Cancer Jealousy: What You Need To Know

They will not take any excuses when their suspicions prove right.

Exclusivity in a relationship should come naturally. People shouldn’t cheat on one another, and they should tell each other if they have something for someone else. Men and women are cheating for many different reasons.

How each sign in the zodiac deals with this kind of situation differs. Some signs are jealous for no reason, others wouldn’t even think their partner is capable of something like infidelity. Cancer is the sign that doesn’t forgive. If unfaithful, their partner can say goodbye to the relationship.

When they fall in love, people in Cancer “no longer see”. They are 100% committed and they’re not thinking that the partner can be deceiving.

This is why people born in Cancer don’t actually experience jealousy. If they find something to be jealous about, Cancerians become overwhelmed. They can never forgive an unfaithful behaviour and they would disappear without too many discussions assuming this would happen.

It is believed that if people in Cancer would be more tolerant, they would be able achieve happiness easier.

The Cancer never gets enamoured just for the fun of it. They are serious about love and they hold on to it with everything they’ve got. You can’t hook up a Cancer just for fooling around. They are serious, committed partners.

Tough and strong on the exterior, they are soft and caring on the inside. They are good at hiding their emotions and they don’t like to admit when they are hurt. That’s why you need to be very careful with a Cancer’s feelings.

Scorpio and Pisces are two other emotional signs in the zodiac, therefore between them and Cancer is the greatest compatibility. Leo, Gemini, Virgo and earthy Taurus are also signs that are compatible with the crab. The only signs with which Cancer has nothing in common in terms of love and romance are Aquarius and Sagittarius.

All due to insecurity

It is difficult to handle the moody Cancer’s emotions. Those who are born on the cusp of Gemini have a more cheerful attitude, while those born on the cusp of Leo have a tendency to be more melodramatic.

Love is a strong emotion for the watery Cancer. Because they take it so seriously, the surfacing of jealousy is not something out of the ordinary with these people.

Governed by the Moon, a Cancer will juggle through emotions very easily. This moment they can be blinded by jealousy and the next they can be completely forgetful about their partner’s flirt.

That’s how Cancers are, delicate, changeable, meditative and defensive. But if they are in the good moods, no one can beat their charm. They are among the most caring friends in the zodiac, and they have an elevated sense of humour.

For a Cancer, home and family are two of the most important things in the world. They see in their home a place where they can retreat to lick their wounds.

They will collect personal things to remind them of people and places. What they really want from life is a loving partner, health, children and a big fat bank account.

Insecure at times, the Cancer will not get jealous if the partner is flirting. They will only be hurt. And when they are hurt, they are hurt badly.

The insecurity they normally have can lead to possessiveness. Their egos are attacked when it appears that you are not paying enough attention.

It’s not easy to break up with a Cancer. They are going to stay with a partner until they feel completely hurt and they no longer have any pride left.

They simply don’t have what it takes to distance themselves from a relationship. The crab has this fear of rejection.

They don’t imagine what not being accepted anymore means and they sometimes forget themselves in relationships that no longer work.

As said before, jealousy in the Cancer appears only as consequence of insecurity. So, if you are with a Cancer who got a little bit jealous, reassure him or her of your love.

Talk it through with them

A crab that has jealousy feelings will no longer respect him or herself and will start to believe he or she is inadequate for their partner. They will be sure they are going to be dumped for another person.

It is important that you remind your Cancer why you both got involved in the relationship to begin with, and go from there.

The relationship with a crab is too sweet and beautiful to just give up on it. Overcome the moodiness and show him or her your love and appreciation.

Some people would say Cancerians are whining and spoiled. But things aren’t at all like this. They are strong and they will do something about infidelity. If not loyal with a crab, you’ll end up getting dumped.

It is a known fact that communication is the key to any problem, love related or not. When in a relationship with a Cancer, communication is essential to solve this person’s trust issues.

If you feel your crab is more jealous than usual, have a conversation with him or her. Don’t allow more negative feelings to kick in.

Cancers are capable of realizing there may be something wrong with them, and they will accept a conversation that is meant to solve the problem.

Persuade them to talk about their problems and identify where the trust issues are coming from. This will help you both improve the relationship and also yourselves.

Don’t keep quiet when you make a new friend. Your partner will find out anyway and the jealousy will surely install as it is suspect not to mention someone new in your life to your lover. Imagine the emotions of your partner when finding out about what you have kept hidden.

Don’t use the excuse you lied to protect his or her feelings. No one accepts this and it makes the situation worse.

On the other hand, a relationship should be relaxed and the partners should allow each other to interact with people that are not in the common circle of friends. This is how a healthy relationship works.

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