Are Leo Women Jealous And Possessive?

The Leo jealousy surfaces when she feels that she is not needed and one can live without her.

Being with a woman in Leo can be challenging at times. While she is able to make any partner feel incredibly happy and spoiled, she will only be caring and loving if she gets what she wants from the other half.

The Leo lady is generous with her feelings, but she really doesn’t know how to share. Underneath her imposing exterior there is a vulnerable woman who’s insecure and has strong jealousy feelings.

If you are with a Leo woman, you probably already know how she can’t accept there may be someone outperforming her.

There is no other sign in the zodiac to show more jealousy than the Leo native. This woman could even get possessive if you’d look at the picture of another woman for too long.

She needs to be at all times sure that you don’t even care about other people. She will pay close attention to any other woman that comes close to you, irrespective of context.

And don’t be amazed at the fact that she gets jealous for the most insignificant things like holding a hello for too long or saying goodbye twice.

Since they are so possessive, the Leo women can sometimes end up alone. If you’re with her and you’re at a gathering with friends, don’t talk with other women. Your Leo girl will want all your attention to be on her and no one else.

Don’t even think of betraying the Leo woman. You will not only lose her forever, but you will also start a drama. Don’t forget we’re talking about a Lioness here. It is also important not to try to impose your opinions on her.

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As she is the most jealous sign, you be prepared to tell her everything about the people in your life. She will want to know if they have someone, and how their relationships are working.

When walking on the street, don’t turn your head to check out another woman. This will drive her mad and she will make a scene for you to remember it your entire existence.

Whatever you may be doing, your Leo woman needs to be your number one priority. There are many things that can make her jealous and you wouldn’t want to see this side of her.

A woman in Leo needs to know that she is needed. You’ll have to show her that you can’t live without her and that you care about her more than anything else.

When she feels like she no longer has the attention and the love she used to have, she starts to feel unwanted and a drama scene may follow. However, other Leos simply don’t care and get on with their lives as if nothing happened.

If you want to be with a lady in Leo, it is best that you keep other women out of your life. She has a big ego, like her male counterpart, and she pursues unusual things.

Get creative if you want to have her next to you for a long time. Compliment and reassure her as she needs it to feel secure.

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