How To Get a Leo Woman Back: Tips on Winning Her Over

To win her back you need to show her that you are just as heartbroken and that no one can replace her in your life.

Leo woman back

Since she becomes very vulnerable when flattered, the simple Leo woman can be convinced to come back to you in no time, but you may need to humiliate yourself a little bit for this to happen.

You’ll need to say it was you being wrong all the time and that she was the only one right, regardless if this is true or not.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Leo woman back:

  1. Show that you are just as heartbroken as he is.
  2. Say sorry quickly, don’t anger her by reminding her of bad times.
  3. Soften things up with a well thought gift.
  4. Make her a little jealous but don’t cheat her trust.
  5. No matter what, don’t start throwing the blame.

Leo women need to have their way with everything, so they don’t care about the sacrifices you’re making in order for this to happen. They need to be praised and adored all the time because they love being in the center of attention and can purr like a kitty when happy.

Eliminate the negativity between you two

It may be easier to win the Leo woman back, at least easier than with other girls belonging to different signs, but only if you hit the right notes with her.

Remember the Leo one is all about her ego, which means she may forgive you for making a mistake, but she won’t hesitate to enjoy when you’re suffering.

This lady wants to see you’re as brokenhearted as she used to be, but she can soften when receiving a nice and expensive gift.

All Leos think people who are apologizing to them need to also bring them a gift. It’s very important to keep flattering and admiring them when trying to get them back into your life because this is what makes them give in.

The Leo woman will be impressed by flowers and expensive chocolate. In the beginning, it would be better for you to destroy the wall of pride that started to surround her ever since you two broke up.

If she was disappointed by you, this girl won’t want to get back to the same situation, which means there are a few steps you should consider when trying to get her back.

She wouldn’t mind making a good compromise that can only eliminate the negativity in her relationship with you.

You shouldn’t criticize her at all because this would only make things worse between you two. She hates being criticized, so if you think the breakup may have happened because of her, don’t express this thought you’re having, no matter what.

Just let go of any logic and try to work with what she’s feeling. Also, don’t even think of rushing this woman to come back to you. Avoid arguing with her, even if she’s taking a lot of time to think about the entire situation.

The Leo woman dreams of a man who can be her equal and companion. She likes attractive gentlemen and would never spend too much time with someone who doesn’t respect himself or isn’t confident.

This indicates she needs a hero, not a person who only lives to serve her. In case you’re no longer taking good care of yourself and can’t identify what makes you a man, she may have absolutely no interest in you.

Don’t embarrass her

This Leo woman doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t appreciate his own value. She simply loves receiving the admiration of others and compliments, so if she dumped you, it’s more likely because she thought you’re not appreciating her enough anymore.

In this situation, you can be certain she believes you’re not worthy of her attention. She wants to be all the time told that she’s beautiful, smart and resourceful because otherwise, she’ll just pack her bags and leave.

Allow her to rule most of the time and make sure you’re apologizing each time something wrong happens. She’s can be passionately ruthless when unhappy.

It’s very possible for her to make you feel really bad when you’re saying how sorry you are. The best thing to do when with this girl is to respect what she’s saying because she can turn into a nasty person if you don’t.

She likes to argue just for the fun of it, so she may be very surprised some of her words have deeply hurt you.

The Leo woman doesn’t like to stick around and discuss problems because she feels embarrassed of having issues in the first place.

Don’t ever expect her to apologize for something as she has a very big ego. Therefore, if you have had a big argument with her, the best way to make things right again is to act like nothing has happened.

In case this doesn’t work either, make some good jokes as she really likes to laugh each time she gets the chance, not to mention how much she can appreciate you for your sense of humor.

This girl will always be happy when receiving presents, but if she notices you’re not offering them with your heart open, she may say goodbye very fast.

Regardless if it was her fault or not for the breakup, the Leo woman can’t accept that she may have been wrong, just like everyone else is sometimes.

She’s like an actress who’s only playing the intense and deep emotions that she’s displaying. Usually, after breaking up with her, men are starting to look for methods to make her theirs again.

They’ll find this process to be very difficult as she has a strange behavior when she’s in trouble. This lady needs to be told that she’s always looking great, that no other woman is more intelligent than her and that she can do great things.

Being her lover means making her feel like the most important person in your life. If you have had a fight with the Leo woman, just make sure to speak kind to her afterwards so that she feels valued.

In case she still doesn’t want to get back together with you after all of your efforts, just work with her expectations for a possible new relationship. This girl needs to have her emotions and desires satisfied.

You could speak to her all the time and explain how much you’ve changed so that she can find you perfect for her.

Avoid insisting on what happened with your feelings, just talk about the actions you’ve taken and that prove the change happening to you.

While not showing it too much, she needs love and affection as much as others do. She must know that she’s in control and that you’re working hard to make things between you two work again.

This girl is very effective as a leader, so she may want to always have the upper-hand in any relationship. It’s rare to see her doing things in different ways than the ones she already knows about.

If she looks like she already made up her mind

Be careful if she was the one dumping you as it may be very difficult to get her back after such an event.

When people born in Leo are focusing on an objective, there’s no one and nothing to stop them from achieving success.

If you’re planning to approach these natives, you may notice how opinionated and stubborn they can be. It’s a real challenge to convince them things are not happening the way they’re expecting them to.

Leos don’t only think their ways are the only ones right, they seem to know this thing. When focused on a relationship, nothing can impede them from making the connection with the other person a happy and beautiful one.

If you want to get to them, just act honorably and be honest. They’re proud and possess a lot of integrity themselves.

Luckily, they also have a very soft side that makes them wish for everyone to always be happy. When you no longer have a plan on getting back together with an ex, just ask Leos because they won’t miss this chance of reconciling two people.

These natives like well-dressed people who love taking care of themselves. Being egotistical, you may often feel like you’re giving more than receiving with them.

As soon as you’ll forget to worship them, they’ll be out the door looking for another partner because they want you to only pay attention to them.

Making a plan with your Leo ex could really work. Suggest going out or even trying couple counseling if the breakup is fresh, just try anything to make her include you in her calendar.

She needs to see you’re always active and ready for a new challenge. This lady also likes sincerity more than anything else, so you need to be honest with both her and yourself.

The Leo woman can be very high maintenance, which means you should do your best and make her feel adored. No one needs more attention and love than this fiery girl.

Both words and actions that show how much you love her are very important. A slave for flattery, there’s nothing to work better with the Leo woman when you’re trying to get her back.

Allow her to think you’re seeing her as this superb, seductive and intelligent person. She should believe you consider her the center of your world.

When paying her a compliment, do it sincerely and from the heart because she can immediately spot people who are faking it. The Leo woman loves luxury, elegance and everything that’s shining.

If you’re struggling to get to her heart once more, some gold jewelry can do the trick. In case you don’t have enough money, just get her expensive chocolate packed in golden paper. She needs to see you’re making an effort and that you value her very much.

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