How To Attract A Leo Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

The kind of man she wants in her life and how to seduce her.

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Top five tips:
  1. Shower her with compliments.
  2. Be generous and protective.
  3. Don’t be possessive or controlling.
  4. Be a fun companion for her.
  5. Keep your optimism levels high.

Think about where Leos shine the brightest and use that to your advantage – taking her out to a public event and letting her flaunt is a perfect example.

So too is showering her with compliments that have come from the heart – she is that wise to know if you’re being genuine or not. The key though is to slow the pace and not rush, use your majestic charm and superb wit to win her over.

A general rule that you can’t go wrong with is showing your female Leo affection…and lots of it. This kind of thing goes down well because in reality, her ego often needs stroking.

In actual fact, the Leo woman is prone to feeling vulnerable at times, despite her outward behaviour saying otherwise. She’ll need an arm around the shoulder when things aren’t going her way.

In fact, the more public these gestures are, the better. Showing everyone in your vicinity how much she is loved and adored only serves to give her an ego-boost, which needless to say will score you extra points.

This extends to her tastes too – big, bold and beautiful are what she enjoys most. Fine wines, luxury chocolates and incredible restaurants are the order of the day. The more lavish the lifestyle, the happier she will be.

Of course, the flip side to this is that things can very quickly become mundane to her. It’s important then to make sure you’re always trying to be creative in what you do, where you go and what you talk about.

A sure-fire remedy to a Leo’s tendency to become bored is humour – making her laugh means you’ll have little to worry about.

Another way would be to change the way you view your relationship – it should be a voyage of discovery for the both of you, an exploit into tasting the various things that life has to offer.

When it comes to dating the Leo woman, stop thinking dinner and the movies, and start thinking surfing, abseiling and putting three figures on red at the casino. This speaks to her spontaneous side and soon you’ll find that you’re winning her heart.

A somewhat risky tactic may even be to drop hints that she isn’t the only lady on your radar (whether this is true or not). This will engage her competitive streak, making her fire burn hotter and more intensely in a bid to make you hers.

Genuine compliments will do the trick

A Leo’s natural desire to be the best means they will often pour huge amounts of effort into looking their utmost best.

This is why genuine compliments about her are a common-sense thing to do. A comment about her beautiful eyes or dazzling smile go a long way with Leo’s.

The end goal of this really is to make her realise that she is the most important person in your life, and that there is no other woman like her. Don’t worry about beating around the bush here, be direct and she’ll appreciate this.

It goes without saying then that she also takes pride in your appearance too – so be sure to turn up in your finest garments, as she wants to feel that she can pride with you walking alongside her.

This is something that you’ll need to continue even in your own time, ensuring you remain in shape by exercising and being proactive in keeping your wardrobe up to date with the latest trends too. After all, she does all these things herself, so she expects the same from you.

Even the most mundane of activities – like going to your local grocery store – require you to be looking presentable.

Leo women subvert the usual stereotypes that are typically associated with gender roles in relationships – she will seldom be the submissive half.

This is the way she likes it, so don’t try to take the ropes yourself. Don’t be surprised either to find her making the decisions either, so if she’s made plans for the pair of you to go out tonight, this is absolutely normal for our female Leo.

Trying to assert authority over her is a great way to ruin your chances with her. Instead, you should rather agree with her and generally allow her to exert her authority.

That said, she’s not looking for a pushover either. She cannot resist a powerful man, because she sees him as her equal.

This excites her, as she knows the journey will be just as joyous as the destination she has in her mind – and she will get there too, as mentioned earlier, nothing but the best will do.

This ambitious nature forms a huge part of her character. She has goals, dreams and wishes that she’s going to achieve, in an ideal world she wants you to help her get there.

With this in mind, you should do what you can, offering suggestions and support for your Lioness where you can.

What to avoid with your Leo lady

Central to a Leo woman’s persona is her ego, so it goes without saying that you should never try to curb it, despite the fact that her pride may tempt you to do otherwise.

Taking the centre stage away from her is also a huge no-no. She wasn’t born to be anywhere other than at the centre of everyone’s attention, so let her be there. Better yet, encourage her to be there and show her that you want her to be in the spotlight.

This heightened ego means that you shouldn’t subject her to any sort of criticism, privately or publicly, otherwise you’re only harming your chances of being with her.

Just like the animal that characterises this sign, Leo women are territorial and know exactly what is theirs. This includes you – so any temptations you might have to engage in a bit of harmless flirting with another lady will be met with great vengeance and furious anger. Only then will you feel the true heat from this Fire sign.

If you’re the kind of man that likes to ‘play the field’, you’ll have little chance with a Leo woman. If she gets any kind of hint that you may be the unfaithful type, she’ll turn away and that will be that.

Acts of disloyalty are deemed as unforgivable in her eyes. On the other hand, showing your love and faithfulness to a woman in Leo and she will return it multiple times over.

The same logic applies to lying – even the smallest white lie is not appreciated to say the least and will only serve to put more distance between you and your Lioness.

Leo’s like to live to the max, so showing her that you’re the outgoing type that can crack a few jokes will only draw her in. It’s this kind of behaviour that will increase the possibility of you becoming her long-term partner.

Do the opposite and she will quickly become bored. Remember, she is looking for someone to fan her flames so she can burn brighter, not someone who starves her of the air she needs.

What you need to keep in mind about the Leo woman

A Leo woman will stand out in any environment thanks to her naturally regal flair. Exhibiting all the qualities that you might expect from a fire sign, she commands attention through her strength, elegance and agility. What you need to know is that she wants a man who sparkles and shines just as much as she does.

Your primary focus then should be exuding confidence like no other man in the room. She’s partial to as many compliments as you can throw at her too – there’s no such thing as too much flattery when it comes to our Leo woman as they simply can’t get enough.

This approach doesn’t just apply to your first encounter though, you should have a plan formulated in your mind when asking her out.

Just as a Fire shines bright, so too do Leo women. As a result, there is seldom a dull moment, often leading to a thirst for more. She’s spontaneous, energetic and isn’t afraid of putting herself out there.

By nature, she is a generous soul – except her heightened self-confidence means she is most generous to herself.

Your female Leo will love with all she has though, such is her persona, though this can be overpowering at times. Therefore, it is wise to let her have her way and not fight her desires, but not to a point where she begins to dictate your day-to-day life.

The best way to do this is by exhibiting your regal qualities in order to compliment hers so that you can enjoy her company, rather than letting it become something that affects you for the worse.

Her spontaneity and self-esteem mean you never quite know what’s round the corner – giving you the kind of thrill seldom found elsewhere in the zodiac.

This inflated sense of confidence means she isn’t looking for a protector, but rather someone who will stand tall alongside her, ready to take on the world together. She’s also blessed with maturity too making her a highly passionate and strong life partner.

Given that your Leo woman rarely goes unnoticed, it’s fair that she demands to be the best in all she sets out to do.

This goes for relationships too – her home will be the most comfortable, she will cherish you like no other and will display a loyalty that is unmatched. Sometimes however this does manifest itself as fussiness – often even the best just isn’t good enough for her.

As you might expect then, she isn’t one to take a backseat in the bedroom. Instead, she roars like the Lioness that she is. It’s important to note though that developing a strong mental connection is vital for her to be able to enjoy a vibrant sex life.

What you can be sure of then is that one-night stands simply aren’t for her – she needs to feel a connection and take it as far as possible. Often is the case that the vast majority of men cannot meet her expectations.

Therefore, it is crucial that you understand that seducing a woman in Leo is no easy feat. She isn’t scared to turn you away if she feels you aren’t up to her high standards.

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