10 Key Things To Know Before Dating A Cancer

Be aware of these Cancer dating tips so you can make the most of your dates with this sensible sign.

1. They are very selective

Cancers are the type of people who don’t have that many friends, because they just tend to be a bit pickier than others.

They have certain expectances and preferences, and it’s quite normal. But, on the plus side, if a Cancer native considers someone to be worth the effort, then he will give all the attention and show them all the kindness in the world.

Moreover, out of all other signs in the Zodiac, this one is actually the one with the most emotional response and affection in a relationship. All that he needs in order to fully express himself is to know that the other is sincere and honest about the bond between them.

2. They are born leaders

When a Cancer decides to involve himself in something, you can be sure that it’s not going to be the “mastermind behind the curtains” type of role.

Preferring to be in the front lines, and why not, to lead everyone else to a grand finale, they work better when no one is bossing them around.

Having the free will to do as you see fit can enhance your confidence and self-esteem, as well as the efficiency of your approaches. And this is exactly how a Cancer should be perceived, a power player with the potential of an end-game trump card.

Even more, perfectionism and a knack for careful analysis make this native one who will most surely have the best chances to reach a top position.

Their ambitions are as great as the working power put behind them, but knowing that they could receive support if the need arises makes them feel loved and appreciated.

3. They are intuitive and will read you like an open book

These guys aren’t just self-aware of their own emotions, but also have a deep insight into the inner workings of others.

Knowing what others think or feel can make it seem like we’re dealing with some kind of telepath here, but it’s just a highly empathetic and compassionate individual.

Also, due to this emotional sensitivity, a Cancer will never try to hide his or her feelings with someone deemed to be trustworthy and understanding.

4. They are selfless and affectionate

Cancer natives are very involved types of people, and once they decide that they want to do something, nothing else matters and everything is permitted, almost everything. It goes the same when talking about intimate relationships.

All the passion and all the love that they are capable of will be given to Prince Charming without a second thought.

Caring deeply, being fully engrossed in the other’s presence, and giving it their all to make things as romantic as possible, Cancers are evidently individuals with a great emotional capacity and even greater devotion.

Simply by seeing that they are in line with something or someone makes them incredibly implicated and loyal to a fault.

5. They are not one to change their minds

One thing certain about Cancerians is that their decisiveness and determination are taken to a whole new level. When a decision has been made, the arrow was loosened, there is no turning back and there are no second thoughts.

They will do everything humanly possible to achieve that goal, even if it takes years of hard effort and constant vigilance.

Capable of going to great lengths with not even the slightest hesitation, this native is not one to be trifled with. Who knows what might happen if that superhuman determination is used to do evil?

What makes it even more admirable and rather unsettling is their tendency to adapt and alter their behavior to suit their purposes.

But, generally, it’s something that happens unconsciously, like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Although often described as aliens as a result, it’s still true that whenever something catches their interest, destiny is overwritten, fate becomes void, as the Cancer goes about doing their thing.

6. You need to accept their sensitivity

What makes a Cancer tick? The answer is compassion and affection, emotion and empathy. All of these combined are to be expected from someone who wants to impress this native.

Forget all about expensive restaurants and trendy outfits, these are barely secondary points of interest to someone like that.

What matters the most is the way you behave towards them, the intense interest and understanding that you should naturally have towards a romantic partner.

So it’s better if you let go of any and all inhibitions and anxieties, and act as natural as possible, giving free reign to all those feelings nurtured inside.

Of course, if something happens that triggers their attention and suspicion, or if they notice the disinterest or lack of enthusiasm from your part, it will surely backfire.

It’s not a secret anymore that someone as intense and loving as them expects the same from others. If that doesn’t go the way they want it to, everything’s pretty much over and done.

7. They are very family-oriented

Very loyal and determinate, Cancers will put significant importance on relationships, be it family or friends.

If something happens to disrupt that harmony, all hell will break loose as they go ahead and fiercely protect those close people.

Whether it’s helping a friend in need, saying a comforting word or just being there for someone, a Cancer will never hesitate and give it his all in trying to show compassion and support.

More likely to help others than themselves, these natives are very unpredictable in their approaches, and tremendously inventive when pursuing a goal.

What happens when you strive to do good by others, and forget about your own needs?

This question has many implications for a Cancer. You get exhausted and tired, emptied of all that drive, so nothing else is needed but a good period of relaxation to refill those batteries.

8. They enjoy deep conversations

If at first, they seem to keep to themselves and barely say a word, wait until an interesting subject comes up.

With a good deal of intelligence and the know-how necessary to sustain the discussion, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find yourself talking to a Cancer sometime even for hours. Almost nothing else makes them more receptive and talkative than having someone to discuss interesting things with.

Humor is another aspect that might not be so apparent at a first sight. But, man, are they funny?

Cracking jokes and making wordplays are basically one of their favorite activities, and they are quite good at them.

9. They are great at listening to your problems

Since they are very understanding and empathetic people, all they’d want to do all day is talk to people about emotions, love and feelings. Not their feelings, if that’s what you thought.

They are very protective and careful about divulging those to people they still don’t fully trust.

Due to a tendency to be overly sensitive, Cancers will first determine whether or not someone is trustworthy and understanding enough, before laying all the cards on the table.

This could be the only problem they might have when searching for a soul mate – the difficulty of finding someone to adhere to their principles and ideas, someone who is capable of empathy and compassion.

10. They know they are complex and hard to handle

Cancers have come up to terms with that fact they probably won’t be meeting anyone in this life who will actually reach to their very souls and see them for what they are. While a little disappointing and harsh, it’s not something to despair about.

After all, who truly understands anyone? Accepting this fact comes as a natural thing, since they realize that their charm would fade away once someone was to see inside them.

More creative and ingenious than logical and mathematical, it’s not a surprise that Cancers tend to do better as artists, rather than mathematicians, statisticians or scientists.

It’s strongly related to one’s innate inclinations after all, so there is really nothing to feel sorry about. Cancer natives are good at what they do and realize that fact.

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Written by Denise

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