you straight from the beginning. Know how to appreciate her and she’s going to put her life on the line for you.

If this sounds like something you could do, then good job, you have a great chance to be her lover. Just don’t focus on her mistakes and downsides because she doesn’t like that at all.

She has enough qualities and sublime character traits for you to forget about the bad sides. Just know that your relationship will start with her imposing her magnificence on you, putting herself out there.

Jealously is not a characteristic of this woman because her partner usually understands the dangers of her getting suspicious. Don’t be the guy who gets shredded to pieces by her leonine ferocity.

It’s a rarity to see a Leo woman alone, without the company of some desirous men wanting to get her attention and impress her. The fact is, she exudes a maddening lust and sensuality, as well as the iron will and confidence that no one can match her.

Men are simply there to admire and bow before her magnificence because she can pick out just about anyone.

Her arrogant and overly-confident personality point to the fact that she will first love herself and then think about the partner. It’s good that she’s also very fulfilled when she offers love and affection to someone else.

Romantically, this woman will be the first to open herself up, allowing her partner to roam freely through her heart and inner world, but the price for this is pretty high.

The Leo woman will take her partner through the most extreme of experiences, both sexually and emotionally. Her sensual and fiery nature make her a foxy and very desirable woman, a queen in her own right.

She can be very generous and kind to her subjects or become a tyrannical and unforgiving ruler that metes out punishment. It doesn’t matter if she’s a dominative or submissive sexual partner. You will have to please her nonetheless.

Just remember that you will get scars, bite marks and feel quite exhausted after a night with her.

A shy man who expects an equal relationship and a calm woman will curse his remaining days for meeting the Leo native. She is the exact opposite of this, an eccentric and exuberant woman who will joke with you, and even make fun if you allow her.

Don’t ever get in the way of her target or end-goal because she will find ways to destroy you. As for sex, your shyness and lack of knowledge will be supplemented by her rapacious energy and desire.

She’s open to spicing things up

It would seem surprising now when we tell you that the Leo woman can be a very devoted, loving and giving partner. How could her self-centered and arrogant attitude ever meet eyes with the idea of selfless generosity and unconditional love?

Well, it’s true, because she has feelings as well, and she loves her partner endlessly, with her passionate and ferocious energy. For all the arguments and conflicts, all the bickering and mockery, her love will grow even faster, and her sexual cravings will get even more intense.

She’s very proud of her body and sexual techniques, but she’s also open to learning new stuff to spice things up. Her imagination and creativity know no bounds.

The problem of commitment always appears on the list of possible reasons for a disaster. She cannot precisely appreciate her priorities, in that either her professional life or family life gets the most attention.

If the Leo woman isn’t feeling enough then she’s not going to soften up, and her attention will be focused on herself. As her partner, it’s your job to get her attention and put yourself out there as the most important.

However, when she takes a decision, there’s no going back and it’s good to know this from the very beginning. No one can control her or make her submit.

Looking at her being surrounded by friends, admirers and all sorts of people from all walks of life, you wouldn’t think that she’s looking for a partner. Why would she need one?

She must be happy with all that attention and admiration, right? Not exactly, no. A relationship is a lot more private and intimate, more meaningful than mere social relationships.

She’s looking for that special man who makes her feel fulfilled and satisfied, a passionate bonding of the souls. The Leo woman will reveal and unleash her savagery to whoever is strong enough to take it.

There are a few tips for keeping this woman happy. Compliment her, encourage her to think outside the box and get out of the comfort zone, and make her smile.

Never try to take the spotlight away from her, and always praise her in front of others. Romantic and loving gestures will make her shiver as well, like kissing her unexpectedly or buying her a gift.

The simple things matter the most, even to her. Also, don’t just stand behind her and let her hog all the attention. You are her partner, and she’s confident in your presence as well. Get yourself out there and walk alongside her.

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