Ideal Partner for the Cancer Man: Loyal and Intuitive

The perfect soulmate for the Cancer man must take good care of her home and wish for a peaceful and stable life.

ideal partner Cancer man

Because he thinks of pretty much everything, the Cancer man is the perfect partner, especially when it comes to marriage. Many women want to be with him, but he can be truly pretentious and fall in love only with the right person.

He’s romantic and very caring. More than this, he can be a lady’s best friend and a very good adviser. It’s unlikely for him to go for one-night stands because he’s very emotional and warm, not focused on the materialistic side of life.

The woman who wants the Cancer man needs to work very hard in order to get him. He’s the most compatible with Tauruses and Virgos. While he may not be the most passionate with a Taurus, he loves how this sign makes him feel secure.

However, she needs to no longer be so stubborn and to accept the fact that her Cancer man is very emotional. This means both partners in this relationship should make some compromises. This is the only way for them to be happy together and for a very long time. More than this, they both need to learn how to communicate.

Being very carrying and nurturing, the Cancer man acts more like a parent when in a relationship. His maternal instincts are very strong, not to mention he’s looking to create a nurturing home environment for the people he loves.

This sounds very good for the woman who’s looking for what he has to offer, yet not so great for the more independent types. He loves staying at home and feeling safe because he enjoys security and likes to take good care of his surroundings.

It’s very likely for this man to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking dinner. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about other things in life. For example, he needs to have his emotions understood. Since he’s very scared of losing the people he cares about the most, he needs to know that his lady will never leave him.

He’s also moody and can cry a lot if feeling in any way hurt. Since it’s easy to make him sad, he needs someone who completely understands him. It can be said that he sees love as the greatest life mystery. More than this, he’s too shy and introverted to ever make the first step when liking someone.

A man with strong emotions

He keeps his guard up and never shows his true feelings. Besides, it’s unlikely for him to suddenly fall for someone. It takes him longer than other men to find the woman of his dreams because he’s picky, but as soon as he does, he becomes the most romantic partner who brings flowers and makes expensive gifts.

His wife can be sure that he will always take good care of their home and be reliable when she needs him the most. The Cancer man is very loyal and focuses all his attention on his partner, which makes him one of the greatest lovers in the zodiac.

Being a Water sign, he’s passionate and eager to give in the bedroom. More than this, his intuition tells him what his partner wants, not to mention that he’s sensitive and very skilled at lovemaking.

His sensuality can spice things up, while his romantism can create the most beautiful atmosphere. He loves to take long hot baths and to make love between satin sheets. Kind and imaginative, he also wants to pleasure his lover no matter what.

When in a relationship, the Cancer man needs to be sure of his partner’s feelings and a lot of tenderness. If not getting what he wants, he can end up hurt and no longer trusting anyone ever again. He’s very devoted and loyal, so he expects the exact same thing in return.

It’s unlikely for him to tolerate infidelity, but he doesn’t want to discuss things because he’s the type to swallow his emotions. This is why it can be very difficult to get to know who he truly is or how his heart could be conquered.

The right woman for him should know how to listen and be very understanding. He’s sensitive, especially when it comes to love. At the same time, he’s caring and giving, yet not if he doesn’t receive the same thing in return.

A strong and ambitious woman can’t get his attention because he wants someone old-fashioned and who thinks the same way as he does. However, all this doesn’t mean he can’t make an exception from time to time. For as long as he’s with someone honest and loyal, he has everything he needs.

The Cancer man gives a lot of importance to the institution of marriage. This is why he’s such a good husband and father. His partner can count on him during the most difficult moments.

However, he needs to know that his other half is offering him everything because as soon as he starts to have doubts about her, he become very snappy. His mind is suspicious, not to mention that he can begin to track his partner down if he feels like something goes wrong. More than this, if betrayed, he breaks up on the sport and never looks back.

His potential with the other zodiac signs

The signs that are the most compatible with him are Scorpio and Taurus. This is because the Scorpio is also looking for something serious, while the Taurus looks for stability in a relationship more than anything else.

The Aries woman could keep him entertained, but he may become exhausted with her need to be in the center of attention. The Sagittarius could make him laugh, but he wouldn’t agree with her adventures and open-minded attitude. However, he would want to hear more of her jokes.

The Cancer man loves to feel and has very strong emotions. He can express his love in the most caring manners, not to mention that he’s tender. However, he needs a partner who’s understanding and always ready to listen to him. He would like someone who’s intuitive and wants children just as much as he does.

When in love, he’s protective and the most caring person in the world. His charm usually attracts women of any kind, while the fact that he has deep feelings makes him irresistible. He can be unfaithful when young, but no if he has found the woman of his dreams.

This lady has to be someone domineering and very successful in her career. The Libra woman would be a nice partner for the Cancer man, but she wants very much to have an active social life, which may not be to his liking.

The Gemini wants too much variety and for things to change, so he may end up being exhausted with her search for adventure. The Cancer man likes to have his routine and to stay at home watching a movie instead of going out every night.

When it comes to the Aquarius woman, she’s definitely not for him because they’re too opposite and interested in different things. While many would say that opposites attract, this rule doesn’t apply in the situation of a Cancer man with an Aquarius lady.

As said before, he’s very compatible with the Scorpio because they’re both Water signs and profound. When it comes to the stability he’s looking for, the Taurus woman is ideal for him.

If the Cancer man is to be married and to have a happy family life next to a woman, then the Bull one is just right for him. More than this, they’re both interested in comfort and financial security.

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