Leo Flirting Style: Determined and Proud

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Leo, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

Couple heart sign

Leos are in no way any different when they flirt from how they are in general. They remain the warrior kings of the zodiac who will fill up the atmosphere with stories of their valiant adventures, and exaggerate their contributions most of the time.

TraitsLeo flirting in action
Physical Their touch leaves sparks behind.
Determined There is no way you can escape them.
Mesmerizing They dazzle with how well they feel in their skin.
Unrestrained Their libertine behavior knows no boundaries.
Competitive They thrive when they are fighting for attention.

They regale their public, and a specific someone, with these events, and if they begin to also include you in their adventures, then that’s a pretty evident sign that they’re into you.

After all, we all know that these natives love to be in the spotlight, to bask in the glory of being complimented and showered with impressions of their bravery.

If they decide to share that glory with you, then it becomes evident how important you are to them.

They want to look good, and for that they will put in a lot of efforts, from trying on splendid and flashy clothes, to choosing a modern haircut. They have their own style and determination, and want to fuel their insane egos in this way.

Flirtatious individuals, the Leo natives act boldly and with great confidence, leaving nothing to be desired, for themselves, or for others. They realize that it’s just not worth it to hesitate and waste a good chance at happiness, besides the fact that shyness would just not play well with their highly egotistical selves.

It’s only natural that they are able to make use of almost any sort of opportunity to put themselves in the spotlight and shine like a bright star.

They sure are the blazing suns of the zodiac, ever resplendent and shining like the brightest star, but they can also fade away into nothingness in a split second, if they put their trust in someone undeserving.

A flirty Leo tends to be very emotional and loving, and some may want to take advantage of them, because these natives want for nothing else than to meet the fated one, and to establish a family together. They’re looking for the perfect partner to walk alongside with for the rest of their lives, and they are adamant on finding her, even from the moment they lay their eyes on you, their flirting style will transmit this.

Leo flirting body language

Everyone knows when a Leo enters the fray, because he’s the one with the most gusto going about him, laughing the hardest, and he’s in general the individual whom all others look at, and if fate wills it, so too will the one he loves.

But, in general, Leos will take care to attract the attention of everyone around them, and so there’s bound to be something that catches the attention of that special someone.

They will make it their goal to find out exactly what that stimulus is, in the meantime going about their daring routine, dancing like crazy and talking on endless.

They will offer their partners the greatest time of their life, filled with inspiring and intriguing experiences, where you don’t know what is what, and where you can expect just about anything, although the settings are suggestive, to say the least.

Until they find that weak spot to attack, they will invite you on the dance floor and rock your brains out, and might even French-kiss you if you’re not too careful. They’re going to act as if it was something completely normal anyway, while also winking at you, giving subtle hints that it could be much more than that.

On top of that, there’s going to be the ever-present show of manliness and bravery, emphasized if there’s any competition that desires the same woman. If not, then they’ll just stay focused on giving their lover the special treatment, covering them with love and affection from dusk ‘till dawn.

They will drop very “subtle” hints at your door, and will expect the ball to return with double the strength and intensity. Otherwise, they’re going to give up eventually, if nothing exciting will happen.

How to flirt with a Leo

Leos are incredibly egocentric and want your full attention, they want to see you trying to seduce and persuade them, and only them.

If you so much as look at another while you’re entertaining them, they’re going to notice it right away and become outraged. They’ll feel insulted and will quickly get away from you, because it’s obvious that you don’t know how to appreciate perfection.

A little bit of competition will be perfect to ensure you have secured their attention as well. Remember not to show how wonderful you are entirely, firstly because you don’t want to scare them from the start and secondly because you need to keep them invested in discovering more, with time.

The thing is, it’s totally worth it to control yourself and dedicate completely towards their person for the entire night, because they will, in turn, reciprocate in many ways that you’ll find to be incredible.

Flirting and sweet-talking flows through these natives’ veins, and romanticism is their middle name. They love to pounce on unsuspecting victims, dazzling them with their greatness, as well as being the subject of such attempts from others.

If they like what their partners have to offer, then they’ll turn to jelly almost immediately, and respond with even more love than was offered.

Everything always has to do with attention, compliments and, obviously, the spotlight, because that’s what matters the most to Leos, getting their deserved appreciation.

What did they do to deserve it? They exist, what else? They sanctify the very places that they tread upon, their very presence being akin to the most sacred beings.

And so, do keep in mind to never criticize or emphasize their downsides, under no circumstances, ever, because that’s just going to put them off, in a big way.

Instead, talk about how great and charming they are, that you haven’t met someone quite like them. That’s sure to get their egos a big boost.

Leo man flirting

It’s pretty easy to spot a Leo in love, because he will start bragging about his income and about the great advantages one would have if they were to be in a relationship with him.

Women like to be pampered and taken care of, and this native capitalizes on that vulnerability or deep desire.

But it’s not just pretense, because they don’t do it just for the sake of getting into her panties, but that’s just their way of flirting, of going about the romantic meadows.

He will also try to behave as gentlemanly as possible with you, quite the daring knight, as well respectable and full of dignity. You are his woman, and that is enough for him to adopt a certain code of conduct.

Leo woman flirting

There is no problem for these women to actually seduce someone, given all their inventory of mysterious, innovative, and quite peculiar techniques.

And, after all, they’ve still got that kingly aura exuding out of every pore on their body, and that’s bound to enthrall some weaker minds. Just kidding, but these women are indeed very charming and alluring individuals who would be able to seduce even a monk, given enough time and skill.

The only problem is whether they’ll actually find what they’re looking for, because it’s not just another adventure that they’re looking for, but a full-on relationship, ready for a lifetime of adventures and crazy experiences.

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