Love Advice Every Cancer Man Must Know

As the delicate Cancer man that you are, beware of your temper and not show any neediness, as well as take good care of yourself.

Cancer man love advice

Being a Water sign, the Cancer man’s emotions are as deep as the sea and the ocean together. More than this, he’s very sensitive and possesses a strong intuition, also empathetic and always ready to help.

While he makes friends with people very easily, things aren’t the same when it comes to love. The Crab man doesn’t fall in love fast, no matter how persuasive the woman who’s trying to get him may be.

The best love advice for the Cancer man:

  • Listen to your intuition more and don’t be afraid to make radical decisions in your life if you are not happy;
  • Make sure you satisfy your partner emotionally just a much as they are trying to do that for you;
  • Avoid spending too much time thinking about the past and making comparisons;
  • You are a little dramatic in your choices sometimes and this can be rather overwhelming for a partner.

Who are you, really, in love?

You, as a Cancer man, already know that you need to be intrigued and to feel comfortable in the presence of a woman to let your guard down and to want to know a lady better.

As soon as this happens, you’re ready to date. Even though you have a temper and are needy, you remain a keeper because you’re dedicated and nurturing.

Many see you as unpredictable because you tend to isolate yourself from the world when feeling threatened.

The woman who can understand your moods and is ready to make you feel secure will have a harmonious relationship with you for a lifetime.

When it comes to trust, you believe everything your other half says to be true. This is why you need to be with someone very sincere and who tells you the truth from the beginning of your connection.

She has to continue being the same whole the relationship evolves too, as you don’t like secrets or knowing that your lady has some skeletons in her closet.

While forgiving, it can be very difficult to earn your trust again, which can lead to the relationship ending sooner than later. When it comes to conversations, you don’t like superficial subjects or responses that are given fast.

However, this doesn’t mean you like being pushy. On the contrary, if a woman is too insisting to know more about you or she reveals too much at a time, you retreat under your shells and no longer want to come out.

This is how you protect yourself from the outside world, seeing you’re very sensitive and need to be in contact with your inner Self.

As said before, you don’t trust easily, which indicates people can’t get close to you that easily. More than this, you don’t come on strong and prefer a girl who does things the same way.

A too direct and intense woman can make you distance yourself from her. Your relationships happen slowly because you prefer to take your time. Not believing in love at first sight, you fall for someone slowly.

As soon as truly interested, you’re no longer reserved and become very romantic. However, it takes you a while to transform.

Intelligent, hardworking, emotional and intuitive, you immediately detect when someone is not feeling well. You want to live in comfort, but this doesn’t mean you’re spending on expensive things.

Your partner needs to make her own money and to be independent. When it comes to how you behave at work, you have a relationship of friendship with your colleagues, but don’t allow them to know too much about your personal life. Because you’re receptive, you usually listen to all the problems your partner may have.

The least charming side

Incredibly sensitive, the Cancer man can have many insecurities because he doesn’t trust people and cynically sees the world.

Because of this, his anxiety levels may rise, moment in which he decides to hide under his protective shell.

If you are a Cancer man, you’re family-oriented and can’t stand being criticized. While appearing gloomy on the outside, your feelings may be completely different on the inside.

If your relationship doesn’t satisfy from an emotional point of view, you start developing hate and can become very snappy.

It’s very likely for you to sometimes brood, but this can be solved with a romantic dinner. It can be said your personality resembles that of a child who needs affection.

Since you’re never too enthusiastic about the present, you spend most of your time reminiscing.

Advice on dating for the Cancer man

The Cancer man is being ruled by the Moon, so he has many moods that change according to this Earth satellite’s positions. Since he doesn’t hold on to the same mood for too long, some people may even not notice that he has changed.

No matter what, he remains affectionate and romantic. If you’re a Pisces man and dating, you should know that your partner surely appreciates the way you’re paying attention to her and remember all the anniversaries in your relationship.

You can charm anyone and are very sincere, so if your romantic connection is going through some difficult moments, you will surely overcome them.

This is because you can handle a lot and have a lot of patience for things to become better. You’re one of the few people who can resist bad weather, not to mention that even if your partner is treating you badly, you can’t stop trying to fix things.

Make sure you’re not being taken advantage of. On the inside, your emotions are bottling up, which means you can explode in anger at some point, which can have very bad consequences.

You will try to solve and balance everything in a wild moment, but this doesn’t mean you will fix anything by doing so.

You want your relationship to work and to be happy next to your partner, but if things have gone too far, you may erupt just like a volcano that has been dormant for too long, after which you will retreat under your shell.

If this happens, no one can get you out anymore, maybe with a lot of patience and love.

The Cancer man wants to be with a family and home-oriented woman. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like going out and meeting with friends. It’s just that he feels great when at home.

This is where he can recharge, so he needs to be with someone who feels the same way he does, especially if he wants to be happy. If you’re a Cancer man, you already know that what you want the most is to be with someone committed and who wants a long-term relationship.

This is because you want to get married to a woman who can understand your feelings. However, you can’t be pushed into doing anything. When you have to do something you don’t like for the person you love, you can feel hurt and suffer.

Being a Water sign, you must always be happy to remain healthy. This means you need to be given your space when feeling down. You don’t exclude others during these moments, you just need a little bit of solitude.

The woman you love needs to be interested in your hobbies because this is giving you a feeling of renewal.

You like feeling free, but need to build a legacy, this being the reason why you need a family. As a father, you will always teach your children the value of tradition. Besides, you’re dutiful and very affectionate.

Powerful women impress you, which means you may be with a few and even marry them. But as soon as your strong lady would no longer need you, you’d want to no longer be with her.

Smart and independent ladies make you want to know them better. This is because you like to think and to laugh at a good joke.

At the same time, you need to have meaningful conversations and to feel like you have someone by your side. What you want the most is to have a sexy companion.

What about the action in bed

As far as the bedroom goes, the Cancer man is all about senses. If you are him, know that you’re one of the most sensual persons in the zodiac.

Since Water is your element, you love making love in a pool or the ocean while the moon is up in the sky.

You also like playing with food, so you don’t mind some whipped cream in bed. Since your sign is ruling the chest area, you like seeing cleavage and are turned on by women’s breasts.

Your expectations in time

When it comes to what the Cancer man wants in the long run, this is to be with someone romantic and who dreams about the same things as him. He likes intelligent, affectionate and loyal women.

The lady who can give him quick and witty responses can have his heart for a lifetime.

He’s always thinking about having a family, so he’s perfect as a father and very good with domestic chores. In case he can’t have children, expect him to adopt or to be the best uncle in the world.

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