Cancer Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband Is He?

The Cancer man becomes an appreciative husband, the kind who remembers anniversaries and who is supportive without questioning.

Cancer man in marriage

It can be said there’s no one better than Cancer men when it comes to parenting and being a model husband.

As a matter of fact, the role of family-head comes so easy to them that they can teach it to others.

Cancer man as a husband, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Romantic, affectionate and understanding;
  • Challenges: Temperamental and indecisive;
  • He will love: To be of service to his loved one;
  • He needs to learn: To put himself in his partner’s shoes.

These men are ready to do everything they can and even more in order for their loved ones to have everything they need and to be protected, not to mention how they won’t give up on looking after their children even after these have long grown.

Is a Cancer man good husband material?

The Cancer man can easily be the perfect boyfriend or husband, especially if you’re interested in a homely partner. His sign is allowing him to be comfortable changing roles with his wife.

Therefore, you can trust him to be happy staying at home with the children and making sure everything is in order so that you can work hard in your career. There’s no one more compassionate, protective and loyal than the Cancer man.

Romantic and sensitive he’ll appreciate you for everything you’re doing and remember all the important dates in your life, which will make you feel the most important person on Earth.

However, he expects that you’re warm and affectionate with him in return because he has this need of feeling contempt and secure.

Cancer men are the best as far as family life goes because they’re measuring their success according to the happiness they have at home.

While a master at taking care of you, he also needs to be treated like a child by his lady and a lot of nurturing.

In case you’re not the type to be there for the emotional needs of others, you’d better avoid him because he tends to see his partner like his mother and is looking to hold hands under the moonlight at least once a week.

He obviously loves and respects his own mother a lot, so if you want to be with him for a lifetime, it’s vital that you get along very well with this woman.

You may feel like living with your own mother when with him because his maternal instinct is very strong, not to mention he’s desperate to make his home this cozy and nurturing environment and to care for you here like no one ever did.

If you’re the type who likes having a partner that gives you so much attention, then he may be just the guy for you. It doesn’t matter if involved in a relationship or not, the Cancer man will always be strongly attached to his home.

This is the place where he can take refuge and where he’s feeling truly safe, which means he’s very happy when having to do something for his own house or when cooking in his high-end equipped kitchen.

Other things in his life don’t matter as much as his home does as he centers his life around it. While not admitting, the Cancer husband or boyfriend needs security more than anything else. He’s terrified he may lose the people he cares about, is moody and can cry out of nothing, especially when feeling stressed or vulnerable.

Being very easy to hurt as he’s sensitive, he can also become very nervous when things aren’t going his way, so you may need to be very understanding with him.

The problems that may appear in the Cancer man’s marriage are usually related to commitment because he either commits too soon or when he no longer has to do it, not to mention he can grow too be emotionally dependent on his partner.

You’ll have to understand his uniqueness stands in how maturely he can align matters coming from outside with his internal world. People born in Cancer may seem disciplined and composed on the outside, but on the inside, they surely have unstable feelings and are a mess.

This contradiction is pushing them forward in life. When discussing the Cancer man’s marriage, this struggle is very real. He needs someone who can emotionally commit to him for a lifetime in order for married life to work for him.

You need to learn that your marriage with him is more than two people who’ve decided to be together. As a matter of fact, think of it as something with its own individuality, more like a third person because it has needs, problems and purposes.

Be loyal to both your man and the relationship you’re having with him because this would help you avoid making out of your connection something that seems more like a contract.

The Cancer man as a husband

The Cancer man is the happiest when surrounded by his big and happy family because he’s the ruler of the 4th astrological house of home and family. His main purpose in life is to have security.

The 4th House is at the bottom of the zodiac wheel and the foundation of a birth chart. This is also the way the Cancer man works on his love life: he starts building on the ground and keeps going up because he loves nurturing the roots he planted himself.

He wishes to have a legacy, so his family is everything for him. Proud of being a father, he’ll teach his children what he knows and keep the family ties strong.

He feels like he has a duty to make his loved ones happy and cares for them even if forced to make sacrifices. Powerful and successful women can easily impress him and he may marry a few until finding that soft and gentle soul to be by his side for a lifetime.

This man doesn’t feel good when no one needs him. He’s very attracted to smart ladies who have something good going on for themselves. In spite what everyone believes that he’s easygoing, when a husband, he isn’t at all like this.

He’ll never lose his gentleness, sensitive and manners. Interested in making a lot of money, he’s a hard worker and an ambitious entrepreneur.

As a matter of fact, Cancer men can be split into two groups. The first is the one of those who are madly in love with their own home and in the same time criticizing, moody and irritating.

The other ones have no interest and are very lazy, so it’s very likely for them to marry for wealth and a good social position.

When working hard for everything in his life to be good, the Cancer man lover becomes fascinating and enjoyable. As a husband, he can spend more time at home than men in other signs.

Desiring a partner who resonates with his mood

The Cancer man is very fond of traditions and focused on his family, so it can be said he very much resembles a woman. He’s not the ideal spouse because he can sometimes be too much.

While he loves his lady and worships his children, he may still never be happy and criticize everything. Sensual and passionate, he’s a slave for the human touch and needs to be erotically stimulated all the time. If satisfied with the lovemaking he has at home, he’ll never cheat on his wife.

Because he’s shy, you should take only a few risks with him. He would love to play some erotic games but he may not tell you because he’s terrified of not getting the proper response.

No other man is more empathetic, protective and loyal to his wife. When feeling great about himself, he may make all kind of romantic gestures and his lady will feel like she married the best man in the world.

He’s only happy when able to offer his family a loving and warm environment. The Cancer husband is just like a mother because he cooks very well and doesn’t mind taking care of the children.

However, he wants to get involved and to be the one who orders others around when at home. This may not be a problem though, because he really knows what he’s doing.

He’s still masculine, just that his maternal instincts are stronger in him. In order to shine and to be cheerful, he needs constant reassurance that his wife loves him very much.

While having many good qualities for a husband, the Cancer man still remains a difficult person to live with because he has moods, doesn’t like to talk about his feelings and can even develop a quick-temper.

He can complain and not answer questions, not to mention how his wife can find him happy one minute and completely depressed the other.

As a matter of fact, he needs a partner who can resonate with his moods, but also one who likes nurturing others.

Therefore, if it is for his marriage to be happy, he needs his wife to pay a lot of attention to him and to be understanding.

A natural hoarder, the Cancer man can be very cautious with his finances. He puts the financial security of his family first, this being the reason why he sometimes seems a little bit stingy with his money.

However, his loved ones will never have to worry about anything, not to mention he’ll always ask his wife before making a financial decision.

He doesn’t spend on impulse and has this habit of keeping emergency funds, also of investing into opportunities meant to make his retirement easy.

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